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  • Ahrisu

    A Not-So-Quick Preamble Good news from the town of she formerly known as Tinuvian! After some searching I was able to augment most of the skills in order to reflect the current values. Now, I understand that there might still be some mistakes. It's simply inevitable. If you catch anything a bit different then feel free to shoot me a message or leave a comment here. Now, before we get into the nitty-gritty there are some things that must be covered. First off, this is not a 'nerf' nor is it meant to render your favourite ally unusable. As addressed by the Flint Developers themselves (see the letter graciously translated by Browse (see the letter graciously translated by Browse here), stat values and damage were getting to a point where it w…

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  • Slayteam

    Season 5 Update Details

    April 10, 2017 by Slayteam

    Hello, we're Slayteam from DBKRBlog. This is our first contribution to the Wikia. Hope you guys like it.
    Update details will be added and edited from time to time so watch this place or our blog at:

    To see what this patch brings us, open the TOC (Tabel of Contents).

    Original patch notes can be found here: 1/5, 2/5, 3/5, 4/5, 5/5

    Part 1 - Story New Story, Map, Monsters

    • A new map has been added with its first region: Argo.
    • You can proceed by finishing season 4 and clicking this button on season 4 map:
    • New monsters are available at the new map: The Argo Titan Tribe
    • This map will drop all 3 SSS essences.

    New Level Cap: 123

    • You can now level your main characters and allies up to 123 levels!

    Part 2 - Characters Transcended Main Char…

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  • Drkdragonz66

    Teaser 5 is all about events, and will be the last teaser before the actual patch. Celebration event Login between 4/11 (After patch) and 5/10 to receive 2 Transcended Selects (Draco/Angel/Boden) in the Inbox. Pre-Registration rewards This just lists the rewards the player could have gotten for each event:

    • Event 1
      • 10 SSS Ally Summons for Pre-Registering
        • +1 for inviting 2 friends on Kakaotalk, +2 more for inviting 5 friends on Kakao talk (successfully)
    • Event 2
      • Share the video on Facebook and enter your Account ID to be put into a drawing. 1000 Players will receive 30 Essence Selects

    GM Events The GM events between 4/6 and 4/12

    • Login between 4/6 - 4/12 and receive 7 days of Eligos
    • Login once a day and receive 5 Transcended Essences
    • Use 100 Shoes and …

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  • Drkdragonz66

    Teaser 4 is all about content, such as the new Daily Dungeons and the Rune system. Tomorrow's buffs will be about "opening events." Daily Dungeons There are 5 different types of dungeons that one can enter, one appearing per day. Each dungeon drops a specific reward, and these rotate from Monday-Friday.

    • Monday: Ally Dungeon
    • Tuesday: Jewel Dungeon
    • Wednesday: Referral Dungeon
    • Thursday: Essence Dungeon
    • Friday: Rune Dungeon

    Rune System Runes are based on MC Classes, so strengthening your Warrior Rune will strengthen your Warrior MC respectively. It looks like there are 4 different rune types you can acquire in the Daily Dungeon, and these are:

    • STA Runes (1 STA = 32 HP)
    • STR Runes
    • Weapon ATK Runes
    • DEF Runes

    The player may need one of each type in order to …

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  • Drkdragonz66

    Teaser 3 is all about allies, focusing on both old and new Transcended.

    • Transcended allies are getting buffed, and some skills will be greatly simplified.
    • Key creation is even more easier than before! Only one Deity is needed, and the essence cost to enhance has been lowered.
    • Transcended Party Buffs! Unlike the past Party Buffs, these allies do not need to be in your current team for them to provide a buff. However, all of the Transcended allies must be obtained to receive each buff (Need Greysoul/Blackaria/Gaela created to unlock that buff).

    Transcended Titans The 4 revealed Titans now get teaser posters, revealing more backstory. Transcended Atlas "I'll make you a star in the sky!"
    Atlas now has purple hair and even bigger gauntlets, which …

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  • Ahrisu

    Chapter 5 Reveal Part 2

    April 4, 2017 by Ahrisu

    Back again already? So soon!

    • All of the characters are getting Transcended forms
    • There will be a new character enhance system, which would explain what was previously known as "requests" or "???"
    • Skill upgrades for transcended main characters.
    • As shown before, the Incanter MC.
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  • Ahrisu

    Hi Friends! Flint has started rolling out those teaser image things, and here are part one's details!

    • The new Map will be Called "Argo." Very Greek Mythology-esque again.
    • The first Area will be called "Basilisk's Land" and will feature new allies to recruit.
    • The level cap will be raised to 123.
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  • Ahrisu

    3/30 KR patch notes

    March 29, 2017 by Ahrisu

    Hi friends! I'll be filling in for Browse some, and my patch note recaps are a lot more bare bones but hopefully we can work with it.

