Patch for game version 3.0.6 (to be confirmed)

Ivory Grave Ruins

Expected: 5 Hours
5/9/16 18:00 ~ 5/9/16 23:00 PDT
5/10/16 9:00 ~ 5/10/16 14:00 SGT
5/9/16 3:00 ~ 5/10/16 08:00 CEST

New Raid

The Frozen Tyrant raid has opened. He drops level 88 gear.

See the Frozen Tyrant article for details.

Awakened Heros

The first batch of Awakened Heros has been launched! Merciful Mercedes and Refuge King Gram.
Deify normal hero allies into awakened allies that possess strenght on par with deities.
Obtain Hero essences for the Deify System, through normal Dungeons and the Destruction Dungeon.

See the Awakened Heroes article

New Content

Level Cap rised from lv86 to lv88

Region Unlocked

The Ivory Grave Ruins area has been unlocked - 3.3.

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