• Efflictim

    Full patch notes on naver here.

    Guild Exploration is back and improved First, the number of tiles on the early floors will be lowered and they increase the higher the floor.

    Second, there are now more special tiles in addition to the whirlwind. Bombs and Perspective Glasses are powerups that can be used whenever you want once found, while Pickaxe and Compass are instant use items once you find their tile.

    • Bomb - Blows up 8 tiles in the top, bottom, and left/right diagonals from where you select
    • Perspective Glasses - See treasure chests in unexplored tiles and monster treasure chests.
    • Pickaxe - Aquire 1 additional pickaxe
    • Compass - See where the boss monster is located

    Day Event Reward
    04/19 Do 1 World Boss Battle 1x U-grade Gem
    04/20 Do 1 Tag Matc…

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  • Efflictim

    The original patch notes can be found, HERE

    Flower Knight, Terenas (Flower Knight, Terenas' Lore - Expand to Read)

    1. Stigma of Fascination (/Melee) (Active 1)
      Deals 3122% damage to an enemy for 21.7 seconds and grants the enemy a 'Stigma' debuff. Those enchanted with 'Stigma' receive 153% more damage and when attacked by a ability, you receive additional damage equal to 1011% of Terenas' attack power. [CD: 19.3s]
    2. Protection of Thorns (Active 2)
      Grants all allied units a Thorn Shield equal to 2242% of Terenas' attack power, for 18.9 seconds. Each time a shielded ally gets hit, it returns 30% of the damage taken back to the attacking enemy and deals 442% damage every second for 20.1 seconds. The continuous damage can no be cleansed and can overlap u…

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  • Efflictim

    Full patch notes can be found, HERE

    Chapter 5 Final Raid: Orion's Revenge

    Orion has returned to Asgard to unleash his revenge on the Bodens for stopping his previous plans/conspiracy. Now we must take on his "Star of Darkness" form and acquire new Ultimate equipment.

    There will be NO Hero, Legend, Myth mode for Chapter 5, this is the final part of Chapter 5. Also, you will need to fight Fenrir one more time to unlock this raid. Like all previous U-Raids you will fight with 5 other players (6 total) and entry requires Entry Tickets acquired from previous Chapter 5 raid vendors.

    Raid Events To celebrate the opening of the final raid of Chapter 5, the Raid Essence World Buff duration has been increased and Stat Lock Scrolls are even further di…

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  • Efflictim

    This weeks patch brings us: Dice Event is back The dice event, "Star Marble" will be held from 3/29 to 4/5! As usual, dice will drop from dungeon runs. Tower of Validation Expansion Tower of Validation has been expanded from 80 floors to 90! The rewards for each floor are as follows:

    Floor Reward Floor Reward
    Floor 81 1,200 Shoes Floor 86 120 Million Gold
    Floor 82 1,200 Tickets Floor 87 1,200 Rubies
    Floor 83 60 Transcended Essences Floor 88 120 Transcended Essences
    Floor 84 60 Runes Floor 89 5 U-grade Gems
    Floor 85 12 SSS Allies Floor 90 24 SSS Allies

    New Coin Shop Accessories Under the Jewelry tab, players can now find new coin shop accessories. These are upgrades to the prior accessories, and cost 2,270 Honor Gorge coins to purchase. In additio…

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  • Efflictim

    Patch Teaser Today! Patch Notes Tomorrow!

    Full patch notes can be found: Here

    • New PvP Game Mode: The League (Fortress Replacement, RIP Fortress

    New Game Mode: The League

    After maintenance you will no longer be able to find the Fortress Game Mode. Instead, it has been replaced by a new Game Mode called, The League. It can be found in the same spot where The Fortress once stood (Rest In Peace).

    If you are participating in your first league, you will start with the lowest rating in the lowest league (Normal League). At the end of each season, based on rankings, you will either be Promoted, Held, or Demoted.

    League Players Promoted Held Demoted
    Normal League 8 Players 2 Players 6 Players 0 Players
    Hero League 8 Players 2 Players 4 Players 2 Players

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  • Efflictim

    Transcended Pigs in Calydon Dungeon, Challenger Dungeon floor expansion, and the end of the White Day Event :(
    , Full patch notes

    Challenger Dungeon Increased to Floor 72 The probability of additional compensation for Challenger Dungeon will be increased from 33.5% for the existing 67th floor to 36% for 72th floor. Trans. Calydon 50% more points for Calydon Dungeon and Transcended Pigs will appear at the end of a run from 3/15-3/22 Burning Capsule Double Purchase Event Players will be able to purchase 2 Burning Capsules per day instead of 1 from 3/15-3/22 GM Events

    Day Event Reward
    03/15 1x Fortress 10x T-Ess + 30x Runes
    03/16 1x Tag Match 20x T-Ess + 500 Shoes
    03/17 5x CD or Adv. Dungeon 30x T-Ess + 10x C-Scroll
    03/18 1x Raid 40x T-Ess + 50 Mil …

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  • Efflictim

    Upgrades to the hourly access rewards, Candy box drops, and Adventurer's Shelter event extension!