    This week's update is pretty simple – the post will be updated if I get more details.

    • The Calydon 1.5x event is back so take advantage of it and farm away!
    • 1+1 Ruby purchase (110k won pack)
    • The Golden Knight/Super U gem pack is still available

    Special Events include

    • 5 Transcended Essences for logging in (1x/day)
    • Use 100 get 10 shoes (Unlimited!)
    • Use 100 get 10 tickets (Unlimited!)
    • Do 2 tag matches for 2 SSS gems (1x/day)
    • Do Revenge of Belphegor once for 3 Essence selects (1x/day)
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  • Browseitall

    The posts are more directions and information from the devs themselves than they are patch notes, including a Q&A and teases. Very interesting points are

    • Improvement of Stats
    • Teases
    • Q&A

    Original notes can be found here.

    The notes begin with a sentimental tone. It goes along the lines of gratitude for keeping up with the game and being emotional while looking back at the game's start roughly 3 years ago.

    Stat improvement Flint mentions that due to the game's long run time, during which a lot of changes, new features and ally improvements have happened, the limit for some Stats has been reached.
    They mention ATK Speed, Critical stats and so forth, and truth to be told, as the Critical Damage cap is currently at 1000% in Korea, they cannot raise the…

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  • Ahrisu

    The preview site for Chapter 5 has been released, and it features transcended MC and Titan designs as well as sneak peeks of other upcoming features! Here I'll show you how to pre-register for goodies on the Kakao site. The update is planned for April 11, 2017.

    So, here are Tinuvian's easy register steps!

    1. Log into the Kakao Game site here using your KakaoTalk information that you would use to enter the game.

    2. Scroll down on the page until you see the Dragon Blaze icon

    3. Click the red button to pre-register.

    4. A screen will pop up prompting you to install either the iOS or Android version of the game. Close it.

    5. If the button is now grey then you're good to go!

    Enjoy the game! More information on the update will follow as we receive it.

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  • Browseitall

    An event page with the previously teased new commercial has been launched. The professional commercial features an actor named Yu Hea Jin.

    Pre-Register rewards You can find a guide how to pre-reg on Dragon Blaze Wikia:Korean Hub#How_to_Pre-register

    • Event 1
      • 10 SSS Ally Summons for Pre-Registering
        • +1 for inviting 2 friends on Kakaotalk, +2 more for inviting 5 friends on Kakao talk (successfully)
    • Event 2
      • Login between 4/11 - 5/10 and receive TWO Draco/Angels/Boden Transcended Selects! (Or 15 SSS and 150 Essence Selects instead of a Trans. Select)
    • Event 3
      • Share the video on Facebook and enter your Account ID to be put into a drawing. 1000 Players will receive 30 Essence Selects

    Notes: http://c…

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  • Browseitall

    This patch brings us:

    • Last Transcended Hero

    Original patch notes can be found here.

    Transcended Tiel

    1. Judgment of Light (/Ranged) (Active 1)
      Inflicts 4081% damage to one enemy and inflicts the "Judgment" debuff for 12.7 seconds. Affected enemies suffer 1600% additional damage every time they are hit (Read Notes). When allies attack the marked enemy, they inflict 900% splash damage. [CD: 9.3 sec]
    2. Fury of God (/Ranged) (Active 2)
      Inflicts 4081% damage to entire enemy party and removes their buffs. Stuns the target for 12 seconds and increases its AOE damage received by 40%. Additionally, when a already stunned enemy is hit, this skill's stun hits with 100% certainty, and inflicts 2 times its damage. [CD: 19.2 sec]
    3. Protection of Light (Active 3)
      Grants a …

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  • Browseitall

    This patch brings us

    • increased Ally Storage
    • Other minor improvements

    Original Patch Notes can be found here.

    Locking Option

    While previously unable to be reveresed, the action of locking the stats to equipment can be undone now.

    For that, the option menu will now feature a "해제" button which will release the locked stats.
    Doing so will consume for each release.

    Quality of Life Updates

    • Ally space increased from 140150
    • Auto-Retry button in Nightmare Dungeon instead of Next Floor option
      • Purchased skills are automatically bought again while [Auto Retry] is enabled. This naturally consumes gold each time. The skills need to be manually activated though.
    • Komodo Wings
      • Can now salvage SSS equipment with the following option
    • Buy U raid Fallen Ragnarok Tickets in…

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  • Drkdragonz66

    There's a coupon code event hosted by that's super easy to do and gives you 2 SSS summons and 500 Rubies! Be quick, its only available to the first 100,000 people! Here's how to do it.

    Click on this link here to get taken to the website. Click on the yellow button to login to your Kakao account, and once the page refreshes click on the yellow button again to get your code!

    Note: The code is unique to your Kakao account and cannot be shared with other accounts. This has to be done on a PC, using a mobile browser will not work.

