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You've polluted the Mountain's Spirit. Be gone!

The Raid Boss Shadowcrag can be found at the fourth area of Dragon's Landing. Entry requirement level for Players is Level 20-25 (Normal), 36-38 (Hero), 46-48 (Legend), 53-54(Myth) 

SSS Set Bonus & Effect Edit

An equipment set that was created through the energy of a powerful boulder according to myth


Entry Requirement: Lvl 20-25

HP:784191 (Myth)
Cragstone Set
2 Set Effect: Add Fire Damage +85.6

DEF Increase +136

4 Set Effect: Weapon ATK Increase +94

Boss Additional Damage +153.2

6 Set Effect: Weapon ATK Increase +94

EVA Increase +10.4

Raid Shop and Set Items


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