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|class = 
|text  = Navigation
|link1 = 
|name1 = Main
|link2 = /Gallery
|name2 = Gallery (Wifi Only!)
<!-- ... -->
{{KeyDisplay <!--Dont forget to manually add Dragon Buster or Dark Soul Category-->
|class          = 
|hangul         = <br>(''xx'')
|title          = 
|description    = 
|deity1         = 
|deity2         = 
|deity3         = 
|trans1         = Transcended 
|trans2         = Transcended 
|evo1           = 
|evo2           = 
|basedef        = 
|atkspd         = 
|basehp         = 
|basestr        = 
|basedex        = 
|baseint        = 
|basesta        = 
|mainstat       = 
|normaleffect   = 
|activeskill1   = <br>({{xx}}/xx)<!--for damage type. Remove if none, including the <br>-->
|aEffect1       = <sub>xx</sub><br>
|activeCD1      =  sec
|activeskill2   = <br>({{xx}}/xx)
|aEffect2       = <sub>xx</sub><br>
|activeCD2      =  sec
|activeskill3   = <br>({{xx}}/xx)
|aEffect3       = <sub>xx</sub><br>
|activeCD3      =  sec
|passive1       = 
|pEffect1       = <sub>xx</sub><br>
|passive2       = 
|pEffect2       = <sub>xx</sub><br>
|passive3       = 
|pEffect3       = <sub>xx</sub><br>
<!--Skill Details-->
|normaleffectex = [{{xx}}/xx/xx]<!--normal attack effect damage type-->
|aEffect1_ex    = 
|aEffect2_ex    = 
|aEffect3_ex    = 
|pEffect1_ex    = 
|pEffect2_ex    = 
|pEffect3_ex    = 
|header   = Trivia
|class    = 
|pt1 = 
<!-- ... -->


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How pathetic.
Tiehr, a Dark Soul and the blade of destruction that remembers the unwritten war of the Ancient Gods moves a powerful sword with a melody that fill the battleground to take down enemies.

Tainted Loki Icon
Envoy Fulson Icon
Dragon Slayer Lucienne Icon


Skill Preview


Skill Effect Cooldown
Normal Attack Launches a double normal attack.
(Active 1)
Sword of the Insight
Returns the item to its original state by recognizing its essence.
Inflicts 2666% damage with 100% ACC on 1 target. If the target is a Dark Soul or Dragon Buster at a lower level than your Enhance Stage, the summon will be canceled. (40% chance). (Read "Additional Information")
14.9 sec
(Active 2)
Storm of the Sword Spirit
By breathing will into the sword, it's hurled with the force of the storm and leaves a mark of the viper.
Five different swords inflict 759% damage on a random enemy and dispels buffs. Also adds a seal (immune to dispel) that inflicts fixed additional damage for 10 sec.
12.4 sec
(Active 3)
Enemies marked with the seal of death cannot run away. The seal, embedded in their skin like a viper's fang, explodes with a thundering roar.
Goes into hiding for 5 sec and inflicts 704% damage per seal.
3.1 sec
(Passive 1)
Melody of the Battlefield
The melody that resounds throughout the battlefield becomes a dirge for the enemies.
Detects hidden enemies. Increases your ATK Speed by 39% and DEF Penetration by 62.
(Passive 2)
The blood dripping down the sword becomes the source of new life.
Life Steal 30% of inflicted damage and reduces area of affect damage received by 23%.