    To redeem the code, login to the game on Android (sorry iOS) and enter the shop. At the bottom right there's a button that opens an input box. Input the code there, and press the button on the right. If succ…

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  • Browseitall

    This patch brings us

    • 3rd Transcended Heroes wave
    • various QoL improvements

    Original patch notes can be found here.

    Transcended Belle Snow

    1. Help Me! (/Ranged) (Active 1)
      Inflicts 4081% damage to entire enemy party. Increases the damage received for hit enemies by 30% for 11 seconds and "blinds" them, causing all their attacks to MISS. [CD: 17.2 sec]
    2. Cheer Up! (Active 2)
      Increases entire allied party's damage by 35% for 14.3 seconds. Additionally, attacking the enemy with Melee attacks grants 80% damage during this skill's duration. [CD: 21.9 sec]
    3. All My Friends! (Active 3)
      Invokes 1 Transcended Hero for 15.3 seconds. [CD: 28.5 sec]
    4. Good Memories (Passive 1)
      Increases entire allied party's DEF by 34% and grants Belle's Summon 100% increased STA.
    5. You were Im…

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  • Browseitall

    This patch brings us

    • Balance changes for Formations

    Original patch notes can be found here.

    Formation Buffs Several Formations will be changed. Those changes include

    • changes to some positions within Formations
    • and changes of position or party bonuses

    Visit and read the Formations article as the basics of that system will not be covered in this post.
    Please note for the change list below, all values are the maximum level (level 30 for "Party effect" and level 10 for "Position effect")

    Incredible Concentration

    마력의 집중

    • Middle position changed from DPSNormal
    • Party effect changed from ACC by 42Random Damage by 53%

    Holy Protection

    성스러운 보호

    • Both front Tank effects changed from DEF by 21%STA by 26%
    • Party effect changed from STA by 33%Maximum HP by 33%

    Patient Chave…

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  • Browseitall

    This patch brings us

    • Ch 4's U Raid
    • Boss Mode buffs

    Original patch notes can be found here.

    Fallen Ragnarok

    Fallen Ragnarok will be Chapter 4's final Raid, featuring the U Gear / Item of the chapter.

    Upon clearing the last stage of chapter 4's Myth mode, one will be granted the permission to enter the raid.
    As with previous installments, U Raids are attended with a 6-man-party
    and require his U Raid tickets to attend .

    One of those can be traded for 5 Raid Tokens in any Raid Shop of the Myth difficulty or are optionally avaible for purchase in the cash shop, for per 20 tickets.

    Shabelle's Sancturary Shabelle's Sanctuary is returning for 23/Feb ~ 9/Mar with no changes to the schedule:

    • 11:00 am
    • 3:00 pm
    • 7:00 pm

    KST, with each buff lasting 4 hours.

    Fairy Bu…

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  • Browseitall

    This patch brings us

    • Transcended Awakeneds 2nd wave
    • 3rd-anniversary rewards

    Original patch notes can be found here.

    Transcended Lucienne

    1. Sharp Blade (Active 1)
      Inflicts 7133% damage to one enemy and a bleed debuff that inflicts 700% damage every second for 19 seconds. Stacks up to 10 times. (Immune to dispel)
      Inflicts seven times its damage to Boss Type units. [CD: 13.1 sec]
    2. Excessive Bleeding (Active 2)
      Inflicts 4041% damage to entire enemy party. Additionally, increases the damage of bleed debuffs by 10% for 13 seconds. (Immune to dispel) [CD: 21.3 sec]
    3. Frenzy (Active 3)
      Increases Lucienne's ATK by 800% for 13.7 seconds. Additionally, while in this state, inflicts a debuff that inflicts 200% bleed damage. Stacks up to 3 times. (Immune to dispel) [CD: 30.1 …

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  • Browseitall

    Dragon Blaze KR will celebrate its 3rd anniversary on the 17th Febuary 2017 and gift players various rewards for that matter.
    Most notably

    • one Transcended (!) Choice Ticket (Dracos, Angels, Bodens all included)
    • , 300,

    Original patch notes can be found here.

    Patch Notes Before anything else, there are also actual content changes incoming with the maintenance. The changes are limited to adjustments to Revenge of Belphegor

    Waves are decreased from 10→5 waves and the general difficulty has been increased throughout. Note that this cycles ROB is reset with the patch on the 09/Feb.

    Rewards have also been adjusted. Here is a compilation.

    Events Fairies The combo boni when both Scarlet Tia and Eligos are owned (btw, called Fairy Sister's Gift 요정 자매의 선물(이), yojeo…

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  • Browseitall

    02/Feb/17 - Myth Mode

    February 1, 2017 by Browseitall

    This patch brings us

    • Myth mode
    • Level cap 117 to 120
    • very small convenience features

    Original patch notes can be found here.