    Hourly Access Upgrades Hourly Access rewards have been upgraded. In Korean Time, players will receive the items (once per day) for logging in at the following times

    • 08:00-12:00 - 200 Shoes
    • 12:00-16:00 - 5 Transcended Essence
    • 16:00-20:00 - 1 U Jewel
    • 20:00-23:59 - 1 SSS Ally

    White Day Candy Box Event Candy Boxes will drop from Dungeons, and will appear in your inventory. You can open these boxes for rewards. There is a regular candy box (SSS border) and a colorful candy box (U grade border), and the boxes will not disappear from your inventory when the event is over

    Regular Candy Box Colorful Candy Box
    3 T. Ess = 20% 50 T. Ess = 26%
    1 U Jewel = 20% 3 SS…

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  • Efflictim

    The full patch notes can be found Here.

    Starlight Archer, Isillian (Starlight Archer, Isillian's Lore - Expand to Read)

    1. Comet's Trajectory (/Ranged) (Active 1)
      Deals 2232% to all enemies and increases their damage received by 194% for 20.7 seconds. While Isillian is tranformed, this ability does double damage, 4x against Boss-type monsters, and the damage buff is doubled. [CD: 13.8s]
    2. Meteor's Blessing (Active 2)
      Increase the damage of all allied units by 286% for 13 seconds, and increases random damage by 177%. While Isillian is transformed, this effect is doubled. [CD: 18.4s]
    3. Divine Shine (Active 3)
      For 11 seconds, Isillian transforms into the 'Starlight Archer'. Increases damage enemies receive by 302% and increases allied damage by 394%. Also…

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  • Efflictim

    The full patch notes can be found, Here

    PUB Brawl

    • Time to Bet on teams was reduced from 20 seconds to 15 seconds.
    • Brawl duration reduced from 60 seconds to 40 seconds.
    • New Teams added, thus resulting in a change of pick percentages of all previous teams.

    • From 2/22 until 3/08 wins will reward 300 medals, up from 200.

    Descendants Added back to SSS Draws

    • Draco, Angels, Bodens, Awakened, Titans are now in SSS Drawing Pools.
    • Not affected by Thunderfury


    • From 02/22 until 02/28 Daily Dungeon opening costs have been reduced from 150 Rubies to 120 Rubies.

    • Daily Login will reward 50x Trans. Essence
    • Completion of each Daily Event will reward 3x SSS

    Day Event
    02/22 1x World Boss Attempt
    02/23 1x Tag Match
    02/24 1x Fortress
    02/25 1x Raid
    02/26 1x World Boss
    02/27 1…

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  • Efflictim

    It would seem the Korean Devs are throwing us for a loop with a Mon/Tues Update.

    Find the full patch notes, Here.

    Fenrir Raid

    The last legendary creature of Odin's has appeared - Fenrir!

    Successfully defeat this intimidating beast of Odin's and acquire Level 135 SSS Gear!

    To better assist you in acquiring Raid Gear, the 100% Raid Essence will be applied twice a day for the opening week (until Feb. 21), 18:00-21:00 and 22:00-23:59.

    Also, Stat-Lock Scrolls will be receiving a 20% discount (30% for the stack of 10), during this period as well. 4th Anniversary Event 5

    14-Day Horace will grant:

    +90% Challenger Dungeon XP 1x Snowflake Grab Bag (Daily)

    Drop Rates:

    Item Drop Rate
    20x Trans. Essence 16%
    50x Trans. Essence 8%
    1x Moon Gem 16%
    1x Sun Gem 2%
    300pt Bu…

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  • Efflictim

    Chapter 5-5 Update

    February 7, 2018 by Efflictim

    Chapter 5-5 Lore

    To understand the purpose Astraia created the Earth's life

    Time has passed since Leah and the Hero came to the Titanic Planet.

    We met the Taeryang and Hayden's Wing and fought against the Erebos

    At the end of many fights and events, the hero and Leah have finally arrived at "Asgard"

    Who is the old man sitting on the throne? What is the final plot of the Senate? And...why did Astraia create them and then try to destroy mankind?


    One thing i can assure you. All the truth will be revealed in "Asgard"

    Asgard, a gigantic maneuvering city that covers the sky of the Titanic Planet. The center of this huge man-made city, the symbol of the Titanic race

    Level Cap Raised: 135 With this update you can now level up your Character and Allie…

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  • Efflictim

    The Celebration Event Website can be found Here

    The Cafe Naver post regarding the update can be found Here

    Overlord Ticket

    • All users will get 1x Choice Overlord Ticket
    • New Users will get 1x Choice Overlord Ticket
    • Returning Users will get 1x Choice Overlord Ticket (Haven't logged in since January 18th KST)

    14-Day Login Celebration Event

    Day Reward
    Day 1 200x Trans Essence
    Day 2 100x C-Request
    Day 3 15x Random SSS
    Day 4 200x Trans Essence
    Day 5 2000x Shoes
    Day 6 200 Class Runes
    Day 7 7x Choice Soul
    Day 8 400x Trans Essence
    Day 9 200x C-Request
    Day 10 30x Random SSS
    Day 11 400x Trans Essence
    Day 12 2000x Shoes
    Day 13 400 Class Runes
    Day 14 14x Choice Soul

    This Event will remain until February 28th KST (20 Days)

    Misc. Events

    • Fan Art Contest
    • Comment Event(?) - on Cafe …

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  • Drkdragonz66

    More events and buildup to the 4th Anniversary! Full patch notes and numbers and stuff will be posted tomorrow.

