Miraculous Pure White, Epsilon
Epsilon raw
순백의 기적, 엡실론
(sunbaeg-ui gijeog, ebsillon)[i]
Epsilon with a power to regenerate is the most beautiful of the Dragon Busters.
Skill Preview
Epsilon (Skills)00:27

Epsilon (Skills)


Skill Effect Cooldown
Normal Attack Uses Mantiel Core and Shine Rize to recover all allies during normal attacks.
(Active 1)
Gold Krossword
Shine Rize, the recovery sword, activates the subject's hidden potential and recovers to its original form.
Recovers a dead party member to 100% HP. Revived party member's ATK increases by 81% for 10 sec. ATK Speed increases by 63%.
50.7 sec
(Active 2)
Buster Heal
Cross Factor equipped on Epsilon's wings amplifies the power of Shine Rize and makes everyone in the battlefield mad.
Recovers all party members' HP to 731% and consistently heal all party membery by 94% of ATK for 3 sec.
7.8 sec
(Active 3)
Blue Krossword
Matiel Core absorbs all negative effects and returns back to the enemies.
Dispels all debuffs on party members and returns them to 1 enemy.
18.7 sec
(Passive 1)
Progressive A.I.
Epsilon's self recovery ability is activated when accumulated damages pass over the limit.
Becomes invulnerable for 6 sec when HP is at 50% or lower. Recovers 600% HP per second for 6 sec. [CD: 47 sec]
(Passive 2)
Resonance from 2 swords provide vitality to everyone.
Increases all party members' STA by 20%.
(Passive ULT)
Intelligent Cooling
Epsilon added a new special cooling system that increases her powers.
Increases Epsilon's INT by 16% and decreases cooldown recovery time by 30%.

Main article Key Adopted Passives

KR Priest card
Awakened Priest icon flair Passive 1 Passive 2 Passive 3
(Please, submit test runs)
Euphoria Become Smarter!
Unit Passive 1 Passive 2
Draco Blackaria Icon x Grim Melody
Farrah the Healer Icon Nature's Breath Forest's Care
Manalandy Icon x x
Merciful Mercedes Icon Starlight in the Sunset x
Messenger Shabelle Icon x Sanctuary
Calgar the Master of Spirits Icon The Wolfpack Spirit's Cry (Aura adopted; extra heal is not)
Priestess of Light, Tethys Icon Prayer of Tethys Sacred Heart

Skill Explanation
Normal Attack [MG/Ranged/AOE] Its lesser known that every enemy or ally struck counts as one individual attack, therefore triggering effects such as Cooldown reduction a lot more at once.
Epsilon will either choose to inflict AOE damage to enemies, or AOE heal the party during normal attacks.
(Active 1)
Gold Krossword
[SG] Only regular allies can be revived.
(Active 2)
Buster Heal
[AOE] "HP to 521%" is misleading, as it simply recovers 521% of Epsilon's ATK as HP to the allied party.
(Active 3)
Blue Krossword
[SG] Epsilon is able to surpass the Key aspects that protect Key Units from Transmutations from SSS grade or less units, being able to successfully redirect even Transmutation to Key Units. That is possible because the debuff is technically casted by Epsilon, a Key Unit.
(Passive 1)
Progressive A.I.
(Passive 2)
(Passive ULT)
Intelligent Cooling

Enhancement Costs
Enhance State Stat Increase Ressources
+1 10% 15 essences (Light/Hero/Titan)
1 SSS Ally
500.000 Gold
+2 10% 15 essences (Light/Hero/Titan)
1 SSS Ally
600.000 Gold
+3 10% 15 essences (Light/Hero/Titan)
1 SSS Ally
700.000 Gold
+4 20% 30 essences (Light/Hero/Titan)
1 SSS Ally
800.000 Gold
+5 20% 30 essences (Light/Hero/Titan)
1 SSS Ally
1.000.000 Gold
+6 20% 30 essences (Light/Hero/Titan)
1 SSS Ally
1.200.000 Gold
+7 30% 45 essences (Light/Hero/Titan)
1 SSS Ally
1.400.000 Gold
+8 30% 45 essences (Light/Hero/Titan)
1 SSS Ally
1.700.000 Gold
+9 / MAX 30% 45 essences (Light/Hero/Titan)
1 SSS Ally
2.000.000 Gold
Total 180% Stat Increase 270 essences total
9 SSS Allies
9.900.000 Gold
+10 / MAX+1 30% 45 essences (Light/Hero/Titan)
2 SSS Ally
2.300.000 Gold
+11 / MAX+2 30% 45 essences (Light/Hero/Titan)
2 SSS Ally
2.600.000 Gold
+12 / MAX+3 30% 45 essences (Light/Hero/Titan)
2 SSS Ally
3.000.000 Gold
+13 / MAX+4 30% 45 essences (Light/Hero/Titan)
2 SSS Ally
3.400.000 Gold
+14 / MAX+5 30% 45 essences (Light/Hero/Titan)
2 SSS Ally
3.800.000 Gold
+15 / ULT 30% 60 essences (Light/Hero/Titan)
2 SSS Ally
4.000.000 Gold
Total 360% Stat Increase 555 essences total
21 SSS Allies
29.000.000 Gold

  • Epsilon has two diffrent kind of animations for the HP recovery or damage infliction by the normal attacks.
  • The greek letter ε is called Epsilon.
  • For summary: The blue sword that harms enemies is called Matiel Core
    The golden sword that heals allies is called Shine Rize and Epsilon's wings are called Cross Factor.

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