    Myth Mode

    • In addition to the level 120, a new level up mission has been added (until 23/Feb)
      • Reaching lv. 120 rewards 3 SSS Ally tickets and 30 Transcended Essence after the 23/Feb maintenance
    • Word of new Raids have not been mentioned, but it is to assume that new Raids will be included in the patch.


    • General loading speed has been imporved across the board.
    • [Claim All] button added to mailbox
    • Screen saver (see last blog post) now only activates when [Auto Retry] or [Auto Story] is activated
    • GM now shows the amount that can be claimed
    • Guild Occupation, Plunder team can now be managed before the event started
    • Combine equipment
      • The…

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  • Browseitall

    This patch brings us

    • Transcended Awakeneds 1st Wave
    • Lunar Drop Event
    • Lucky Bags

    Original patch notes can be found here.

    Confirmed Transcensions Furthermore, 5 more Transcended Heroes have been confirmed.

    • Transcended Tiel: Tiel the Justice (+ Dark Soul Askr)
    • Transcended Belle: Friendly Belle Snow (+ Dark Soul Shasha)
    • Transcended Gram: Refuge King Gram (+ Dark Soul Ragnarok)
    • Transcended: Lucienne: Dragon Slayer Lucienne (+ Dark Soul Tiehr)
    • Transcended: Windlune: Dark Elf Queen Windlune (+ Dark Soul Thanatos)
    Mentioned that this order will not determine their release order
    • Shabelle Sanctuary ending
    • Drop Event (Lunar New Year period 24/Jan ~ 2/Feb)
      • drop items tradable for Tickets, Jewelry, Skill Cards and Allies
    • Lucky Bags added (article under devlopment)

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  • Browseitall

    This patch brings us:

    • Ultimate Passive skills for Transcended
    • Rebalances of various Transcended units
    • various convenience features
    • improved in-game chat
    • Hero League removal and Tower of Validation Revamp
    • Changes to Gear Link
    • Visual buff changes
    • Much more

    Original patch notes can be found here, here and here.

    Ultimate Skills

    • Occupy and Plunder
      • [Auto Replay All Areas] (모든 지역 자동 재도전) added
    • Difficulty raised for all three Guild Modes (Occupy & Plunder and Guild Adventure)
    • Stat Locking
      • Clicking on the new weapon will now directly open the equipment's full stat window, which was apparently not possible prior to the patch.
    • Calydon Dungeon
      • Clicking the reward chest now will automatically cause it to open all rewards itself, instead of requiring continuous clicking…

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  • Browseitall

    Chapter 5 Hints Quick heads-up. Flint made an announcement for the huge 19/Jan update in which, according to Flint, Dragon Blaze starts into a new era!

    Original chart here.

    English chart by User:Khangvn08
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  • Browseitall

    Pre-registration for the Transcended Awakeneds has been opened.

    We also got a good look at the supposed first wave and confirmation from the leak yesterday.

    Mercedes Turq

    Event 1

    Pre-register on this Website→ to gain

    • 5 SSS Ally Tickets (Random)
    • from 5/Jan ~ 17/Jan

    Additional Rewards for

    • inviting 2 friends via Kakaotalk - 1 SSS Ally Ticket (Random)
    • inviting 5 friends via Kakaotalk - 1 Hero Choice Ticket
    →For how to pre-register, see main article Korean Hub#How_to_Pre-register

    Event 2

    A free "Buster Grade" Choice Ticket and 300 Essence Choice Tickets after log-in (19/Jan ~ 8/Feb)
    Not mentioned whether Giants are also included.

    Event 3

    1000 players can receive an additional 20 Essence Choice Ticket rew…

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  • Browseitall

    This patch brings us

    • Transcended Shadow Howl and Margaret
    • Updated New and Returning rewards

    Original patch notes can be found here.

    Transcended Margaret

    Class Incanter

    Role DPS
    Material Margaret, Iota
    1. Please Summon (Active 1)
      Her Doll Pierre invokes 1 Transcended Boden Ally for 9 seconds. [CD: 23 sec]
    2. Grow Stronger, Doll!! (Active 2)
      Increases her Summon's ATK by 800% and ATK SPD by 60% for 10 seconds. Immune to dispel. [CD: 17.4 sec]
    3. What Will Come? (Active 3)
      Grants all allies one of the following effects. Grants 80% damage, increases ATK by 590%, ATK SPD by 60%, 60% increased , 60% increased , 200% increased normal attack damage, 60% increased Skill damage, all for 12 seconds. Additionally, Margaret may grant 5 second undispellable invurnability…

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  • Browseitall

    This patch brings us

    • Transcended Hellhawk and Trigger
    • Christmas Drop
    • Misc

    Original patch notes can be found here.