    Integrated Rankings Ruby Increase Integrated Rankings ruby rewards will be increased

    Daily Dungeon 2x Event For one week (1/31 - 2/8) Myth Difficulty rewards for the Daily Dungeon will be doubled! This means:

    • Ally Dungeon: 2 SSS
    • Gem Dungeon: 4 U Gems
    • Request Dungeon: 24 C-Rank Scrolls
    • Essence Dungeon: 40 Transcended Essence
    • Rune Dungeon: 72 Runes
    • T-Equipment Dungeon: 24 T-Equipment Pieces
    • Arch Buster Dungeon: 40 Arch Buster Pieces

    Mercades Wedding Event Rerun The Mercades Wedding Event will return. Players will farm dice in Dungeons or Challenger Dungeons to try to clear various boards as usual.

    4th Anniversary Special GM Event From 2/1-2/7…

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  • Efflictim

    The full patch notes can be found HERE

    Things to note:

    • During the remaining three weeks, we have a massive update and plenty of events for the 4th anniversary
    • Lunar Dog Event is done after Maintenance - please use tokens.

    Challenger Dungeon Floor 67 Challenger Dungeon will be increased from Floor 62 to Floor 67, with a drop rate increase of 33.5%. The mobs are based off Chapter 4's 'Secret Wetland' area.

    4th Anniv Calydon During the event you will receive 50% more Calydon points and there will be a reduced amount of Calydon in the dungeon.

    Also, the rewards gained from Calydon for this event will be increased.

    4th Anniv Special Weekly Event

    Day Mission Reward
    1/25 1x Fortress 1x Choice Soul
    1/26 1x Tag Match 1x Choice Soul
    1/27 5x CD/Adv Dungeon 1x Ch…

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  • Efflictim

    Original patch notes can be found HERE

    Captain Clay Esser

    1. Skip (/Melee) (Active 1)
      Deals 3114% damage to an enemy and increases all their damage received by 134% for 17 seconds. Cannot be healed during effect. [CD: 13.4s]
    2. Perfect Response (Active 2)
      Counters all enemy attacks for 5 seconds. Eliminates the beneficial effects of enemies attacked in counterattack and deals 30% of their maximum health each Counterattack. Can not be dispelled. [CD: 19.4s]
    3. Elegant Swordsman (Active 3)
      Gain elegance for 11 seconds, increasing self Melee damage by 274%, attack speed by 133%, and fixed damage by 1800%. You also do an additional 9% of your enemies max HP as damage and also be completely immune. Can not be dispelled. [CD: 35.7s]
    4. Become One with the Sword (Passive…

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  • Efflictim

    Full Patch Notes can be found HERE

    Daily Dungeon Rework

    The entire reward system for Daily Dungeon has been revamped and now has less plays/runs, but with more rewarding drops.

    Also, the Difficulty of Myth mode is going to be adjusted upwards.

    In general, the current pre-Maintenance Myth drop amounts will equal that of post-Maintenance Normal drop amounts.

    Daily Dungeon Old Myth New Myth
    Monday 9x SS Allies 1x SSS Ally
    Tuesday 15x SSS Gems 2x U-Star Gems
    Wednesday 9x C-Scrolls 12x C-Scrolls
    Thursday 9x Trans. Ess 12x Trans. Ess
    Friday 27x Runes 36x Runes
    Saturday 9x Trans. Equip. 12x Trans. Equip.
    Sunday 15x Arc Runes 20x Arc Runes

    Guild Siege & Tournament Improvements "Draw" Rules have been added to Guild Siege and some additional reward levels for th…

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  • Drkdragonz66

    Welcome to the first update of the new year! It's a relatively small one though. Full patch notes here

    Tower of Validation Expansion Tower of Validation has been expanded to 80 floors Honor Gorge Events Ruby Upgrades

    • Ruby Rewards for World Boss, Arena, Tag Match, and Revenge of Belphegor have been raised, click the images in the gallery to expand.

    Login once a day on

    • 1/4 to receive 50 Million Gold
    • 1/5 to receive 10 Transcended Essence
    • 1/6 to receive 30 Runes
    • 1/7 to receive 10 Transcended Equipment parts
    • 1/8 to receive 10 Transcended Essence
    • 1/9 to receive 30 Runes
    • 1/10 to receive 10 Transcended Equipment parts

    Log in between 1/4 - 1/10

    • 3 days and receive 50 Transcended Essence
    • 5 days and receive 100 Transcended Essence
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  • Efflictim

    New Overlord Wave and QoL

    December 26, 2017 by Efflictim

    Full patch notes can be found HERE

    Ista's Fleet

    (Picture Basic Translation)

    The Captain of Ista's Fleet is Clay Esser, who was the original commander of the Universal Combat Squad. It is unknown why she became a pirate when the power of Goguryeo Yeonhwa disappeared.

