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Wiki-wordmark This page will be updated with all the avaible information on the 1st August.

Erebos (에레보스, eleboseu) is the 5th World Boss and takes form of a space monster. He is avaible every Monday.
Unlike other World Bosses, Erebos battle only lasts for 5 minutes. Additionally, the player must use the Arch Buster for battle.

Here a video to showcast the boss battle until the 1st August.

별이 되어라! Dragon blaze kr WB Erebos 1

별이 되어라! Dragon blaze kr WB Erebos 1

No information released on any PHY/MG resistances or his skills/special debuffs. Closer information on this next Monday, when the Boss is avaible for us to play.


The rewards of Erebos surpass all current World Bosses.

Left column Rubies, right column Ranking Coins
Blue Erebos, Black all other current WBs
Kr patch erebos reward list raw