    Transcended Hellhawk

    Class Rogue

    Role DPS
    Material Hellhawk, Stigma
    1. Shadow Slash (/Melee) (Active 1)
      Inflicts 6940% damage to one enemy and silences it for 8 seconds.
      Consumes no "Energy". When successfully hit, recharges 1 "Energy". [Required energy: 2]
    2. Shadows (/Melee) (Active 2)
      Inflicts 7120% damage to enemy. Inflicts 380% damage every second for 11 seconds.
      Consumes no "Energy". When successfully hit, recharges 1 "Energy". [Required energy: 3]
    3. Reaper's Sickle (/Melee) (Active 3)
      Consumes all stored "Energy" to inflict 9100% damage and 6100% damage to one enemy. [Required energy: 4]
    4. Death Energy (Passive 1)
      Increases for self and adds 44%…

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  • Browseitall

    This patch brings us:

    • Cerberus new World Boss
    • Hero & Legend mode + Level 117
    • Gold and XP Accessories
    • Misc

    World Boss

    This patch introduces the 4th World Boss Cerberus (켈베로스, kelbeloseu). Supposedly opens every Wednesday from 00:20 until 24:00 KST.

    No specific information was published. The only pieces of information may be from a lore context text.

    According to it, Cerberus was born from hell, and even Belphegor, the Helldragon cannot ignore his power.
    Cerberus has three heads and its strong body is able to withstand powerful . Each head supposedly has its own personality and abilities.
    Additionally, it supposedly feasts on the opponent's beneficial power.

    • New level cap 117
    • Chapter 4 Hero and Legend mode added
      • Raids supposedly included
    • Orange new filter butt…

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  • Browseitall

    This patch brings us

    • Transcended Falcon and Manalandy
    • Updated Newbie Quest
    • Equipment stat changing system

    Original patch notes can be found here.

    Transcended Manalandy

    Class Priest

    Role Healer
    Material Manalandy, Epsilon
    1. Warm Sunshine (Active 1)
      Removes debuffs of entire allied party, and prevents buffs to be removed as well as doubleing their effect. [CD: 19.1 sec]
    2. Balance of Nature (Active 2)
      Grants a buff to entire allied party which decreases received damage by 75% (Read Notes) if the damage exceeds 25% of the unit's HP.[CD: sec]
    3. Storm Clouds (Active 3)
      Increases the damage received by entire enemy party by 30% and prevents them from receiving buffs . 100% chance. [CD: 18.6sec]
    4. Varman's Friend (Passive 1)
      Increases main attributes of entire allied…

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  • Browseitall

    Chapter 4 is hitting the Global servers soon, so here are some reminders, links and translations from the Korean's patch back then.
    An article was not appropriate for this cause, that's why we find ourselves in a blog post now, which are usually reserved for Korean patch translations.
    Most of the information in this post can already be found when browsing the Wikia, but as said, this post functions as a reminder for those, as if to say "yes, this exists here".

    Keep in mind that I'll not cover every aspect into detail (e.g. what packages to buy or how to start anew with the New Player Quest) but I can consider everything that is requested in the comments and add it afterwards as long as it is deemed worthy of covering.

    Key Ultimate Passives Pr…

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  • Ahrisu

    Hello friends! Chapter four is coming soon and with it you will be getting the mythical buster quest, aka that noob free key thingy. While I cannot explicitly tell you what to do (more on that later), I have come to offer some suggestions and insight :) For an account to be able to access the quest, it will need to have been made after 10/31 or 11/1, depending on your server/timezone. Before it shows up, part of the tutorial will need to be done. You'll know when you can start because a gold envelope will appear in the centre of your inn screen (it's yuuuuge!).
    Once you start the quest you will receive 4 10x summon vouchers, 30 light essences, 4mil gold and a Draco select ticket. This is when you'll have to start making decisions, and unfo…

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  • Browseitall

    Original patch notes can be found here.

    Attendance changes

    December attendance has been adjusted to match the player's needs and progress, however, it is not clear whether those changes are permanent, although it is more than likely.

    • 28th day -> Key Choice or 10 + 100 Essence Choice
    • 21st day -> Deity Choice or 5 , instead of the Hero Choice

    It comes into effect with December the 1st.

    full attendance to be added with the 1st

    Balance Changes Transcended Chaser Tracy and Bliss Foxy have been sligtlty adjusted. Visit the article and watch out for the green passages.
    A comparative table is not necessary (but will be added in the course of the week regardless) since the changes are small, and GL will get them immediatly with their implemenation anyways…

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  • Xianggu

    Dec new player route

    November 22, 2016 by Xianggu

    Quite some of my acquaintances started new accounts for various reasons. Recently, I talked about this with one of my friends. And I would like to share some thoughts about this.

