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Forget your memories of this world.
Pledge of Destruction, Dark Soul Sasha
Dark Soul Sasha raw
파멸의 서약, 샤샤
(pamyeol-ui seoyag, syasya)[i]
Sasha maintains an appearance of a young girl from the power of ancient gods that she has under control. Even if the gods are liberated, they will maintain faithful to her and her only.
Dark Soul Sasha Key
Hells Gatekeeper Yvante Icon
Friendly Belle Snow Icon
Immortal Summoner Whay Icon

General Stats
ATK 11028 DEF 4267
ATK SPD 7 HP 209616
Basic Stats
STR 1762 DEX 885
INT 5514 STA 3893

General Stats
ATK 30878 DEF 10609
ATK SPD 7 HP 433840
Basic Stats
STR 4933 DEX 2478
INT 15439 STA 10900

General Stats
ATK 50728 DEF 16953
ATK SPD 7 HP 658064
Basic Stats
STR 8105 DEX 4071
INT 25364 STA 17907

Using a new method, stats will always be up to date from now on!

Skill Preview
Dark Soul Sasha (Skills)02:15

Dark Soul Sasha (Skills)


Skill Effect Cooldown
Normal Attack She leaves a mark that multiplies the summoner's ATK during normal attack.
(Active 1)
Sharp Energy
She collects power in a summoner's Soul Gem to attack.
Inflicts 1901% damage on all enemies and recovers your and the summoner's HP equal to 77% of damage dealt.
14.4 sec
(Active 2)
Mental Contamination
The light from the Dark Soul Gem of Sasha's staff greatly weakens the enemies and purifies the summoned.
Decreases the enemy's ATK by 50%, Crit Rate by 100 for 10 sec. Increases the summoner's stats.
11.6 sec
(Active 3)
Dark Soul Gem
Dark Soul Gem opens a new dimension and invokes powerful Dark Soul under her control.
Invoked 1 Dark Soul for 20 sec. Inflicts 2555% damage on the enemy and stuns for 10 sec.
26 sec
(Passive 1)
Soul Mestatas
The summoner from Sasha eats the enemy's soul, Sasha's favorite food.
Resets all of Sasha's skill cooldown and decreases damaged received by 80% for 5 sec when the summoner kills the enemy.
(Passive 2)
The Ultimate Gift
All of her Summoners are set free when Sasha returns. Nothing beats the determined spirit in the battlefield.
Inflicts 2300% damage on the enemy and provide an effect on the party member that reflects 50% of damage received for 11 sec. [CD: 47 sec]
(Passive ULT)
Double Soul Gem
The space opened by the Dark Soul Gem will be kept opened.
Sasha can summon up to 2 Dark Souls in the battlefield.

↓Scroll: Main artilce Key Adopted Passives

Not all passives can be adopted. The following tables will show which units are able to lend their passive.
It is worth to mention that this mechanic was not initially intended by the gameplay but resulted from a bug[1]. However, now all following ally passives are designed to suit this mechanic.

The general rule is that passives can be adopted which are auras and/or stat influential. If the passives does not require the unit to fulfill a condition, it can ususally be adopted.
This allows active auras such as the Paladin Character's "Oath" active to lend its full effect as well. On the other hand, passives such as Mikaela's "Tranquility" will not be adopted.

Report to the admins immediately if you have different test results.


  • x = Not adopted
  • NAME = adopted


KR Archer card
Awakened Archer icon flair Passive 1 Passive 2 Passive 3
Arrow Trimer Quick Shift Energy Release
Unit Passive 1 Passive 2
Draco Bloodwind Icon Power Wind Critical Time
Llywelyn the Fiery Icon x x
Arrow Trigger Icon x Energy of Courage
Chaser Tracy Icon Snowstorm Bear's Protection x
Dark Elf Queen Windlune Icon Power of the Queen Will of the Queen
Tinuvian the Poison Fang Icon x Dancer's Dance
Rollo the Inventor Princess Icon Shell Fragments x
Hyperion Icon Will of Steel x


KR Mage card

No Incanter character avaible.

Unit Passive 1 Passive 2
Ravengale the Kind Icon x x
Margaret Icon x x
Hells Gatekeeper Yvante Icon Bloodstain Soul Collection
Friendly Belle Snow Icon Very Powerful Snow x
Immortal Summoner Whay Icon x Fire Essence


KR Mage card
Awakened mage icon flair Passive 1 Passive 2 Passive 3
Intelligence Increase Weapon Use Flame Study
(Critical chance is; Fire Seals are not)
Unit Passive 1 Passive 2
Draco Brightspark Icon Angel's Blessing Angel's Caress
Fryderyk the Tenor Icon Master Conductor x
Bliss Foxy Icon x Fox's Instinct
Nightmare Queen Lilith Icon x Eternal Nightmare
Flame General Turq Icon x Enhanced Horsepower
Soul Keeper Eirden Icon Frozen Enchant Witch of Death
Prometheus Icon Wrath of Fire Reflux


