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Wiki-wordmark For the upcoming and buffed versions see Giants KR.
The Key article explains what Keys are, how one creates them, and answers any questions regarding these special U-grade Units.
Click any of the following Images to be redirected to the respective article.

Gigantes Atlas
Gigantes Atlas
Gigantes Atlas Key Draco Greysoul Icon + Mikaela the Fatal Icon + Striking Atlas Icon

Gigantes Tethys
Gigantes Tethys
Gigantes Tethys Key Manalandy Icon + Merciful Mercedes Icon + Priestess of Light, Tethys Icon

Giant Prometheus
Gigantes Prometheus
Giant-Prometheus-Key Fryderyk the Tenor Icon + Flame General Turq Icon + Prometheus Icon

Giant Hyperion
Gigantes Hyperion
Giant-Hyperion-Key Draco Bloodwind Icon + Tinuvian the Poison Fang Icon + Hyperion Icon

Giant Kronos
Gigantes Kronos
Giant-Kronos-Key Draco Deathcrown Icon + Refuge King Gram Icon + Kronos Icon

Giant Helios
Gigantes Helios
Giant-Helios-Key Drunken Falcon Icon + Tiel the Justice Icon + Helios Icon

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