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Fortress throneroom

Example of the Throneroom.

The Fortress Battle is a PvP game mode introduced in the 05/02/16 Patch.

Its a competitive game mode where players set up defending teams to protect their castle/fortress, and attack other players in order to climb the ranking ladder.

The Fortress Battle is special because it rewards players at the end of every day, but does not reset their rank in the process.

Player Castle

Every player has their own Castle, which gets represented by the Throneroom.

The Throneroom changes appearance depending on the and Fortress' level and thus the rank of the player. The higher the player ranks, the "fancier" the throneroom.
The Fortress level can be viewed in the Fortress' main screen/lobby, in between "[..]".
The Fortress building in the background of the Honor Gorge will also change its appearance accordingly.

Defending and Attacking

Defending Team

Fortress Defense UI

Defense Team UI on example of a Full Team

A Defending team consists of 3 teams - Room 3, Room 2 and Room 1 or the Throneroom.

The Player can align a team and choose its Formations with the corresponding buttons in the DEF button. Solidary Heart will be used as default formation if nothing else is chosen.
Room 3 and 2 must consist of 5 allies each. Only the Throneroom can house the Character.

The Player must not fill out all rooms in order to have a valid defending team.
Note that the defending team's equipment will not be snapshotted, which means that removing gear or changing gear will remove it from the defense as well. Even after registering the team.
Its also important to point out that the defending team is visible to all players. May it be friends visiting the Fortress, or enemies that are about to attack the player.

If the player is currently defending against an enemy, the defender cannot attack any other enemies for the duration of the raid.

Attacking and ~ Team

Fortress Attacking Example

The enemy's throneroom will also represent his own rank. In this example Room 3 just before the enemy's Allies arrive.

The Attacking team can be chosen just as usual. A Helper ally may be chosen at will and can be invoked at any point of the battle for 60 seconds with the usual Helper-Cooldown following after that.
Choosing an attacking team does not remove or overwrite any alignments made to your defense team.

When attacking enemies, the player can choose from a list of recommended enemies. That list is refreshable at will and will only show enemies that are ranked higher than the player.
That is because upon winning battles, the attacking player will replace the enemy's rank and switch rank with the enemy.
Loosing an attack will not change any ranks.

The player is only allowed to fight 5 times per day, and must wait for a CD after each attack.
He may buy 5 more additional attacks with 10 rubies each, for a total of 10 attacks a day.
The canon in the upper right corner shows how many attacks were made.

Upon attacking an enemy, the player must pass all three Rooms, starting from Room 3 and finally arriving at the Throneroom or Room 1 when successfully beating the previous Rooms.
Its important to note that no Helper CD, Party CDs, HP or Key summons will be reset whatsoever. In other words, the player must play through all three Rooms just like in Dungeons.
No Revival Scrolls or other consumable items can be used as well.

Fortress Cards

Fortress cards are boni purchasable in the Coin Shop for a rather low amount of ranking couins and function as effects that can be added to both, your attack and defense parties.
They are a future feature, that has been added to the Korean game version in the 06/02/16 patch.

« Read about this cards in-depth here.


Rewards are based of the "%" rank of the player, and not the Fortress' level, even thought both play hand in hand.
Fortress rewards are delivered every day to the player's mailbox to claim.
A day will reset at 00.01 of your server's time. Current rank will not reset.

In the Korean Version the reward tier was revamped. Check out the patch linked in the "Fortress Cards" section.

Rank Fortress Level Rewards
Rank 1 [1] 75 Rubies + 50 Arena Coins
Rank 10 [2] 42 Rubies + 40 Arena Coins
Rank 50 [3] 28 Rubies + 35 Arena Coins
Rank 1% [4] 17 Rubies + 30 Arena Coins
Rank 5% [5] 11 Rubies + 24 Arena Coins
Rank 10% [6] 7 Rubies + 20 Arena Coins
Rank 20% [7] 4 Rubies + 16 Arena Coins
Rank 30% [8] 3 Rubies + 12 Arena Coins
Rank 40% [9] 3 Rubies + 7 Arena Coins
Rank 50% [10] 3 Rubies + 4 Arena Coins
Rank 60% [11] 2 Rubies + 2 Arena Coins
Rank 70% [12] 2 Rubies + 2 Arena Coins
Rank 80% [13] 2 Rubies + 1 Arena Coins
Rank 90% [14] 1 Rubies + 1 Arena Coins
Rank 100% [15] 1 Rubies + 1 Arena Coins

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