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Browse the Lore
Chapter 1
Dragon's Landing
Golem Hill · Desert of the Fallen · Forgotten Forest · Obsidian Mountain · Crown's Landing · Mission for Chapter 2
Chapter 2
Forgotten Core
Forfeited Forest · Sundered Ruins · Blackridge Cliffs · Dark Legion's Fortress · Mission for Chapter 3
Chapter 3
Icy Land
Ancient's Landing · Fiery Land · Ivory Grave Ruins · Shadow Castle · (Mission for Chapter 4)
Chapter 4
Yggdrasil's Soul
Act 1+Mission · Act 2 · Act 3 · Act 4
Work in Progress
Side Stories &
Septem Archangeli's Legend · Qinque Draco's Legend
Terminology, Example
MC = Main Character · italic = stage direction · bold = Character speaking
Chapter (Icy Land) - Area (3.4) - Part (21 Shadow Castle) - Scene (Final Fight)

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