KR Paladin card
Awakened Paladin icon flair Passive 1 Passive 2 Passive 3
Sacred Prayer x Blessed Battle
(Heal is; Skill damage is not)
Note: "Oath" auras will continue to affect the party, depending on the selected Oath upon invocation.
Unit Passive 1 Passive 2
Kymael the Just Icon Armor of Light x
Drunken Falcon Icon x Time for Drink
Tiel the Justice Icon Nectare's Revenge Athena's Shield

(Aura adopted;extra damage is not)

Helios Icon Righteous Revenge The Gift of God


KR Priest card
Awakened Priest icon flair Passive 1 Passive 2 Passive 3
(Please, submit test runs)
Euphoria Become Smarter!
Unit Passive 1 Passive 2
Draco Blackaria Icon x Grim Melody
Farrah the Healer Icon Nature's Breath Forest's Care
Manalandy Icon x x
Merciful Mercedes Icon Starlight in the Sunset x
Messenger Shabelle Icon x Sanctuary
Calgar the Master of Spirits Icon The Wolfpack Spirit's Cry (Aura adopted; extra heal is not)
Priestess of Light, Tethys Icon Prayer of Tethys Sacred Heart


KR Rogue card
Awakened Rogue icon flair Passive 1 Passive 2 Passive 3
Perfect Attack Bloodthirsty Blade
(Lifesteal is unknown; submit tests)
Maximize Chance
Unit Passive 1 Passive 2
Draco Greysoul Icon x x
Mikaela the Fatal Icon x Power Within
Hellhawk Icon x x
Tainted Loki Icon Dramatic Smile x
Envoy Fulson Icon x Weapon Expert
Dragon Slayer Lucienne Icon Heartfelt Revenge Boldness
Striking Atlas Icon Stretching Fist of the Titans


KR Warrior card
Awakened warrior icon flair Passive 1 Passive 2 Passive 3
Sword Training Physical Strenght Intensifed Rage
Unit Passive 1 Passive 2
Draco Deathcrown Icon Obligation x
Gaela the Fallen Icon x x
Storm Bear Icon Aesir's Blessing Vanir's Curse
Shadow Howl Icon x Rejection
Refuge King Gram Icon Uplifted Titan's Strength
Power Sword Ackard Icon The Ultimate Order x
Patta the Absolute Protector Icon Guardian Shield x
Brave King Karang Icon Hammer Hell Hammer Heaven
Destructive Azur Icon A warrior's Order Beast Penetration
Kronos Icon Intimidating the Kronos Inspiring Presence

References Edit

  1. Twitch Stream, USA Gamevil, "Dragon Buster 1st Wave"

Skill Explanation
Normal Attack [MG/Ranged/SG] Stacks up to three buffs, and can be applied to multiple enemies at once. The buff is indicated by the blue flame seal debuff icon.
(Active 1)
Sharp Energy
[AOE] Further applies to all: The game's use of "Summoner" here refers to the summoned unit, not the summoner Sasha.
(Active 2)
Mental Contamination
[SG] The summoner inherits the stolen Crit Rate, but the 50% ATK as well. The buff is fully stackable.
(Active 3)
Dark Soul Gem
[SG] Her summon limit is 1 pre-ult enhancement status. If the skill comes off Cooldown while a Dark Soul is currently invoked, she will not cast this spell again until the current summon disappeared.
Her Summon inherits two fold (exact multiplier is under investigation) of all her stats (scaled main attribute) but no weapon effects. Skill Cards need investigation.
The summoned unit is independent of Sasha, means they act while she is CC'ed and when she died. However, they will credit all kills and damage done to her.
The unit is also at the same enhancement level as Sasha, which means that skills that require enhancement levels such as Dark Soul Morgana's Seal effect, will also depend on that.
(Passive 1)
Soul Mestatas
Her summon's skill Cooldowns will reset as well.
(Passive 2)
The Ultimate Gift
(Passive ULT)
Double Soul Gem
"Dark Soul Gem" will not be able to invoke two summons at once, but its maximum cap of summons on the battlefield is simply raised to 2 units. The summons will never be duplicates.
The summoned units will have their Ultimate passives.
"Mental Contamination" grants its buff to both units at once.

  • Sasha's red attire, skirt and basket remind of the folks tale Little Red Riding Hood, but she shows many differences as well.
  • Despite popular belief that Sasha was Flint's response to the Easter celebration, she was released in the Korean version on the 25th February 2016, making it one month ahead of 2016's Easter holiday. Although it can not be entirely denied that her designers drew inspiration from the upcoming holiday.
  • She was chosen for two App Icons, one for the Global and for the Korean version.
  • Creating Sasha's key will result in the system to name her "Shasha" in the chat.

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