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Release Date GL 25.Apr.2017Release Date KR08.Sept.2016

Last EditUp to date Lv108
Korean Name   Lore Desc.
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초월 그라엘  
Gaela, the fallen angel, is the strongest of the Septem Archangeli and is the only one who can fight against Greysoul on the same level. She uses the bloodthirsty Bloodstained Coral to use moves that are like the Speed of Light. Her sword never misses a target and can cut through anything.
Weapon & Off-Hand  
Longsword & Longsword  
Main Damage Type   Secondary Unit
PHY / Melee   None

General Stats
ATK 86022 DEF 86189
ATK SPD 36 HP 3613144
Main Attributes
STR 43011 DEX 14334
INT 8962 STA 112733

General Stats
ATK 395700 DEF 395867
ATK SPD 36 HP 16599960
Main Attributes
STR 197850 DEX 65936
INT 41225 STA 518571

General Stats
ATK 756992 DEF 757159
ATK SPD 36 HP 31751288
Main Attributes
STR 378496 DEX 126139
INT 78865 STA 992050

My sword never misses!
Normal Attack Effect
Sends enemy flying when normal attack is used.
Skill Details
not offical Wiki explanation 
Her normal attack is assumed to be PHY/Melee/SG. Causes enemies to be knocked up, resulting for a brief immobilization during the time the unit is mid air. Actually a set rate.

Transcended Gaela a1 Flash of Light (PHY/Melee)
Doesn't miss the chance. and cuts through the enemy by moving at the speed of light.
Only activates when an enemy or Boss type enemy is in the air and inflicts 6196% damage on 1 enemy. [Cooldown: 7.9 sec]

Transcended Gaela a2 Bloody Dance (PHY/Melee)
The Bloodstained Coral is thirsting for more blood.
Inflicts 3254% damage that becomes critical and removes all clones and summons. [Cooldown: 19.3 sec]

Transcended Gaela a3 Turn over a New Leaf
The title of the strongest sword motivates her to become more powerful.
For 10 seconds, increases Buff atk spdATK Speed by 107%. All debuffs on Gaela are dispelled every second. [Cooldown: 16.6 sec]


Transcended Gaela p1 Sword Dance
Creates a 'Sword Dance' buff with a set rate whenever Gaela attacks. Sword Dance buff increases Buff base atkATK by 106% for 5 seconds and stacks up to 7 times. The buff will not be dispelled when the enemy dispels positive effects.
Skill Details
not offical Wiki explanation 
The buff will apply even when the attacks [MISS] or are otherwise not successful for example through invurlnablity shields. Each stack is only represented by an "ATK Increase" Buff Icon in the buff bar. Counting them can tell the player how many stacks Gaela is currently at.

Transcended Gaela p2 Clean Heart
Gaela's pure heart resists the corruption of the Bloodstained Coral.
Decreases Buff strSTR of all enemies by 30%. Increases Buff strSTR by 10% for each Septem Archangeli in the team. Increases effect that decreases damage received by 1% when Gaela's HP decreases by 1%.
Skill Details
not offical Wiki explanation 
The first part of this passive will influence ennemy helper allies as well. The second part of this passive takes into account your helper allies as well. This additional buff applies to self.

Transcended Gaela p3 Phantom Dance
Phantom Dance' activates when 'Sword Dance' stacks up to 7 times. For 8 sec, Sword Dance increases Buff atk spdATK Speed by 102%, increases Buff base atkATK by 1000%, and increases Buff base atkATK by 60% when attacking. Gains Buff immunityImmunity when Sword Dance effect is active, removes all debuffs when attacking, and all of Gaela's attacks become 100% Critical and does not miss. Duration of Phantom Dance increases by 2 seconds when Gaela kills an enemy while Phantom Dance is active.
Skill Details
not offical Wiki explanation 
Transcended Gaela max passive potrait visual
Phantom Dance active state is indicated also through the potrait. In the buff bar it is represented by the "Vanish" Buff Icon.

Transcended Gaela p4 Perfect Shot Chance
Currently not in the Global version.
Every time an ally dies, gains one "Sword" buff. Additionally increases the length of Wild Sword Dance by 2 seconds, stacking up to nine times. Also, when attacking Boss-Type units normal attacks will grant "Sword" buffs with 100% certainty.

Transcended Gaela p5 Placeholder
Each time Gaela kills an enemy, increase her Piercing damage by 192% for 24 seconds. Stacks up to seven times and is immune to dispel.

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Enhancement Costs
Units can be enhanced with 3 SSS Allies and a certain amount of essences. Enhancing succeeds with 100% chance. Reaching MAX enhancement state will unlock a 3rd Passive.

They can be limit broken up to 6 additional enhancement levels, upon which they can reach ULTIMATE enhancement state. This unlocks a 4th Passive for the unit.

Enhance Level SSS Allies Essences Stats Gold
+1 3 20 20% 5.000.000
+2 3 20 20% 5.000.000
+3 3 20 20% 5.000.000
+4 3 40 40% 10.000.000
+5 3 40 40% 10.000.000
+6 3 40 40% 10.000.000
+7 3 60 60% 20.000.000
+8 3 60 60% 20.000.000
+9 (MAX) 3 60 60% 20.000.000
MAX+1 6 60 60% 30.000.000
MAX+2 6 60 60% 30.000.000
MAX+3 6 60 60% 30.000.000
MAX+4 6 60 60% 30.000.000
MAX+5 6 60 60% 30.000.000
MAX+6 (Ultimate) 6 100 60% 50.000.000
Total 63 760 720% 355.000.000

Enhancing Transcended has become easier since the Chapter 5 Patch, reducing total Transcended Essence needed from Base to ULTIMATE.

Enhance Level SSS Allies Required (No change) Previous Essence Requirement New Essence Requirement
1 3 20 20
2 3 20 20
3 3 20 20
4 3 40 30
5 3 40 30
6 3 40 30
7 3 60 40
8 3 60 40
9 (MAX) 3 60 40
10 6 60 50
11 6 60 50
12 6 60 50
13 6 60 50
14 6 60 50
15 (Ultimate) 6 100 70
Total 63 760 590
Arch Enhances Essences Gold SSS % Increase
ULT+1 70 50mio 10 100%
ULT+2 70 50mio 10 100%
ARCH 90 80mio 10 100%

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