    In order to protect the successor of the Ista Sunfaije, who was a rebel? To find the treasures of the original Great Pirates? Or, maybe to just freely adventure into the oceans of the universe?

    In my countless speculations and questions, Clay Esser had only one answer: "To Find the best treasure!"

    No one knows what the best treasure Clay Esser is referring to, but the correct answer will surely be at the end of this voyage.

    The amazing adventure of finding the mysteries and romances o…

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  • Drkdragonz66

    21/Dec/17 Winter Fiesta

    December 19, 2017 by Drkdragonz66

    Original Patch Notes are here

    Extension of the Haydn's Wings Special attendance Event until 1/31/18, no new rewards to those who have already completed the event. Guild Siege UI Reorganization

    1. During the defense set-up, lobby UI has been changed from a bland waiting room to the defensive side of the battlefield, where you can see your guild's bases.
    2. During the pre-battle, UI has been changed to more clearly see information clearly. Based on how many players registered in each guild, it will show on the left and right sides how many possible attacks are left and how many successful defends have happened. In addition, there is now a button on the left and right sides that moves the player to their own bases and the enemy bases.
    3. Guild Siege Part…
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  • Efflictim

    The original patch notes can be found: Here

    Guild Tournament Starting Guild Tournament

    Guild Tournament registrations are held from 6:00 KST Monday through 24:00 KST Thursday. You apply through the Guild Honor Canyon.

    Once you click on the Guild Tournament Icon, you will be taken to a Team Management / Team Waiting room screen. You will proceed to assemble your desired team like most other modes - 4 Team Allies + 2 Helper Allies.

    • This party will be saved for future Tournaments, but, as always, you are free to change it from week to week.
    • The registered party can be changed until 24:00 KST Thursday

    You can also check and see what your teammates have registered, and some other functions, with the Guild Waiting Room.

    Guild Representative Tournament…

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  • Drkdragonz66

    Chapter 5-4 Updates

    December 2, 2017 by Drkdragonz66

    Please refer to the following links for the original patch notes: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

    Chapter 5-4: Hayden's Wings

    Long ago, the Titan Senate summoned the Space Monster Erebos who was a great threat to the peace of the Titanic planet.

    Princess Leah's friends and associates came to the Titanic planet to investigate the Erebos threat - eventually defeating Erebos.

    However, while they blocked the plot of The Senate, they were unable to identify the "One" true Senator who was behind all of this.

    In order to find out this Senators identity Leah and company leave to go to Titania, a city of Iron Walls.

    Titania is the second most advanced city on Titanic, aside from Asgard. A city completely devoted to science. However, under the rule of the Sen…

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  • Efflictim

    You can find the original patch notes here

    Chapter 5-4 Preregistration info

    Preregistration will last from 11/30 to 12/5, and the Chapter 5-4 update will take place on 12/07.

    The preregistration reward will be an Overlord select ticket or 50 SSS and 450 Transcended Essences.

    The Pre-Reg Website for Chapter 5-4 can be found here

    Connecting to the game between 2017/Dec/07 and 2018/Feb/06 will grant the following:

    All Users Returning New
    Base Overlord Ticket ARCH Trans Ticket ARCH Trans Ticket

    It is important to note that for this Event a "Returning" Player is someone who hasn't played the game since November 16th.

    Also, the Overlord ticket will NOT include the 2 new Hayden Overlords.

    There will be a special 14-day attendance event that lasts from 11…

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  • Efflictim

    Developer Diary about Upcoming/Future Features and Changes with MAJOR Update : 5-4 Hayden's Wings

    Link can be found Here

    The first part of this post is a general "Thank you" and "We heard your feedback". This is most likely a direct response to the backlash they have received over the last month or so that content isn't quality and people are being "milked" for money.

    Major Talking Points

    • Runes System was expanded too hastily (Level 55 to Level 69 Jump)
    • They will ask the community in the future about Content Speed/Release to get a good "feeL" for release speed.
    • They agree that some older content is boring and unrewarding, they look to fix these before/with 5-4 Update
    • They don't intend to change the current 3-week cycle for new allies, rather buf…

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  • Efflictim

    This patch brings us:

    • Mercedes Wedding Event
    • Black Friday Specials
    • Weekly GM Event

    You can find the original patch notes Here

    Mercedes Wedding Invitation Event

    With this event you are helping Mercedes get Wedding invitations to her Father, King Gram. You will be rolling dice and moving those spaces, collected rewards that you land on along the way. This map can be completed numerous times with increasing rewards upon completion.