    Intro As we all know, new player who joined after Oct. can receive a free buster in Dec. The main rewards of the event are:

    • Ult one Dacro, and get one for free
    • Ult one Angel, and get one for free
    • Ult one Boden, and get one for free
    • Get a free buster

    Apart from these, I remember there are also 70 ess and some SSS fodder. Cannot remember the details. Those rewards are relative less important. Based on major rewards, I will go for the following route.

    Dacro part As a new account, a Dacro will be awarded on the 7th day login bonus. Thus,

    1. Farm for 7 days and get free Dacro Gr…
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  • Browseitall

    This patch brings us (Reveal TOC)

    The original patch notes can be found here.

    Transcended Allies

    damage or similar yet.}}

    Transcended Chaser Tracy

    Class Archer

    Role DPS
    Material Chaser Tracy, Iota
    1. Hunter's Mark (/Ranged) (Active 1)
      Inflicts 6983% damage to an enemy and inflicts the target with the "Hunter's Token" debuff for 6.8 seconds. The mark causes the enemy to permanatly take . The mark is immune to dispel but can only be inflicted upon one enemy at a time. [CD: 10.6 sec]
    2. Explosive Mines (/Melee) (Active 2)
      Sets one "Snare Trap" on allied members/on the side of the allies. The trap explode when allies are hit with Melee damage, upon which it removes all buffs from the enemy and inflicts 9100% damage. Also, blows them out of the battlefiled w…

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  • Xianggu

    Awaken Tiel, Int or Str

    November 17, 2016 by Xianggu

    Recently, I read quite some post discussing which main attribute should A.Tiel choose. As most global players have read, the recommendation skill card for Tiel is Int and Atk Spd dual card. The question is: does Int really better than Str for Tiel?

    In order to get the answer, I made several scenarios of the gear choices. The scenarios all based on 16th of Nov game version.

    First base stats, Tiel naturally got 1184 Int and 4231 Str which make her base Atk (1184+4231)*2 = 10830. I will divide the gear part into 2 sessions. Normal player and Hardcore player. To make the comparison more distinct, I will make the example more extreme.

    • For the normal player scenario, all items will not have any extended gem slot, all gems are SS grade, and all gear…
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  • Browseitall

    This patch brings us

    • 2 new Transcended
    • A list with for all T.Boden materials
    • Free Title and Brooch for 1000day event
    • QoL features

    We will also publish an article soon about the new additions from the Mikaela and Farrah patch, where Flint decided to categorize the skills.
    This may explain those ("Magic/Range") that are included in the skill names.

    Original patch notes can be found here.


    Materials for Bodens To many peoples' surprise was Flint releasing the last T.Angel and also the first T.Boden in one patch.
    But what is more shocking is their release of the other T.Boden's materials. Take a look:

    Hawk Stigma
    Manalandy Epsilon
    Arrow Trigger Ouranos
    Bliss Foxy Gaia
    Drunken Falcon Omega
    Shadow Howl Omega
    Margaret Iota
    Chaser Tracy Iota

    It is needless…

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  • Browseitall

    Exciting week for Dragon Blaze!

    Dragon Blaze first launched on the February 17, 2014, which makes Monday, November 14, 2016 its 1000 days jubilee. The event starts next Saturday (12.Oct) already.

    (This online tool shows you the day countdown.)

    This is of course coupled with various freebies and events.

    Original patch notes can be found here.


    First of some changes which take effect after the patch.

    • Critical Damage cap 900% -> 1.000%
    • Magic Scrolls and Enchantment stone cap 100 -> 999
    • Guild Occupation
      • Killed mobs (Baal's army) now have a chance to drop SSS Essences
        The rate is supposed to be higher than normal dungeons, according to flint!
      • First-week clear bonus has been changed from 50 coins to 50 rubies.
      • Plunder reset time changed to Tuesday 2pm (Korean…
    Read more >
  • Browseitall

    This patch brings us

    • 4-4's Raid
    • Halloween additions

    Original patch notes can be found here.

    New Raid

    Just as Minos, this Raid is also added to the latest unlocked area in a separate patch (which makes farming a lot more fair across the board).

    This patch features "Horesh" (kr. 호레스).

    Set Bonus (also added to Raid)

    2 Set Effect: Weapon ATK Increase
    Accuracy Increase
    • The Valmar's spawn time and AI have been (apparently) improved/changed in Shariet.
    • Bug Fix
      • Transcended Deathcrown's description for his 3rd active now mentions that targets killed cannot be resurrected, an aspect that was always functioning but never mentioned in the skill.
      • Apparently some problems with Occupy and Plunder rewards which they will make sure to compensate for

    Read more >
  • Browseitall

    This patch brings us

    • 4-4 Area, Yggdrasil
    • New game modes for Guilds
    • Transcended Kymael and Fryderyk
    • Level cap to lvl 111
    • Much more

    Original patch notes can be found here, here, here and here.

