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A healer of divine light who protects party members while punishing the enemy.

Description upon creating a new Priest.


Awakened Priest

Character priest


Old Game Ratings
ATK GoldstarGoldstarBlackstarBlackstarBlackstar
DEF GoldstarGoldstarGoldstarGoldstarBlackstar
Difficulty GoldstarGoldstarGoldstarGoldstarGoldstar
Main Attribute INT
Main-Hand Magic Wand
Off-Hand Magic Orb
Normal Attack Effect
Buff heal increase Recovers ally's HP during normal attack.
(Assumed to be 60%).

To awaken a Character, the player must undergo the "Awakened Quest", explained here.

Awakened Builds

0 0/13 14
10/X 10 8
Buster Passives
0 0 0

0 14/0 0
0 10 X
Buster Passives

Current Build Level: 102

X stands for preference

Build is a Wiki team recommendation, based on KR builds.

Active Skills

Priestactive1 Charming Light (MG/Ranged)
Enemy: X% damage
Ally:HP restored by X% of ATK.
Level 12345678910
Enemy 204%276%348%420%493%673%782%926%1143%1360%
Ally 53%72%91%110%129%167%205%243%300%357%
Cooldown 8 sec7.8 sec7.6 sec7.4 sec7.2 sec7 sec6.8 sec6.6 sec6.4 sec6.2 sec
SP.Req 0111122233
Lvl.Req 1234579131925
Priestult1 Charming Light Ultimate (MG/Ranged)
Enemy: X% damage, 50% Splash
Ally: HP restored by X% of ATK, 50% Splash
Level 111213
Enemy 1496%1632%1786%
Ally 393%429%465%
Cooldown 5.6 sec
SP.Req 555
Lvl.Req 35100100
Priestawaskill1 Charming Light Awakened (MG/Ranged)
All enmies: 1904% damage, 420% continuous damage every sec.
All allies: HP restored by 501% of ATK, 90% Heal every sec.
Cooldown 5.6 sec
Duration 3 sec
SP.Req 7
Lvl.Req 100

The skill's use will depend on who the Priest is targeting.

Priestactive2 Magnify!
Enhances a party member for X sec. ATK +X%, ATK Speed +37%.
Level 12345678910
Duration 6 sec7.2 sec8.4 sec9.6 sec10.8 sec12 sec13.2 sec14.4 sec15.6 sec16.8 sec
ATK 8%10%13%16%19%25%31%36%45%54%
ATK Speed 6%7%9%11%13%17%21%25%31%37%
Cooldown 28 sec
SP.Req 0111122233
Lvl.Req 567891113172329
Priestult2 Magnify! Ultimate
Enhances a party member for X sec. ATK +X%, ATK Speed +X%.
Level 111213
Duration 13.4 sec14.4 sec15.4 sec
ATK 54%59%64
ATK Speed 37%37%37%
Cooldown 28 sec
SP.Req 555
Lvl.Req 100100100
Priestawaskill2 Magnify! Awakened
Enhances the entire party for 16.4 sec. ATK +70%, ATK Speed +37%, STA +24%.
Cooldown 28 sec
SP.Req 7
Lvl.Req 100

Priestactive3 Guidance
Removes a party member's debuffs. Increases DEF by X% for 10 sec.
Level 12345678910
DEF 3%5%6%8%12%14%17%21%26%29%
Cooldown 11 sec10 sec9 sec8 sec7 sec6 sec5 sec4 sec3 sec2 sec
SP.Req 0111122233
Lvl.Req 10111213141618222834
Priestult3 Guidance Ultimate
Removes debuffs from the entire party and grants Immunity for self for 5 sec. Increases a party member's DEF by X% for 10 sec and grants Immunity.
Level 111213
DEF 32%36%39%
Cooldown 4 sec
SP.Req 555
Lvl.Req 40100100
Priestawaskill3 Guidance Awakened
Removes all party members' debuffs. Grants Immunity to yourself and party members. Increases DEF by 39% for 5 sec.
Cooldown 5 sec
SP.Req 7
Lvl.Req 100

Passive Skills

Priestpassive1 Bight Eyes
Increases HP Recovery by X% when Heal is used.
Level 12345678910
Heal 11%14%16%21%25%30%37%44%56%62%
SP.Req 1222333445
Lvl.Req 891012142026324150

Priestpassive2 Euphoria
Increases entire party's Immunity by X. Increases DEF by X%.
Level 12345678910
Immunity 691214192327323845
DEF 7%10%13%15%20%24%29%34%40%48%
SP.Req 1222333445
Lvl.Req 16171820222834404958

Priestpassive4 Become Smarter!
Increases INT by X%.
Level 12345678910
INT 9%12%16%19%25%30%36%43%50%60%
SP.Req 1222333445
Lvl.Req 24252628303642485766

Buster Passive Skills

Buster passives are only activated when the Key transformation/invocation occured. Despite its name, Buster Passives affect/are valid for all Key races.

Busterpassive1 Balance of Power
Power must be balanced.
All stats (STR, DEX, INT, STA) increase by X% after a Buster is summoned.
Level 12345678910
Main Attributes 5%7%10%13%16%xxx%xxx%xxx%xxx%xxx%
SP.Req 22233
Lvl.Req 100100101102103

Busterpassive2 Protection of Ancient Gods
God will always protect you.
Decreases damage received by X% after a Buster is summoned.
Level 12345678910
Reduction 4%5%7%9%12%xxx%xxx%xxx%xxx%xxx%
SP.Req 22233
Lvl.Req 100100101102103

Busterpassive3 Boden's Blessing
Only Boden's descendant receive the blessing of life.
Increases Max HP by X after Buster is summoned.
Level 12345678910
HP 216000297600379200501600624000
SP.Req 22233
Lvl.Req 100100101102103

Costumes and Fanart

Release Poster

Awakened Priest release poster

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