    • You obtain the dice used for this event in either Adventure or Challenger Dungeons. It is also important to note that Burning Gauge DOES increase the drop rate of the dice.
    • Rewards, once "stepped" on in the map, aren't gone, they can be obtained again!
    • Chutes and Ladders elements as far as Jumping Ahead, Falling back, and h…

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  • Browseitall


    November 15, 2017 by Browseitall

    Reddit post - Link

    It is very hard for me to just leave the community life I've invested so much into behind me, just like that. Ive no idea how to write this, and even though I usually order things very neatly in my articles, I will for this post just let my hands and heart do the writing.

    So maybe first the reason why you are here. Maybe youve been CLICKBAITED by the reddit post and lured in hoping to see footage of Browse crying (manly), but maybe you are just here because of the title. And yeah, I want to talk about that.

    Right off the bat, I want to clarify that its purely a coincidence that I'm leaving soon after other major people of the English community (Amarantine, Alatheio, Hansxe etc etc). And Id lie if I were to claim that not infl…

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  • Efflictim

    This patch brings us:

    • Overlord Seigfried and Shizu
    • Janus of Two Faces World Boss
    • Title System Rework
    • Level Increase of Runes/Trans Equipment/Arc Buster
    • Various QoL Features

    Original patch notes can be found here.

    New Overlords Lore

    (Auto Generated, expand with Expand button)

    Overlord Siegfried, The Revenge

    1. Shield Price (/Melee): (Active 3)
      For 6 seconds, grants all allied units immunity from damage and increases their damage by 174% [CD: 26.3s]
    1. Revenge: (Passive 3)
      Eliminate the beneficial effects of one enemy when at full vengeance and inflict 80% of their max health as damage.
    1. Knight of Hayden: (Active 2)
      Deals 2095% damage to 1 enemy. Attacked enemies receive 720% damage per second for 55 seconds and receive 75% more damage. The damage over time damage…

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  • Efflictim

    This patch brings us:

    • Calydon (Pig) Rewards Buffed
    • Transcended Calydon Event
    • Pepero Day Quiz
    • New User Overlord/Arch Extensions

    Original Patch Notes can be found here.

    Overall, its a very small patch and pretty straight-forward

    Calydon Buffed Rewards

    Calydon now:

    - Rewards more SS and SSS Allies than before

    - Rewards more Transc. Essence than before

    - Rewards U-Star Gems (However, not shown in the rewards Tab with THIS update - will be fixed in future update)

    Pepero Day Quiz

    Every day listed there will be an In-Game Quiz and the rewards are as follows:

    - 11/9 Reward is 50 Million Gold

    - 11/10 Reward is 1x SSS Hero

    - 11/11 Reward is 1111 Rubies

    - 11/12 Reward is 20x Trans Essence

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  • Efflictim

    This patch brings us:

    • Challenger Dungeon Level 62
    • Rebalance of Guild Adventure
    • Fortune Roulette Event
    • Extension of Halloween Event (Until 9/Nov/17)

    Original Patch Notes can be found here.

    Challenger Dungeon Expansion

    The Challenger Dungeon mode has been extended from Level 42 to Level 62.

    This segment of levels mirrors that of Season 3 "Ice Earth" Adventure Dungeons.

    Upon the completion of Level 62 you will finish a quest which rewards 500 Rubies.

    Guild Adventure Rebalance

    This update also brings with it an increase to the HP/STA of the bosses in Guild Adventure.

    Fortune Roulette Event

    The newest addition with this update is the introduction of the Fortune Roulette Event, which is taking place of the typical Daily GM Event we are use to.

    Each day, you a…

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  • Browseitall

    This patch brings us:

    • Overlord Kaihen Run and Sei
    • Halloween Event
    • Revenge of Belphegor revamp
    • Deities in Pub Battles

    Original patch notes can be found here.

    Lore for Hayden's Wings (Auto generated, expand with expand button)

    • Judging from the lore text, they are part of a different strike team than the Taeryang, the Hayden's Wing or "Wings of Haydn" or "Hyden"
      We will go with Hayden's Wings.

    Overlord Kaihen Run, Sword of Darkness

    1. Scintillation: Attendance (Active 1)
      Inflicts 3300% damage to one enemy and increases received damage by 86% for 14.4 seconds. Stacks up to 3 times. Additionally, hit enemies cannot be revived while this debuff is active. [CD: 9 sec]
    2. Scintillation: Inspiration (Active 2)
      Channels for 5 seconds and inflicts 2340% damage to entir…

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  • Browseitall

    This patch brings us:

    • New attendance rewards
    • Overlord Costume through special event

    Original patch notes can be found here.

    New Attendance A new attendance list will supposedly take effect after the 19th maintenance. Here are screenshots of the 4 week rewards, giving out a MAX Transcended ticket on the final day (2 Transcended Tickets in total)
    Note: The 19th day will already be updated when claiming the attendance reward.

    • Daily Dungeon discount to until the 26th October patch
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  • Browseitall

    This patch brings us:

    • several content improvements including new systems

    Original patch notes can be found here.

    Damage Number Settings

    A new option has been added to the settings which shortens the displayed damage numbers during a battle.

