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Release Date GL 08.Aug.2017Release Date KR24.Nov.2016

Last EditUlt and Rebalance
Korean Name   Lore Desc.
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초월 폴라트레이시  
Tracy, the best hunter of all the Bodens, is the owner of Ursa, the king of the beasts. She uses her sharp vision to target enemies' weak points, quietly leading them to their deaths. She blasts away any enemies that come near her to the ends of the earth.
Weapon & Off-Hand  
Bow & Quiver  
Main Damage Type   Secondary Unit
PHY / Ranged   Ursa
Transcended Chaser Tracy

Transcended Chaser Tracy

Send them flying, Ursa!!
Normal Attack Effect
Increases Buff dexDEX for self.
Skill Details
not offical; Wiki explanation 
Her attacks are assumed to be PHY/Ranged/SG.

Transcended Chaser Tracy a1 Emblem of a Hunter (PHY/Ranged)
Chaser Tracy never misses her mark.
Inflicts 7113% damage on 1 enemy and marks them with "Emblem of a Hunter" for 6.8 seconds. All attacks on enemies with "Emblem of a Hunter" become critical hits, because it exposes their weaknesses. Also, "Emblem of a Hunter" cannot be removed and can only be given to 1 person on the battlefield. [CD: 8.6 sec]
Skill Details
not offical; Wiki explanation 
This skills mark is indicated as a potrait effect in the form of an Aim on the target.

Transcended Chaser Tracy a2 Explosive Land Mine (PHY/Melee)
Her explosive landmines can send enemies flying through the sky.
Installs an "Explosive Landmine" within the party's formation. "Explosive Landmines" are only activated when attacked by a Melee attack. It removes all buffs from 1 enemy and inflicts 9100% damage and has a 100% chance of blasting them through the air for 3 seconds, but only if the enemy is not a Boss-Type monster. Additionally, Chaser Tracy becomes Buff immunitycompletely immune for 8 seconds when she installs an "Explosive Landmine". [CD: 12.1 sec]
Skill Details
not offical; Wiki explanation 
Inflicts the same debuff icon as Striking Atlas, an Icon we still have to catch (please submit in the comments). The landmines are set in a triangle formation within the allied party.

Transcended Chaser Tracy a3 Forest Sniper (PHY/Ranged)
Shoot down enemies that have been blown away by a landmine.
Chaser Tracy quickly shoots down enemies sent flying max 5 times to ignore 20% of the enemy's DEF every 0.5 seconds to inflict 9600% damage. Becomes Buff immunitycompletely immune while using the Sniper skill [this skill] and does not recieve damage from enemies. This skill stops immediatly if the flying enemy is killed or if there are no flying enemies. [CD: 4.5 sec]
Skill Details
not offical; Wiki explanation 
The offical description can be misleading.
Once the skill is activated, for example through "Explosive Landmines", Chaser Tracy stands up on top of Ursa and ceases all other actions. During that state, she attacks those very enemies to inflict the mentioned % of damage. Every such attack occures every set 0.5 seconds, ignoring her ATK Speed.
The damage inflicted is semi-Piercing as it not fully ignores the target's Defense.
This is the only way that such enemies can be damaged while outside the screen.
The skill fails to note the effect for Boss-Type units: "Additioanlly, Boss-Type enemies will be attacked 5 times with 14800% damage instead." - unoffical wiki translation.


Transcended Chaser Tracy p1 Ursa's Nuclear Punch (PHY/Melee) [Trivia 1]
Ursa does not forgive enemies who dare to apprach her.
When Chaser Tracy is hit by a Melee attack, buffs are removed from 1 enemy at a set rate, inflicts 6932% damage, and blows enemies away for 3 seconds. The damage received by Chaser Tracy Buff crit dmg downdecreases by 30% for 9 seconds each time Ursa sends enemies flying. Can stack up to 3 times and cannot be removed. [CD: 5 sec]

Transcended Chaser Tracy p2 Nature's Blessing
Nature never fails to make Chaser Tracy feel good.
Increases all ally Buff dexDEX by 10% and decreases all enemy DEX by 30%. Also, your DEX increases by 10% for each Transcended Boden in your party. Additionally, all of Chaser Tracy's attacks becomes 100% accurate and detects hidden enemies.

Transcended Chaser Tracy pMax Pleasant Joke
Chaser Tracy installs 3 "Explosive Landmines" at once, and the damage inflicted by the landmines increases x2. Additionally, the Melee damage received by all party members decreases by 35%.

Transcended Chaser Tracy pUlt Hawkeye
Chaser Tracy's big, cute eyes ensure that she never misses her targets.
Enemies with the "Emblem of a Hunter" receive 50% more damage from Ranged attacks and damage of "Forest Sniper" skill is doubled. Also, decreases Melee damage on all party members by 35%.

Transcended Chaser Tracy pArch Explode!
Don't test Chaser Tracy's patience; she won't stand to see her friends suffer.
Enemies hit by "Traps" have all their buffs removed. Now ignores the enemies' Immunity and increases the chance of Traps being attacked. Traps are directly applied to Boss-Type Units and increases their exploding damage by three folds.

  • 1: Ursa's Nuclear Punch is a reference to Striking Atlas, who they share a skill type with.

Enhancement Costs
Units can be enhanced with 3 SSS Allies and a certain amount of essences. Enhancing succeeds with 100% chance. Reaching MAX enhancement state will unlock a 3rd Passive.

They can be limit broken up to 6 additional enhancement levels, upon which they can reach ULTIMATE enhancement state. This unlocks a 4th Passive for the unit.

They can then be limit broken 3 times further to reach the ARCH enhancement state and unlock a 5th and final Passive.

Enhance Level SSS Allies Essences Stats Gold
+1 3 20 20% 5.000.000
+2 3 20 20% 5.000.000
+3 3 20 20% 5.000.000
+4 3 30 40% 10.000.000
+5 3 30 40% 10.000.000
+6 3 30 40% 10.000.000
+7 3 40 60% 20.000.000
+8 3 40 60% 20.000.000
+9 (MAX) 3 40 60% 20.000.000
Total (Base to MAX) 27 270 360% 105.000.000
MAX+1 6 50 60% 30.000.000
MAX+2 6 60 50% 30.000.000
MAX+3 6 60 50% 30.000.000
MAX+4 6 60 50% 30.000.000
MAX+5 6 50 60% 30.000.000
MAX+6 (Ultimate) 6 70 60% 50.000.000
Total (Base to ULT) 63 590 720% 355.000.000
ULT+1 10 70 100% 50.000.000
ULT+2 10 70 100% 50.000.000
ULT+3 (ARCH) 10 90 100% 80.000.000
Total (Base to ARCH) 93 1180 1020% 535.000.000

With the Introduction of the INFINITY Patch Transcended Units are now enhanced with souls instead of SSS allies, and the total enhancement levels and costs have been lowered.

Enhance Level Souls Essences Stats Gold
+1 1 60 120% 20.000.000
+2 1 60 120% 30.000.000
+3 (MAX) 1 60 120% 40.000.000
Total (Base to MAX) 3 180 360% 90.000.000
MAX+1 1 60 120% 40.000.000
MAX+2 1 60 120% 50.000.000
MAX+3 (ULT) 1 60 120% 60.000.000
Total (Base to ULT) 6 360 720% 240.000.000
ULT+1 1 50 120% 60.000.000
ULT+2 1 50 120% 80.000.000
ULT+3 (ARCH) 2 70 60% 100.000.000
Total (Base to ARCH) 10 530 1020 480.000.000

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