Commander of the Battlefield, Iota
Iota raw
전장의 지휘자, 이오타
(jeonjang-ui jihwija, iota)[i]
Iota is a Dragon Buster who analyzes the data of all enemies and allies, also known as the commander of the battlefield.

General Stats
ATK 9800 DEF 3815
ATK SPD 5 HP 144192
Main Attributes
STR 1476 DEX 1553
INT 4900 STA 3402

General Stats
ATK 27440 DEF 9127
ATK SPD 5 HP 340128
Main Attributes
STR 4132 DEX 4348
INT 13720 STA 9525

General Stats
ATK 45080 DEF 14441
ATK SPD 5 HP 536096
Basic Stats
STR 6789 DEX 7143
INT 22540 STA 15649

Skill Preview
Iota (Skills)00:24

Iota (Skills)


Skill Effect Cooldown
Normal Attack Decreases the enemy's DEF during normal attacks.
(Active 1)
Photon Cannon
The card in Iota's hand can make Iota a threat to the enemy at any time.
Inflicts 3489% damage on 1 enemy and casrts that decreases ATK Speed by 43% for 20 sec. Inflicts 1795% splash damage on enemies around.
11.6 sec
(Active 2)
Enhances Solitaire with the power of spirits.
1st buff: ATK increase, 2nd buff: ATK Speed increase, 3rd buff: Stun effect on a normal attack, 4th buff: Additional damage, 5th buff: Card's ATK Speed/ATK inreases for 8 sec.
15.9 sec
(Active 3)
Buster Forge
Forming the best formation for the allies with immense battle data is exciting!
Increases all party members' ATK by 63% and ATK Speed by 36% for 20 sec.
27.4 sec
(Passive 1)
Cannon Corpse Attack
Boosts 30% additional boss damage effect. Summons 1 Solitaire at 80% chance when Iota is under attack. Solitaire is summoned in the order of a sword card, a protection card, and a buff card. [Summon CD: 8 sec] (Read "Skill Details")
(Passive 2)
Cannon Corpse Defense
Iota receives boosts when battling with Solitaire.
Increases Iota's ATK by 31% and reduces Iota's damage received by 11% based on Solitaire summoned.
(Passive ULT)
Assault Simulation
Iota's battle simulation power became a new supplementary power to fight a large enemy.
Can summon the 4th card that grants a buff, which can inflict 30% additional damage to a Boss.

Main article Key Adopted Passives

New Incanter card

The Incanter Character was not avaible when Characters could equip Keys.

Unit Passive 1 Passive 2
Ravengale the Kind Icon x x
Margaret Icon x x
Hells Gatekeeper Yvante Icon Bloodstain Soul Collection
Friendly Belle Snow Icon Very Powerful Snow x
Immortal Summoner Whay Icon x Fire Essence

Skill Explanation
Normal Attack [MG/Ranged/SG] Stacks up to 2 debuffs.
(Active 1)
Photon Cannon
(Active 2)
Upgrade simply buffs the currently present cards. One buff, in cycle, per cast. Buff 1-4 are permanent, while only the 5th buff has the 8 sec cooldown.
(Active 3)
Buster Forge
(Passive 1)
Cannon Corpse Attack
Cards do not have HP bars, but they posses normal Buff bars. It is left to confirm whether buff removal skills will remove the cards buffs. Leave comments if you noticed.
To clarify: Cannon Corpse Attack summons 1 Solitaire after another by a 80% chance upon getting hit.
They have normal attacks (inherit 100% stats from Iota) and 1 skill of their own each, with diffrent Cooldowns and effects.
  • Sword Card:
    Lava Cannon: Inflicts damage on 1 enemy.
    Inflicts damage equal to 200% of Card's/Iota's ATK, which can critical stike and inflict piercing damage, just as usual. Casted every ~15 sec.
  • Protection Card:
    Recovery: Recovers 1 party member's HP.
    Restores 100% HP of 1 ally and prioritizes Iota. Casted every ~20 sec.
  • Buff Card:
    Support: Increases ATK/DEF of 1 Ally.
    Casted every ~5-10 sec.
The Card's normal attacks are [MG/Ranged/SG]
(Passive 2)
Cannon Corpse Defense
(Passive ULT)
Assault Simulation
Upon the moment that the Solitare is summoned (after all three previous Solitares) it will grant the boss damage buff to the entire allied party, except for Iota's other Solitares. The buff seems to last permanently, but it has yet to be tested how it is reapplied upon buff removal.

Enhancement Costs
Enhance State Stat Increase Ressources
+1 10% 15 essences (Light/Hero/Titan)
1 SSS Ally
500.000 Gold
+2 10% 15 essences (Light/Hero/Titan)
1 SSS Ally
600.000 Gold
+3 10% 15 essences (Light/Hero/Titan)
1 SSS Ally
700.000 Gold
+4 20% 30 essences (Light/Hero/Titan)
1 SSS Ally
800.000 Gold
+5 20% 30 essences (Light/Hero/Titan)
1 SSS Ally
1.000.000 Gold
+6 20% 30 essences (Light/Hero/Titan)
1 SSS Ally
1.200.000 Gold
+7 30% 45 essences (Light/Hero/Titan)
1 SSS Ally
1.400.000 Gold
+8 30% 45 essences (Light/Hero/Titan)
1 SSS Ally
1.700.000 Gold
+9 / MAX 30% 45 essences (Light/Hero/Titan)
1 SSS Ally
2.000.000 Gold
Total 180% Stat Increase 270 essences total
9 SSS Allies
9.900.000 Gold
+10 / MAX+1 30% 45 essences (Light/Hero/Titan)
2 SSS Ally
2.300.000 Gold
+11 / MAX+2 30% 45 essences (Light/Hero/Titan)
2 SSS Ally
2.600.000 Gold
+12 / MAX+3 30% 45 essences (Light/Hero/Titan)
2 SSS Ally
3.000.000 Gold
+13 / MAX+4 30% 45 essences (Light/Hero/Titan)
2 SSS Ally
3.400.000 Gold
+14 / MAX+5 30% 45 essences (Light/Hero/Titan)
2 SSS Ally
3.800.000 Gold
+15 / ULT 30% 60 essences (Light/Hero/Titan)
2 SSS Ally
4.000.000 Gold
Total 360% Stat Increase 555 essences total
21 SSS Allies
29.000.000 Gold

  • For better an understanding of all the buffs that are popping up, we highly recommend to read the Buffs article and educate yourself in that department.

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