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11.23 patch image

Official Patch Notes below for Scheduled Update on 11/23/15 5pm PST - 12am PST (Estimated duration is 7+ hours).

11/23/15 Patch Notes

Major Content Updates/New Features

  • Level cap increased to Lv. 73
  • Season 2 Hero Mode
  • Season 2 Hero Mode Daily Dungeon
  • Last 3 Septum Archangeli allies added
  • Adjust EXP for Season 1 stages
  • Smith/Craft system: Equipment Combine, Sacrifice System
  • New Skill Cards
  • Hero Raid Shop Items & Set Effects
  • Addition of Pet System (New!)

New Events

  • New Stage Open Login Reward (11/24 ~ 12/28): SS Ally x5 + 3-Day EXP Booster
  • Pet Update: 20% OFF (250 rubies -> 200 rubies)
  • Black Friday Sale
    • Platinum Ally 20% OFF (until ~12/1 PST)
    • Premium Jewel 20% OFF (11/24 ~ 12/1 PST)
    • Shop Rubies 1+1 Event
    • Smart Package 1+1 Event

Ending Events

  • Removal of Halloween Event Shop
  • Costume Sale Event
  • Halloween Costume Sale
  • Septem Archangeli Update Reward (SSS Ally)

Events Reset

  • First Purchase Bonus & HIVE Friend Reset
  • First Purchase Bonus Reward Change: $99.99 SSS Summon Ticket + Unicorn Brooch (AKA: The SeaBiscuit)

Misc Changes

  • Permanent Change: Gold 2X Purchased from Shop

Unmentioned Changes

Source: Gamevil Dragon Blaze Forums

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