    • x billion becomes x억
    • x thousend becomes x만
    • x trillion becomes x조

    The corrosponding setting can be found in the Game Settings tab (see Korean Hub) by ticking the following box.


    • Arrows added to the Soul System creation window for more convient switching between soul classes.
    • Players can now filter out classes which they don't want to have displayed during enhancement. This change should come in handy due to the class requirement of the Soul System.
      Players may uncheck those classes which shall not be displayed
    • AR…

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  • Browseitall

    This patch brings us:

    • Overlord Ion rebalance buffs
    • Megapenthes Raid for the new area
    • Transcended Equipment, ARCH Buster and Rune maxium levels increased to 55
    • Holiday celebration brooch for all users

    Original patch notes can be found here.

    Event Accessory

    Ancient Dragon's Charm (U-Grade), a free Accessory handed out to all players after log-in (1 piece), due to a Korean holiday. More can be purchased in the cash-shop.


    Increases Gold Acquisation +310.00%
    Challenger Dungeon XP Acquisation +60.00%
    Ally Acquisation +40.00%
    Increases Chance for MAX stats on Raid gear +76.50%
    2 Set Effect:
    Weapon MAX ATK +18000
    Increase Critical Damage +1480.0
    Increase Critical Rate +320.0
    3 Set Effect:
    Increase Maximum HP +5.000.000
    Increase ATK Speed +100
    Increase Defense…

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  • Browseitall

    Patch Notes will be released in multiple parts over the course of this day.

    This patch brings us:

    • Overlord Grade
    • 7 Taeryang
    • "Pub Battles"
    • Lvl 129 and Area 5-3
    • Beat Up Skills

    Original patch notes here.

    7 Taeryang


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  • Browseitall

    Dragon Blaze seems to launch into its second installment, with grand new designs and surely a lot of changes.
    "Second Impact" seems to refer to no less than the coming of the red Arch Buster and the new units.

    Event page: LINK

    Learn how to Pre-Reg in the Korean Hub

    Update Rewards A "Overload" Ticket is free for all users after log in. Read further below for details about "Overload".

    Event 1 The reward for this is an Arch Transcended Ticket! (differentiated between New, Returning (+1 Extra) and Existing Players) The reward for this is an Arch Transcended Ticket!

    • The left button is to pre-register using a Korean mobile number, if it is connected to your Kakao account. This is Android-only.
    • The right button is the normal way to pre-register. This is …

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  • Browseitall

    This patch brings us:

    • New Challenger Dungeon stages
    • Adventure (Chapter 1 to 5) difficulty adjustments
    • Compensation for Key removal

    Original patch notes can be found here.

    Key Compensation Since the Keys have been removed with the Arch Patch, Flint has mentioned various times that they will compensate the players for their creation.

    After a lot of trials, Flint decided on a simple Ruby compensation as the reward.

    Players will be rewarded based on the Enhance level of their Keys. Each Key owned by the players will be evaluated and grants rubies based on the following chart.

    Keys will not be removed from the inventory after this patch, but they will remain unable to be used.

    Challenger Dungeon reaches Chapter 2

    New stages will be added to Challenger D…

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  • Browseitall

    This patch brings us:

    • Tower of Validation expansion
    • New Retention Effects
    • Varman Family HP bars
    • New Arch Buster equipment piece
    • Dark Scrolls from regular Scrolls

    Original patch notes can be found here.

    New Retention Effects

    All at Retention Effects

    Attack, Only Attack Effect Base MAX ULT ARCH
    Increases Melee damage 8% 24% 40% 56%

    Rear Charge Effect Base MAX ULT ARCH
    Increases ACC 61 184 308 431

    The Potential of Titans Effect Base MAX ULT ARCH
    Grants additional Boss damage 15% 46% 77% 107%

    Changes to Arch Buster Equipment

    A new stat to the equipment piece will be added for the Arch Buster, the "Motion Accelerated Core" with its "Knockback" chance reduction.

    • (Grants Skills reduced Cooldown (1% @lvl 1))
    • "Knockback" chance reduction (5 @lvl 1)

    Daily Buff Time…

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  • Browseitall

    This patch brings us

    • Last Transcended Selene and Crius
    • Nightmare adjustments

    Original patch notes can be found here.

    Transcended With the introduction of Selene and Crius, the last batch of Transcended Titans has been released, leaving only 1 Paladin and 1 Incanter in the Titan roster.

    With this patch, all scheduled Transcended will have been released, and Flint has yet to mention any further plans for additional Units in the Transcended category.

    Please note that the patch notes have been changed 3 times already, and may even more. This is the currently most updated version from Flint. (21:03 version)

    Transcended Selene

    1. Perfect Rifle () (Active 1)
      Selene instantly loads 14 Bullets of "Armor Piercing Shells". Consumes 1 bullet for each normal attac…

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  • Browseitall

    This patch brings us:

    • Rebalance for Atlas, Greysoul and Ravengale
    • Guild content buffs
    • Bellos difficulty reduction

    Original patch notes can be found here.

