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07/04/16 - Shadow Castle and Essence merge

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Patch notes for the game version 3.1.0 (to be confirmed).

Shadow Castle region screenshot

The last region 3.4 - Shadow Castle

Duration: Expected 6 Hour
[Americas] 4:00 PM - 10:00 PM PDT
[Europe] 1:00AM -7:00 AM CEST
[SEA] 7:00 AM - 01:00 PM SGT

New Region - Shadow Castle

  • New Region 3.4 unlocked - Shadow Castle
  • New Raid - Destructive Ragnarok. Gear level 90.
    • Check out Raid for the Set Bonus
  • Level cap raised from lv88 to lv90

Essences Merge

Essence merge gl teaser

All existing essences will be merged and are now able to stack from 100 to 250.


  • New Shop UI!
    • Item shop UI improved with various sections and tabbers
    • Costume shop introduced
  • Guild features and UI improvments
    • Added: auto accept applications
    • Added: leaders can now search for players and invite them
      • The invited player will receive a mail message or an ingame notification pop up similar to raid-party invitations
    • Added: Vice-leader role
  • Rapptor must only be reached for an ally once. All other duplications that follow will automatically be Rapptor maxed
  • Added: Inventory can now speratly store costumes

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