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Kr patch tkey fragments

The Transcended Equipment System (초월장비 시스템, chowoljangbi siseutem) is advanced equipment gained from the new Saturday Daily Dungeon.

By defeating Falcon as the boss in that new daily dungeon stage, players can earn fragments of that transcended equipment at random.

In the Workshop, players can then upgrade 30 pieces of those fragments with the cost of 30 Transcended Essences to a real equipment piece, which also inherts a Magic Effect at random.

Kr patch transcended smith location
Kr patch transcended equipment creation

There are 9 different pieces of transcended fragments. They can then be equipped to the players real equipment also through the Workshop (a tab above the combine; see image)

Kr patch transcended equipment equip

The real equipment will then inherit the corresponding effect, listed below in the tables. Shields can only be equipped to shields and wand fragments only to magic wands, and so forth.

Kr patch transcended equipment finished

The fragments can also be deequipped in the Workshop under a different menu.

Equipment Type Special Effect (@ +0) Effect Coverage
Longsword 100% additional damage each 3rd hit. Single
Dagger 100% bleed damage for 10 seconds every 3rd critical hit. Single
Bow 100% additional damage each 3rd critical hit. AOE
Wand 300% additional damage each 10th hit. Single
Magic Wand 15% INT increase for 10 seconds every 10th hit. Single
Shield Protective shield equal to 10% of STA. None
Arrow 100% additional damage every 10th hit arrow. Single
Magic Orb 10 times chance to inflict 100% additional damage after a skill cast. Single
Orb 10 times chance to continuously recover HP by 30% after a skill cast. Single
italic written equipment are questionable. There seems to be a distinguish between Orb/Wands from Mages and Priests. Additionally, "Arrow" could be the Quiver, but all of that is questionable nonetheless. If you know, comment below.

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