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The Hydra (히드라, hideura) world boss is available weekly on Thursdays.

No attempts are allowed after 12:00am PST.

General Edit

The Hydra boss has 4 heads which are also separate targets. Each one will attack with Area of Effect (AOE) abilites, high critical strike attacks and stuns.

They may be targeted individually and each of them can attack and be affected independently. This means that one stun will only effect the targeted head and not all of them at once. It may also be important to note that DEF reduction skills such as that of Archer Ur's will only affect the targeted head, if at all.

The Hydra boss does not posses a buff bar, unlike Golem. However status effect Debuffs' Visual effects are shown during the battle, which hints towards a effectivness of buffs and debuffs on the Boss.

Allies on your chosen team will usually change their targets freely. Area of effect (AOE) attacks are especially effective in this mode, since dealing damage to all the heads raise your score significantly.

Rage Mode Edit

The Rage mode for the Hydra boss differs slightly from the Golem boss. Each of its heads will go into Rage mode during this time. You must break the channel of ~4 secs for each head. If you fail to do so, for example by only targeting your skills at one head, the remaining heads will go into Rage mode since their channeling was not broken.

Rage mode channels after a certain time. You can either count the time by using the Countdown timer above its head (where the HP bar would usually be) or remember where the Rage usually channels for your very individual score points, depending on your teams strength.

The 5/4th Rage mode will instantly turn all heads into Rage mode regardless of influence. This state is commonly called the Soft Enrage. The Hydra will from then on continue to cast Rage modes with no Channel times. These Rage modes will stack and are commonly called Hard Enrage.

Tactic(Nov22nd pre-Askr) Edit

Hydra has 4 heads which means aoe attacks will get 4 times of regular score. Besides, Hydra got low def so that players don't need def decrease on him. Instead, damage over time will be a better choice.

Attack team should focus on aoe attacks. The choices are Tinuvian, Epsilon with Mercedes and Sasha with Whay. The the other mainstream dps is Tiehr or Stigma with Lucienne.

Supporter team includes Belle Snow, Iota with Yvante, Omega with Falcon and Tiel.

Healer team won't be necessary. Normally that will be Shiva or Epsilon on MC with 1%.

Meta Team:

Sasha with Whay Omega with Falcon Mag Priest
Iota with Yvante Belle Snow Tiel

No key or any key 1% on healer. If that key got activated, it means you are losing anyway. Everyone CDR/Dot except Mag Priest Dual CDR.

Boss Skills Edit

Skill Name Effect Frequency
Absolute Focus Prepares to awaken (Rage mode channel). Upon set Intervals.
Slicing Waves Attacks 1 enemy. GoldstarGoldstarGoldstarGoldstarGoldstar
Cowering Mind Attacks 1 enemy. GoldstarGoldstarGoldstarBlackstarBlackstar
Aqua Poison Inflicts damage over time (1 target). GoldstarGoldstarGoldstarBlackstarBlackstar
Trembling Waves Attacks all enemies. GoldstarGoldstarBlackstarBlackstarBlackstar
Hydra's Conquest Hydra removes debuffs casts on itself. GoldstarGoldstarBlackstarBlackstarBlackstar
Forceful Waves Attacks all enemies. GoldstarBlackstarBlackstarBlackstarBlackstar

Rewards Edit

The Hydra Boss rewards players with Arena Coins. You can use Arena Coins to purchase Costumes and Special Jewels..

The following rewards are given to those who reach certain ranks and achievements:

  • Ranks 777, 7777, 77777 are rewarded 100 extra rubies.
  • 10 (Max) attempts will be rewarded with 5 extra rubies.
  • Reaching 1 million points will reward 15 extra rubies.
Rank 1 300 Rubies + 87 Arena Coins
Rank 10 200 Rubies + 70 Arena Coins
Rank 50 150 Rubies + 61 Arena Coins
Rank 1% 100 Rubies + 52 Arena Coins
Rank 5% 70 Rubies + 42 Arena Coins
Rank 10% 40 Rubies + 35 Arena Coins
Rank 20% 20 Rubies + 28 Arena Coins
Rank 30% 9 Rubies + 21 Arena Coins
Rank 40% 8 Rubies + 12 Arena Coins
Rank 50% 7 Rubies + 7 Arena Coins
Rank 60% 6 Rubies + 3 Arena Coins
Rank 70% 5 Rubies + 2 Arena Coins
Rank 80% 4 Rubies + 1 Arena Coins
Rank 90% 3 Rubies + 1 Arena Coins
Rank 100% 2 Rubies + 1 Arena Coins

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