    Rebalance In the recent rebalance poll Transcended Atlas, Transcended Greysoul and Transcended Ravengale won, which means they receive a rebalance with buffs this upcoming patch.

    Transcended Atlas

    Skill Original Revised
    1st Inflicts 1549% damage to one enemy and knocks it out for 8 seconds (compare: Atlas). If she hits a target with the "Airborne" debuff, the knockout is inflicted with 100% Accuracy. This skill is not affected by Debuff Resistance. Inflicts twice its damage to Boss-Type units. [CD: 11.3 sec] Inflicts 1549% damage to one enemy and knocks it out for 8 seconds (compare: Atl…

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  • Browseitall

    This patch brings us:

    • Challenger Dungeon new game mode
    • Tag Match changes
    • Material Bag
    • Darkness Scrolls changes
    • more

    Original patch notes can be found here.

    Challenger Dungeon

    The Challenger Dungeon is a new PvE game mode added to the Challenge Gorge (with Orc's Fort and Nightmare) in Korea's 10th August 2017 Patch.
    Its similarities are extremely high to any regular Adventure Dungeon, difference being the increased drop rate and difficulty in the Challenger Dungeon.

    The game mode challenges the player with the same dungeon bosses and stages as their Adventure counterpart. Upon its release, only 22 of Chapter 1's dungeons were added.
    The difficulty of said bosses is greatly increased, however.

    It also features increased drop rate for items (essences include…

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  • Browseitall

    This patch brings us

    • Transcended Dione and Perses
    • Chapter 4 difficulty merge

    Original patch notes can be found here.

    Transcended Dione

    Lore text:

    1. Blood Stigma (/Melee) (Active 1)
      Inflict 1581% damage to one enemy and the "Stigma of Berserker" for 8.4 seconds. Dione inflicts 3x damage on an enemy inflicted with the Stigma. Additionally, the Stigma increases the damage received by the target for 58%. [CD: 17 sec]
    2. Bloody (/Melee) (Active 2)
      Increases Dione's damage by 62% and grants 502% damage for 10.6 seconds. All attacks on an enemy inflict a bleed debuff that is immune to dispel. The bleed debuff inflicts 492% damage for 9.3 seconds, stacking up to 5 times. [CD: 22.2 sec]
    3. Inner Rage (Active 3)
      Increases ATK by 840%, ATK Speed by 27% and recovers 2…

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  • Browseitall

    This patch brings us:

    • 5-2 Raid
    • Various reward adjustments
    • New Retention Effect

    Original patch notes can be found here.

    5.2 Raid

    Bellos the ancient protector of the forest and true owner of the land is the raid boss for the second area of Chapter 5 and brings forth the level 126 equipment.

    Stat Bonus as follows:
    2 Set Effect:
    Weapon ATK Increase +5285
    Accuracy Increase +301.0
       4 Set Effect:
    Critical Damage Increase +560.0
    Max HP Increase +287009
       6 Set Effect:
    Def Penetration Increase +371.0
    ATK Speed Increase +48

    Added to Raid.

    World Boss Buffs

    1. As the recently released Erebos World Boss rewards greatly more resources than the remaining modes, Flint plans to adjust the reward ladders with this patch.
    2. Additionally, the Varman Family for Shariet is now once a…

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  • Browseitall
    Since a lot of new content is actually new game modes, the wiki team can only do post-patch rechecks over the entire course of the week, when the game modes become avaible. Therefore, check back reguarly or next Tuesday.|}}

    Do note that the previously refered Ark Buster is equal to Arc or Arch; all three romanizations being vaible options. Flint decided to romanize 아크 (akeu) as ARCH.
    The word is also not capitalized under usual circumstances.

    This patch brings us:

    • New stage and level cap increase
    • Ally system improvement
    • Arch Buster and new World Boss
    • New enhancement level and Arch skills
    • Improvement of various convenience functions
    • Steel Giant Update Celebration Special Event

    Original patch notes can be found here (1/5), here (2/5), here (3/5), here (4/5) …

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  • Browseitall

    These are the pre-patch notes for the upcoming update and opening of the 5-2 area.

    Actual patch notes can be expected in two weeks.

    Original patch notes can be found here.

    Lore Slight spoilers ahead.

    5-2 will open and reveal the secret of the mysterious "Odin's Eye" tribe in Argo, which was teased in the 5-1 story.

    The Ark Buster, a steel giant who awoke through "Odin's Eye" will make his appeareance.

    Improvements Just checked reddit and someone from TW already did it. That simplifies matters.

    Original post in Taiwan forum:
    Below translation by on

    Give 5 transcend…

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  • Ahrisu

    Details from more patch notes can be expected after the first event period is over, presumably 16th/18th July.

    New Features/Updates New story

    Farming changes – Burning Gauge system

    Farming system to reduce the fatigue during farming sessions and still gurantee high efficeny in a short amount of time.

    It will be automatically applied when farming in normal (Adventure?) dungeons.

    • Significant gold acquisition increase
    • Significant ally acquisition increase
    • Item drop rate increase

    Are presumably effects of it.

