Immortal Colossus, Pluto
Pluto raw
불멸의 거신, 플루토
(bulmyeol-ui geosin, peulluto)[i]
The first Dragon Buster created at the beginning of time, left behind to balance the world. Equipped with a Buster Sword and Buster Shield, capable of withstanding attacks of an absolute power.

General Stats
ATK 7502 DEF 8385
ATK SPD 5 HP 217616
Main Attributes
STR 3751 DEX 982
INT 982 STA 4759

General Stats
ATK 21004 DEF 21887
ATK SPD 5 HP 491728
Main Attributes
STR 10502 DEX 2749
INT 2749 STA 13325

General Stats
ATK 34508 DEF 35391
ATK SPD 5 HP 765840
Basic Stats
STR 17254 DEX 4517
INT 4517 STA 21891

Skill Preview
Pluto (Skills)00:28

Pluto (Skills)


Skill Effect Cooldown
Normal Attack Decreases enemy's DEF during normal attacks.
(Active 1)
Burning Boost
Creates great impact with Buster Shield.
Inflicts damages 3842% of ATK on 1 enemy and dispels all buffs. Pluto consumes buff from his passive skill to inflict more damages.
9.1 sec
(Active 2)
Hellbuster Smash
Buster Shield with flying ability can become a huge tornado at Pluto's will.
Inflicts 1976% damage on all enemies and stuns them for 9 sec.
18.7 sec
(Active 3)
Open Buster Shield
Defensive Pluto becomes impenetrable and protects the entire party.
Taunts all enemies and becomes invulnerable for 8 sec.
23.4 sec
(Passive 1)
Despite any damages, Pluto's gloves can recover to its original form.
Recovers by 5% of your total STA for 3 sec.
(Passive 2)
Reactive Armor Mode
Reactive Armor is Pluto's best defense.
Decreases 12% damage of all party members. Receives buff that increases Burning Boost's damages by 90% when Pluto is attacked. [Stacks up to 5 times]
(Passive ULT)
Aegis Shield
The Buster Shield is soaked in god's blood and is resurrected as a strong shield with a mirror's ability.
Increases your STA by 28% and casts a continuous effect buff that reflects 10% of damage when hit. [Stacks up to 5 times]. [CD: 3 sec]

Main article Key Adopted Passives

KR Warrior card
Awakened warrior icon flair Passive 1 Passive 2 Passive 3
Sword Training Physical Strenght Intensifed Rage
Unit Passive 1 Passive 2
Draco Deathcrown Icon Obligation x
Gaela the Fallen Icon x x
Storm Bear Icon Aesir's Blessing Vanir's Curse
Shadow Howl Icon x Rejection
Refuge King Gram Icon Uplifted Titan's Strength
Power Sword Ackard Icon The Ultimate Order x
Patta the Absolute Protector Icon Guardian Shield x
Brave King Karang Icon Hammer Hell Hammer Heaven
Destructive Azur Icon A warrior's Order Beast Penetration
Kronos Icon Intimidating the Kronos Inspiring Presence

Skill Explanation
Normal Attack [PHY/Melee/SG] Debuff stacks up to 2 times.
(Active 1)
Burning Boost
(Active 2)
Hellbuster Smash
[AOE] Now stuns with 100%.
(Active 3)
Open Buster Shield
(Passive 1)
Description can be misleading. Pluto will simply recover 5% of Pluto's STA every 3 sec. This effect is permanently active.
(Passive 2)
Reactive Armor Mode
(Passive ULT)
Aegis Shield

Enhancement Costs
Enhance State Stat Increase Ressources
+1 10% 15 essences (Light/Hero/Titan)
1 SSS Ally
500.000 Gold
+2 10% 15 essences (Light/Hero/Titan)
1 SSS Ally
600.000 Gold
+3 10% 15 essences (Light/Hero/Titan)
1 SSS Ally
700.000 Gold
+4 20% 30 essences (Light/Hero/Titan)
1 SSS Ally
800.000 Gold
+5 20% 30 essences (Light/Hero/Titan)
1 SSS Ally
1.000.000 Gold
+6 20% 30 essences (Light/Hero/Titan)
1 SSS Ally
1.200.000 Gold
+7 30% 45 essences (Light/Hero/Titan)
1 SSS Ally
1.400.000 Gold
+8 30% 45 essences (Light/Hero/Titan)
1 SSS Ally
1.700.000 Gold
+9 / MAX 30% 45 essences (Light/Hero/Titan)
1 SSS Ally
2.000.000 Gold
Total 180% Stat Increase 270 essences total
9 SSS Allies
9.900.000 Gold
+10 / MAX+1 30% 45 essences (Light/Hero/Titan)
2 SSS Ally
2.300.000 Gold
+11 / MAX+2 30% 45 essences (Light/Hero/Titan)
2 SSS Ally
2.600.000 Gold
+12 / MAX+3 30% 45 essences (Light/Hero/Titan)
2 SSS Ally
3.000.000 Gold
+13 / MAX+4 30% 45 essences (Light/Hero/Titan)
2 SSS Ally
3.400.000 Gold
+14 / MAX+5 30% 45 essences (Light/Hero/Titan)
2 SSS Ally
3.800.000 Gold
+15 / ULT 30% 60 essences (Light/Hero/Titan)
2 SSS Ally
4.000.000 Gold
Total 360% Stat Increase 555 essences total
21 SSS Allies
29.000.000 Gold

  • Pluto is also the name of the well known dwarf planet with the astronomical symbol , orbiting our sun.
  • In greek mythology Plouto is a nymph who gave birth to Tantalus with Zeus.
    Pluto is also the roman name of Hades, the God of the Underworld in greek mythology.

  • To sum up: Pluto wields the Buster Shield (later given the name Aegis, an important weapon in Greek mythology) and the Buster Sword. And the gloves are enchanted with ancient spells.
  • Pluto's shield and sword can be summoned individually, as shown by Draco Deathcrown in the lore.
    Pluto is also capable of flying.

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