KR Referral 5

The Referral System (의뢰 시스템, uiloe siseutem) is the only method to Enhance Transcended Characters and reinforce their stats.
It was introduced to the Korean game version with the Chapter 5 patch.

Referral Scrolls

The necessary materials for the system are the Referral Scrolls which can exclusively obtained through the new Daily Dungeon's Wednesday stage.

There are 3 different scroll ranks, and they give the experience points required to enhance the main character.

Scroll Rank Usage Gained Exp
Referral Rank C
C Levels from 1 to 4 100
Referral Rank B
B Levels from 5 to 9 250
Referral Rank A
A Levels from 10 to 15 1125

Once a scroll is used, the played is transported to a dungeon where 1~4 waves of monsters must be fought. When the battle is over, the player is rewarded with experience points matching the rank of the scroll he used, and an additional reward (selected among shoes, tickets, golds or Jewels).


Superior rank scrolls can only be obtained by merging inferior rank scrolls.

  • 3 C-rank scrolls to obtain a B-rank scroll
  • 5 B-rank scrolls to obtain an A-rank scroll


Level Stats increase Required Exp
1 20% 600
2 40% 700
3 60% 800
4 80% 900
5 100% 1000
6 140% 1500
7 180% 1750
8 220% 2000
9 260% 2250
10 300% 2500
11 360% 6750
12 420% 7875
13 480% 9000
14 540% 10125
15 (Ultimate) 600% 11250

Upon reaching level 15, Characters will automatically obtain R (Overlord) Grade and the ability to activate Beat Up skill. This change was available after the SECOND IMPACT patch.

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