    The gauge seems to replace the old XP bar at the bottom of the screen. Ark Buster

    "The Guardian of Odin"

    Ark Buster Appearance

    Archangel transforms into a giant robot fused with the power of Odin

    10 pilots pilot an Arc Buster and engage a battle with a s…

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  • Browseitall

    This patch brings us:

    • Transcended Leah and Chronos
    • Enhance failure rate buffs
    • Changes to Enhance Pet
    • New Player Guild
    • New Retention Effect

    Original patch notes can be found here.

    Transcended Leah

    "When the play reaches you..."

    The cute girl has become a beautiful queen. Growing up as a performer, she gives her courage and soft tone of cash(?), never to give up. To the enemy, they shake their soul with a gorgeous yet explosive melody. Sit down. The performer who will stir your heart, will start now.

    1. Celestial Overture (/Ranged) (Active 1)
      Inflicts 1557% damage to one enemy and increases its Ranged damage received by 36% for 8.4 seconds. [CD: 12.3 sec]
    2. Celestial Prelude (/Ranged) (Active 2)
      Inflicts 1121% damage every second to one enemy for 9 seconds and…

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  • Browseitall
    Titan Leah and Titan Chronos are the next Transcended on the schedule. Details about their release on the 4th as well.|}}

    This patch brings us:

    • Guild System for New Players (delayed)
    • Rebalance for Transcended Llywelyn and Transcended Tethys
    • Summer Dungeon Drop Event
    • Misc changes to the Enhance Pets and Enhancing Failure bonus becomes higher (delayed)

    There is also a special Event for a Kakao exclusive emulator which rewards . Details in a separate blog post tomorrow.

    Original notes can be found here.


    As response to an earlier held survey, Flint considered some player feedback and rebalanced these two Transcended Units. Transcended Llywelyn

    Skill Original Revised
    1st When there is only 1 enemy, loads 200 Absolute Penetrat…

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  • Browseitall

    This patch brings us

    • New Transcended Character Costumes
    • Transcended Calydon

    Original patch notes can be found here. Costumes The new set of costumes has been added to the regular costume shop. 2 Sets for this series are avaible for a price of rubies (full purchase).

    A full preview for the costumes has not been added. Therefore we are bound to add them to our Character article's "Costume" section post-patch.

    The Costumes grant the following stats. (The main attribute depends on the Character's Class

    Weapon Costume Cloak 3 Set Bonus
    Critical Damage +260
    Critical Rate +120
    Defense Penetration +140 Max HP +95000
    Main attribute +460
    Debuff Resistance +160 EVA +130
    ATK Speed +25
    Main attribute +460 Max HP +800.000
    Main attribute +2000

    Note: Paladin rece…

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  • Browseitall

    This patch brings us

    • Incanter skill buffs
    • slight Attendance reward changes
    • More rubies for cash pets
    • two new Retention Effects
    • Integrated ranking system

    Original patch notes can be found here.

    Incanter Buffs

    1. The new and rebalanced skills can be found on the Incanter article.
    2. A comparison of both versions can be found here. Beware that the comparison table may be hard to read for the untrained eye.
      On the top of the page is the comparison between pre- and post-change. Scroll down to the article for the current version in a clean view.

    Option 1 should be easier for most people.

    New Retention Effects

    Charm that cant be broken Effect Base MAX ULT
    Increases Ranged damage 6% 19% 32%

    Integrated ranking system

    The Integrated Ranking System is reward ladder which…

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  • Browseitall

    The leak stayed true. Check out who comes next on Transcended Titans.

    This patch brings us:

    • Transcended Hyperion and Metis
    • Guild Gorge buffs

    Original notes can be found here.

    Transcended Titans

    Transcended Hyperion

    1. Flame of the Sun (/Ranged) (Active 1)
      Consumes 1 bullet to inflict 863% damage to entire enemy party, and inflicts 360% DOT damage every second for 8.9 seconds. [CD: 14.3 sec]
    2. Extermination (/Ranged) (Active 2)
      Consumes 1 bullet to inflict 872% dmg to entire enemy party and increases their damage received by 44% for 8.2 seconds. [CD: 16.2 sec]
    3. Catastrophic (/Ranged) (Active 3)
      Inflicts 912% damage to entire ememy party and additional 250% damage per remaining bullet. Also, increases its damage to Boss Type units by to folds. If this skill c…

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  • Browseitall

    This patch brings us

    • Ally Storage Expansion
    • Triple Skill Cards to the smart shop
    • Damage adjustment in PvP modes

    Original patch notes can be found here.

    Skill Cards in Shop

    While Skill Cards were already available in the smart shop, with this patch Triple Cards are also being added. They are accessible in the Store's "Consumable Items/Pet" section. They seem to replace the Duel Cards which were previously sold there.

    To purchase a triple card, one pays per purchase, with a continuous purchase price reduction of each.

    The shop will present the player with the 4 main attributes to choose from (Dex, Int, Str & Sta). The chosen attribute will be the only definite stat on the newly acquired card. The remaining two stats are still random.
    They are added…

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