Carlael's Chronicles

First Chapter : History remembers kings

«I lived a life of war. I knew kings and heroes whose bravery and honor are songs, whose names are given to children. I know the lies surrounding them, which simple mortals know nothing about, I carry this shame as they do. Our hands are soiled with the blood of millions of living beings and our nights haunted by their ghosts. History remembers kings, forgetting widows and orphans, abandoned on the road to power, blinding and pride.»

King Gram

As far as Carlael was watching, he could see men in armor. Tall ones, small ones, big ones, slim ones, smiling ones and crying ones, all of them walking toward the unavoidable fight, their shining armors and swords not dirty of the green blood they hated so much and which, for most of them, was the reason of their enrolment : protecting the Crown’s Castel against the Northern Orcs.

Carlael, him, was not a warrior. In his family, they were herbalist from father to son, and even though he was not clumsy with a blade, he would definitely rather like the comfort of his workshop, concocting recovery potions and magic scrolls. He still decided to join the army which had just started up, nevertheless he did not feel any desire to fight against the green-skinned, it was rather his scientific curiosity toward the earths of Shadowcrag which lead him to rally such an expedition. Humankind did not walked this lands for over than a century, and legends coming from this place lulled him since his very youth. On the morning of the great gathering, he had already prepared his equipment and hurried to join the medical teams located behind the troops. They trampled for a long time under the hot sun, choking in the thick dusty cloud created by five thousand soldiers walking in the sound of the war drums. They stopped only in the twilight et started to build the camp, the sunlight soon replaced by the torches. Once he finished to establish his tent, the night had already fallen for a while and most of his new partners were already sleeping. He lied. Warm feet and the head outside, gazing at the stars, usually veiled by the smokes of the coal mining in his district. The minutes stretched up to becoming hours and he was gradually sinking in his dreams, when a feminine voice suddenly took him out of them.

- You should sleep, they will still be there tomorrow.

Surprised, he did not take time to think.

- They ?

His guest laughed and come to sit by his side.

- The stars. I am watching you for a few minutes and you did not move by an inch, not even blinked.

He took a moment to look at her. She might not be much older than him, her face was laughing and surrounded by a thick brown hair with blazing reflections, but what interested him the most were her eyes. It was not the hazel color which confused him, but the depth he could see. As though this young girl came from another age. As though this life was not her first. She looked at him, smiling again.

- My name is Belle.

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Carlael's Chronicles Carlael's Chronicles Presentation - Chapter 1
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