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Lava Golem
The Lava Golem world boss is available weekly on Tuesdays.

No attempts are allowed after 12:00am PST.

General Edit

The Lava Golem (용암의 골렘, yongamui gollem) was the first World Boss introduced in [insert patch].

Like all world bosses, the Health Points bar (HP bar) has been replaced by a countdown timer which shows the remaining time for attempting the Golem. He also possesses a buff bar, which shows any positive or negative status effects, as usual.

He attacks with a lot of Area of Effect (AOE) damage abilities and normal attacks, such as Stomp. Constant attacks from the player will result in a Hit animation, which partially delay his normal attacks.

Rage Mode Edit

After a channeling period, rage mode will kick in depending on a number of conditions. The channel will be announced by an in-battle announcement: "The Lava Golem is getting enraged, prepare to diffuse" They occur in set time intervals [insert time interval]. The channel itself will stop any action from the Golem and be indicated with floating, yellow barriers/shields surrounding him.

If the channeling is not diffused, the Golem will enter Rage mode which colors him in deep red. His attack damage and DEF rate will be boosted tremendously as he gains STR buffs.

Channeling can be broken by dealing enough damage within a certain amount of time [insert time]. This damage threshold increases with each following channel. [insert damage needed]. When a player initiates a rage mode by failing to break the channeling, no more channeling will occur.

The Boss will go into Rage mode after a certain time, regardliss of a broken Channel shield or not.

Tactics(Feb. 17th) Edit

For the new Lava Golem, the DOT and DEF decrease seem not as effective as they were for the old golem. And dual CDR got better performance.

Lava Golem now is able to instantly kill summoned creatures, which dooms Sasha. However, Lava golem can be stunned. If Atlas and Askr are both at presence, there is a high chance to stun lock Lava golem, but Iota doesn't want this. It takes Iota 4-6 minutes to get her boss damage card when Atlas and Askr are in the team. There is a chance that Askr alone could provide sufficient stun for the Lava golem. Despite the low chance, it still worth trying since Atlas isn't good as attacker or supporter besides a 'stunner'.

There should be a balance of supporters and attackers. Ideally. it's Tiehr and Sasha supported by other 5. Depending on each player's own scenario, the balance will vary.

Boss Skills Edit

Skill Name Effect Frequency
Increased Rage Lava Golem's Rage is rising. Upon set Intervals.
Lava Splitt Inflicts damage over time on all enemies. GoldstarGoldstarGoldstarGoldstarBlackstar
Solid Fist Stuns 1 enemy and inflicts damage to surrounding enemies. GoldstarGoldstarGoldstarBlackstarBlackstar
Roar of Rage Silences all enemies.
Will also remove any summons successfully hit. Commonly known as "Banish".[1]
Melting Strengh Removes enemies' buffs. GoldstarBlackstarBlackstarBlackstarBlackstar

Rewards Edit

The Lava Golem will reward players with Arena Coins. You can use Arena Coins to purchase Costumes and Special Jewels.

The following rewards are given to those who reach certain ranks and achievements:

  • Ranks 777, 7777, 77777 are rewarded 100 extra rubies.
  • 10 (Max) attempts will be rewarded with 5 extra rubies.
  • Reaching 1 million points will reward 15 extra rubies.
Rank 1 300 Rubies + 87 Arena Coins
Rank 10 200 Rubies + 70 Arena Coins
Rank 50 150 Rubies + 61 Arena Coins
Rank 1% 100 Rubies + 52 Arena Coins
Rank 5% 70 Rubies + 42 Arena Coins
Rank 10% 40 Rubies + 35 Arena Coins
Rank 20% 20 Rubies + 28 Arena Coins
Rank 30% 9 Rubies + 21 Arena Coins
Rank 40% 8 Rubies + 12 Arena Coins
Rank 50% 7 Rubies + 7 Arena Coins
Rank 60% 6 Rubies + 3 Arena Coins
Rank 70% 5 Rubies + 2 Arena Coins
Rank 80% 4 Rubies + 1 Arena Coins
Rank 90% 3 Rubies + 1 Arena Coins
Rank 100% 2 Rubies + 1 Arena Coins

References Edit

  1. Skill not listed but confirmed by CMs: link

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