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The Tower of Validation (증명의 탑, jeungmyeongui tab), sometimes referred to as Tower of Trials, is a new PvE game mode introduced with the 06/06/16 - 3rd Buster Wave patch.

The Tower of Validation is a progress type game mode that keeps growing in size, much like Labyrinth.
The tower is made of multiple levels or floors.
The player starts from floor 1 and advances by clearing floors.
The floor must be complete before the player can move on. For that

  • there are no time limits
  • the monsters go into a rage mode in set intervals, which grants all monsters an ATK-increase buffs
  • the entire monster wave will respawn when the player was unable to finish off all monsters before he dies.

A party is made out of 4 Allies and 1 Character, with an optional Helper, which can be invoked for 60 sec, and a Helper-CD of another 60 sec.
The party will oppose 5 monsters on every floor, 1 of which represents the floor-Boss.
Every floor will have a "Boss Effect", which will be displayed in the main UI beforehand. These effects can be party-buffs (STR, DEX etc) or special abilites (Ability to transmutate). Once battling there is no way to see what the boss' effect is/was.


The rewards are the most important part of the Tower of Validation.
The rewards never reset, which means that there is also no way to claim the reward of a certain floor multiple times.

The rewards differ a lot between Buster and Hero League. Use the tabbers to navigate between them.
The rewards include, but are not exclusive to: Magic Scrolls for the Magic System, E Allies, Pets, Jewelry and much more.

Pet Reminder:

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