A healer of divine light who protects party members while punishing the enemy.

Description upon creating a new Priest.


Awakened Priest

Ally background card empty


Old Game Ratings
ATK GoldstarGoldstarBlackstarBlackstarBlackstar
DEF GoldstarGoldstarGoldstarGoldstarBlackstar
Difficulty GoldstarGoldstarGoldstarGoldstarGoldstar
Main Attribute INT
Main-Hand Magic Wand
Off-Hand Magic Orb
Normal Attack Effect
Transcended Recovers HP of one ally by 48% of ATK or inflict 100% damage to one enemy.
Awakened Recovers ally's HP during normal attack.
(Assumed to be 60%).

To awaken a Character, the player must undergo the "Awakened Quest", explained here.
Upon the Chapter 5 patch, all Characters are automatically Transcended.

Awakened Builds

13 0 14
10 10 4
Buster Passives
0 0 0

0 0 0
10 10 10
Buster Passives
6 4 4

Costumes and Fanart

Release Poster

Awakened Priest release poster

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