The Transcending System (초월 강림 시스템, chowol gangrim siseutem, or Transcendence), the new system to upgrade Deities to a new Transcended Form, was introduced to the Korean version on the 8th August, 2016 and to the Global version on the 30th March 2017.

It creates U-grade Allies by combining Ultimate Keys with a Deity. The resulting unit will have U-grade affinities and surpass the Key level, making their Race Aspects superior to those of Dark Souls, Dragon Busters and Giants.

List of Transcended Units by race
Transcended Brightspark Icon
All T. Dracos
Transcended Mikaela Icon
All T. Angels
Transcended Bliss Foxy Icon
All T. Bodens
Transcended Windlune Icon
All T. Heroes
Transcended Atlas Icon
All T. Titans
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