Main article Key Adopted Passives

KR Rogue card
Awakened Rogue icon flair Passive 1 Passive 2 Passive 3
Perfect Attack Bloodthirsty Blade Maximize Chance
Unit Passive 1 Passive 2
Draco Greysoul Icon x x
Mikaela the Fatal Icon x Power Within
Hellhawk Icon x x
Tainted Loki Icon Dramatic Smile x
Envoy Fulson Icon x Weapon Expert
Dragon Slayer Lucienne Icon Heartfelt Revenge Boldness
Striking Atlas Icon Stretching Fist of the Titans

Skill Explanation
(Active 1)
Sword of the Insight
No details avaible (yet)
(Active 2)
Storm of the Sword Spirit
No details avaible (yet)
(Active 3)
No details avaible (yet)
(Passive 1)
Melody of the Battlefield
No details avaible (yet)
(Passive 2)
No details avaible (yet)
No details avaible (yet)

Enhancement Costs
Enhance State Stat Increase Ressources
+1 10% 3 Transcended essences
1 SSS Ally
500.000 Gold
+2 10% 3 Transcended essences
1 SSS Ally
600.000 Gold
+3 10% 3 Transcended essences
1 SSS Ally
700.000 Gold
+4 20% 6 Transcended essences
1 SSS Ally
800.000 Gold
+5 20% 6 Transcended essences
1 SSS Ally
900.000 Gold
+6 20% 6 Transcended essences
1 SSS Ally
1.000.000 Gold
+7 30% 9 Transcended essences
1 SSS Ally
1.100.000 Gold
+8 30% 9 Transcended essences
1 SSS Ally
1.200.000 Gold
+9 / MAX 30% 9 Transcended essences
1 SSS Ally
1.400.000 Gold
Total 180% Stat Increase 54 essences total
9 SSS Allies
8.200.000 Gold
+10 / MAX+1 30% 9 Transcended essences
2 SSS Ally
1.600.000 Gold
+11 / MAX+2 30% 9 Transcended essences
2 SSS Ally
1.800.000 Gold
+12 / MAX+3 30% 9 Transcended essences
2 SSS Ally
2.000.000 Gold
+13 / MAX+4 30% 9 Transcended essences
2 SSS Ally
2.300.000 Gold
+14 / MAX+5 30% 9 Transcended essences
2 SSS Ally
2.600.000 Gold
+15 / ULT 30% 9 Transcended essences
2 SSS Ally
2.900.000 Gold
Total 360% Stat Increase 108 essences total
21 SSS Allies
21.400.000 Gold

Additional Information
  • It follows a clarification for her skills, because the game-given descriptions can be misleading:
    • Sword of Insight: Three important things.
      1st, the only thing that the player must worry about is the enhancment level of his own Tiehr and the fixd 40% chance. This chance is not reduced by EVA, Immunity, Debuff resistance or any other defensive debuff stat.
      2nd, the key cancellation works like this: The Key Holder will be brough back to the battlefield if the skill is successful. Upon that moment the invocation ability is denied, which is visible through the striked through Key-emblem in the bottom right corner of the ally potrait. It is as if the Key Unit died and the Key holder had enough HP to be brought back to the battlefiled (of course the Key holder will not return if he died). It is worth to note though that upcoming units such as Dark Soul Shiva are able to reenable the invocation. Lastly, this removal triggers any Key Unit death passive according to some players.
      3rd, according to the Gamevil USA twitch channel, only lower enhanced Key units can be affected by this removal aspect, but this is left for confirmation. Update: First post-patch tests have shown that this is false. Tiehr will in fact desummon equal enhanced key units as well, and furthermore, she also resets skills upon doing so.
      It is also worth to note that the target will obviously always be affected by the damage aspect of this skill, regardless of enhancement status.
    • Sword of the Storm Spirit: Five swords are launched which strike random enemies, and diffrent targets will be priotized. However, in situations where there is only 1 target such as Raid, all five swords will stack upon that target.
      "[F]ixed additonal damage" is the game's termini for DOT (damage over time).
      This skil does not remove buffs. The ingame descriptions are mistaken in that point.
    • Rebuke: This skill is casted almost instantly after the seals are inflicted. This also removes the DOT marks immediately.
  • Check out her release poster here.
  • Tiehr's normal attack only attacks 2 enemies at once, and does not launch a double attack when there is only 1 target, such as in Raid or Golem.
  • The metal vassel behind her is a sword case without a name. What she carries has similarites witha chinese guqin.