    Transcended Kymael

    Class Paladin

    Role Tank
    Material Askr, Kymael the Just
    1. Divine/God's Punishment (Active 1)
      Inflicts 3315% damage to entire enemy party. "Punished" targets are cleansed from "Punish" but suffer another 5576% damage and stuns them for 8 seconds with 100% certainty. [CD: 21 sec]
    2. Absolute Invioability (Active 2)
      Restores 100% HP for one allied party memeber except for self. Also resets all Cooldowns and increase their ATK by 496% for 13 seconds.
      This skill can be cast upon Kymael herself if none else is in her party, but does not reset her Cooldowns.…

    Read more >
  • Browseitall

    A new event page has just launched. Pre-registering for the opening of chapter 4's last area has been announced .

    The pre-reg rewards feature:

    • (1) 5.Oct~18.Oct: 3 SSS tickets
    Register by clicking the [Android] or [IOS] button below the (1) Event and follow the page. Click the orange/reddish button somewhere on your right side of the screen. Log in with Kakao and you are done once you receive a SMS.
    • (2) Log in until the 30.Nov 23.59, after 4.4 was released for a free Buster/Dark Soul Ticket
      (You may also claim 10 SSS + 100 Essence select tickets instead)
    • (3) 5.Oct~18.Oct: Event involving Facebook comments. 1000 people have a chance to receive 10 Essence select tickets.
      Leave a comment if you want details about that (as I suspect not many being interested…
    Read more >
  • Browseitall

    This patch brings us

    • 2 new Transcended
    • the reworked KR Guild Battle
    • changes to the cash-fairies
    • minor QoL
    • interesting section with skill description clarifications and more info

    Original patch notes can be found here.

    Following the leak from a few days ago, here they finally are. Note, there are currently issues with apple and patches. If there is something up we will keep you all updated in the comment section. Transcended Mikaela

    Class Rogue

    Role DPS
    Material Mikaela the Fatal, Dark Soul Tiehr
    1. White Lotus Priesthood (Active 1)
      Removes all buffs of the target, inflicts 6235% dmg and stuns it with 100% certaint for 8 seconds. [CD: 16.3 sec]
    2. Fighting Chapter (Active 2)
      Inflicts 3352% dmg to entire enemy party and inflicts the self inflict debuff on th…

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  • Browseitall

    This patch brings us

    • Buffs for 3 Transcended
    • ToV extension
    • Jewel buffs
    • Misc

    Read the original patch notes here.

    Tower of Validation

    • Extended to floor 100.

    Transcended Buffs


    Skill Original Revised
    Active 1 Inflicts 6034% damage to one target and removes all its buffs. For each "Destroy the old" debuff has a 33% chance to instantly kill the target. Not effective on Boss type, but inflicts triple its damage instead. Only works on targets with at least one "Destory the old" debuff. [CD: 19.4 sec] Inflicts 6034% damage to one target and removes all its buffs. For each "Destroy the old" debuff and has a 33% chance to instantly kill the target. Not effective on Boss type, but inflicts four times its damage instead. Only works on targets wit…

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  • Browseitall

    This patch brings us:

    • the first wave of Transcended Angels
    • Calydon Dungeon becomes permanent (TL/N: Was about time,lol)
    • various QoL

    See the original patch notes here.

    Transcended Angels

    Disclaimer: Skills may be changed by Flint from now until the patch hits live servers, in accordance to players' initial feedbacks.
    As always, we will do a post-patch recheck after that time.
    Especially Ravengale's skills may be changed, considering how much details are missing.

    Transcended Gaela

    Class Warrior

    Role DPS
    Material Gaela the Fallen, Dark Soul Ragnarok
    1. (Active 1)
      Inflicts 6196% to 1 enemy with 100% ACC. If the enemy is not a Boss-Type it will also knock the target up. [CD: 7.9 sec]
    2. (Active 2)
      Inflicts 3254% damage to entire enemy party with hits 100% Crit…

    Read more >
  • Browseitall

    This patch brings us

    • the long awaited 4.3 Raid "Minos"
    • Quality of Life improvements

    Original patch notes can be found here.

    4.3 Raid

    The new Raid boss "Minos" has been added to the 4.3 area of Yggdrasil's soul. Reminder: Last time the area was unlocked they did not add the Raid, leaving everyone anxious for the new gear (reason was not stated, maybe Flint ran out of design ideas).
    Gear is lv 108.

    Set Bonus

    Weapon Atk increase +2162
    Accuracy Increase 129.1

    Crit dmg Increase +241.0
    Max HP Increase +108881

    Def Penetration Increase +162.0
    Atk Speed Increase +45

    Minos in his "Cursed Labyrinth"

    They also added the live-emoticon chat feature from Tag match to this raid, and most likely to all others as well.

    This boss hits can easily one hit ULT enhanced Key uni…

    Read more >
  • Browseitall

    Following their introduction in the last patch, this patch will already rebalance and tweak their abilites.
    This patch brings us:

    • Transcended Rebalance
    • Summer Costumes for Awakened Characters
    • Shabelle's Sanctuary
    • Calydon Dungeon

    Orginal patch notes here.

    Also, we would like to take this oppertunity to make an annoucnment. We will from now on use a new dating system. Instead of "08/18/16" we will now write "18/Aug/16", for more clarity across the board (since we want to appeal to multiple countries with diffrent dating systems).

    Read more >
  • Browseitall

    This patch brings us

    • A new PvP Game mode "Tag Match"
    • Transcended Dracos (5 new U grade units)
    • Several UI improvements
    • Several new gimmicks
    • level cap 105->108 and new region (no new raid, but lv106 dungeon gear)
    • Honor Gorge and content changes

    Original patch notes here, here, here and here.

    Transcended System

    Read more >
  • Leaf671

    There are some new events on the Korean server involving pre-registration and new Awakened Dracos. Additional info will be added when translated.

    The source can be found at the link below:

    A new video was released and can be also seen here.
    We want to specifically make aware of the 4 active skill bar at 0.11 min.

    Update: If we look closely at the following screenshot we can clearly see that the 5th unit for both teams (bottom) only have 3 actives.

    Furthermore, the 4th active of Helios and Tiehr look identical.
    This concludes that this update won't introduce a new skill for every key, but that the 4th active is given either through

    • a new game mode, or
    • an equipable item

    A new game mode seems likely if we look closer at the screen…

    Read more >
  • Leaf671

    Patch Notes below for the newest update to be implemented after 7/21 Maintenance.

    • There are skill revisions to several Dragon Busters, Dark Souls and Giants.
    • New Limited Cash Shop Packages available at a discount.
    • 1 + 1 Summoning Event from 7/21 - 7/28
    • Ruby package purchases will be rewarded with bonuses.

    Read the original patch notes here.

    Remember that all these changes can soon be viewed on Dragon Busters KR colored in green and yellow respectively

    Dragon Buster Pluto

    Skill Original Revised
    Burning Boost
    Active 1 Inflicts damages 2861% of ATK on 1 enemy and dispels all buffs. Uses up the skill buffs if the enemy has skill buffs for more damage.
    [Cooldown: 9.1 sec] Inflicts damages 3842% of ATK on 1 enemy and dispels all buffs. Uses up the s…

    Read more >
  • Browseitall

    This patch brings us

    • "Calydon" Event Dungeon (read "Calydon" disambiguation)
    • several QoL improvments
      • turn off special effects
      • automatic weapon effect magic system
      • view summoning-quest progress

    Read the original patch notes here.

    Event Dungeon Calydon


    This event mode can only be accessed during the week of 07/14 to 07/28 2016.
    • The progress in one's summoning-quest (3 of one grade for one higher grade ticket) now shown in the UI. Sweet addition.

    • Friend Point summon now features a button to summon in bulk. It auto summons until the player runs out of FP or 20 summons are reached.
    Read more >
  • Browseitall

    This patch brings us:

    • the 3rd Giant Wave
    • Buff selling
    • Miscellaneous

    Read the original patch notes here.

    Check out the updated versions on Giants

    Giant Kronos

    Class Warrior
    Role Tank
    Key Kronos, Draco Deathcrown, Refuge King Gram
    1. (Active 1)
      Inflicts 3969% damage to one enemy and decreases its DEF by 100% for 6 sec. [CD: 7.5 sec]
    2. (Active 2)
      Inflicts 2034% damage to entire enemy party while removing all buffs, and silences for 9 sec. [CD: 17 sec]
    3. (Active 3)
      Invokes his shields which forces all enemies to attack it.
      Also grants a 25% damage reducing buff for entire allied party and his shield. [CD: 41 sec]
    4. (Passive 1)
      When HP drops below 60%, grants 280% increased STR and a 40% damage reducing buff for 15 sec. Immune to dispel. [CD: 58 sec]
    5. (Passive 2)

    Read more >
  • Browseitall

    This patch brings us:

    • Warrior and Paladin Titan
    • Update for the Skill Card combining Pets
    • Updated attendance rewards

    Check out the full orginial patch notes here.

    Note that numbers and values are to be changed once the patch hits live, judging from past patches. This is just a teaser.
    Also, all skills will be rechecked after the patch, so check them out by that time again.

    These descriptions will not be kept updated. Head over to Titan to read the latest versions.
    Friendly reminder: These are the SSS Titans, not the U Giants. This is confused pretty often.

    Class Warrior
    Role Tank

    1. Crushing Blow (Active 1)
      Inflicts 3673% damage to one enemey while decreasing its DEF by 50% for 6 sec. [CD: 7.5 sec]
    2. Ascalon (Active 2)
      Inflicts 1883% damage to entire enemy…

    Read more >

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