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Release Date GL 30.Mar.2017Release Date KR08.Aug.2016

Last EditUp to date Lv111
Korean Name   Lore Desc.
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초월 그레이소울  
Greysoul, the strongest swordsman and the god of war, is the owner of the Soul Sword, which can cut the soul of the living being. He uses Dark Celestial and a soul that is cut by the Soul Sword is annihilated. His swords can even cut a star in half.
Weapon & Off-Hand  
Dagger & Dagger  
Main Damage Type   Secondary Unit
PHY / Ranged   Alter Ego/Clone

General Stats
ATK 65644 DEF 11541
ATK SPD 57 HP 1534972
Main Attributes
STR 5339 DEX 32822
INT 4540 STA 47789

General Stats
ATK 301962 DEF 49981
ATK SPD 57 HP 7040252
Main Attributes
STR 24559 DEX 150981
INT 20884 STA 219829

General Stats
ATK 577666 DEF 94829
ATK SPD 57 HP 13463100
Main Attributes
STR 46983 DEX 288833
INT 39952 STA 420543

Hehe, here comes the hero. [Trivia 1]
Normal Attack Effect
Grants Debuff green skull"Elimination" debuff with normal attack. Kills an enemy that has 4 Debuff green skullElimination debuffs and inflicts additional damage on Boss-type enemies instead of killing them.
Skill Details
not offical Wiki explanation 
His attacks are assumed to be PHY/Ranged/SG.
His instant kill ignores the Transcended's trait to not be killed by instant deaths, except for those that are immune to instant death through passives.
"Elmination" debuffs last for 9 seconds.

Transcended Greysoul a1 Dark Celestial Soul Slash (PHY/Melee)
Greysoul cuts down his enemies at the speed of light.
Dispels positive effects of 1 enemy and inflicts 6034% damage. Kills with 33% chance for each Debuff green skull"Elimination" debuff. Inflicts 4x damage on Boss-type enemies. [CD: 19.4 sec]
Skill Details
not offical Wiki explanation 
For all such skills: The base chance for an instant kill by one of his skills is 33%. Each already inflicted Debuff green skullElimination debuff increases this chance by another 33%. This means, when used on targets with 2 debuff stacks, the chance to instantly kill them is 66%, 99% when 3 debuffs were inflicted. Consequently, 4 debuffs would exceed 100% chance, thus instantly killing any enemy, as the normal attack effect describes.
Debuffs seem to be consumed whenever a skill is used upon targets inflicted with them.

Transcended Greysoul a2 Dark Celestial Spirit Destruction (PHY/Ranged)
Dark Celestial Spirit Destruction cuts down the living's soul and erases its very existence.
Inflicts 3486% damage to all enemies. Kills with 33% chance for each Debuff green skull"Elimination" debuff. Inflicts 4x damage on Boss-type enemies instead of killing them. [CD: 24.1 sec]

Transcended Greysoul a3 Dark Celestial Spirit
The skill, Dark Celestial Spirit, name is named after him.
Summons a clone for 14 sec and is not hit by any attacks for 1 sec. When summoning a clone, inflicts Buff purple damage209% additional fixed damage on the enemy and stacks up to 3 times while sharing the received damage with the clone. Additionally, the clone moves differently from Greysoul and is not affected by the enemy's attack. [CD: 15 sec]
Skill Details
not offical Wiki explanation 
"Clones" behave similarly to Draco Greysoul IconDraco Greysoul's summon. They attack, cast skills, trigger weapon effects for themselves and get affected by auras/party buffs or stat debuffs, independently of TGS. However, they should also stop actions whenever TGS is stunned. Also, they actually do not have a HP bar on their own.
How his received damage is shared between the Summons is not mentioned.
They seem to inflict the Debuff green skullElimination debuff as well.
The skill cast will grant Greysoul Piercing damage.


Transcended Greysoul p1 Soul-Containing Blade
Shocking Soul Blade becomes shaper as Greysoul cuts down his enemies.
Greysoul's normal attack removes 1 positive effect from the enemy he attacks and inflicts 3x additional damage Boss-type enemy. Also, Greysoul never dies from an instant death skill.
Skill Details
not offical Wiki explanation 
Invulnerability shields are either not affected by the buff removal or/and his buff removal hits with a low chance.

Transcended Greysoul p2 God of War
It's good that Greysoul, the god of war and the world's strongest swordsman, is on our side.
Increases all allies' Buff dexDEX by 30%. Additionally increases Buff dexDEX by 10% for each Transcended Quinque Draco in the party.
Skill Details
not offical Wiki explanation 
The first part of this passive will influence helper allies as well. The second part of this passive takes into account the helper allies as well. This additional buff applies to self.

Transcended Greysoul p3 Soul Looter
Greysoul, the Soul Bandit, becomes stronger when he takes away his enemies' souls.
Greysoul can summon up to 3 clones and resets cooldown of "Dark Celestial Spirit" when enemy is killed.

Transcended Greysoul p4 Soul Collector
(Currently not in the Global version.)
Gains 70% Buff boss damageBoss Damage for self and increases the duration of "Alter Egos" by 5 seconds. Additionally, each time an enemy dies, Greysoul increases his Buff base atkATK by 133%, Buff atk spdATK Speed by 6% and gains 22% Buff purple damagePiercing damage for 38 seconds. Stacks up to 10 times.

Transcended Greysoul p5 Placeholder
The method how the strongest man on earth gets four times stronger is simple.
Invokes two additional "Clones" during "Dark Celestial Decree" (3rd). Increases the maximum amount of "Clones" to four. Additionally, increase the random additional damage of entire allied party by 42%.

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  • 1: As the GL version decided to derive with his quote from its original Korean version (후훗. 주인공 등장이다., Hehe, here comes the main character.) Greysoul now features two quotes. The one used on this page represents his KR one. His GL one is as follows:
    Fashionably late, I know.

Enhancement Costs
Units can be enhanced with 3 SSS Allies and a certain amount of essences. Enhancing succeeds with 100% chance. Reaching MAX enhancement state will unlock a 3rd Passive.

They can be limit broken up to 6 additional enhancement levels, upon which they can reach ULTIMATE enhancement state. This unlocks a 4th Passive for the unit.

Enhance Level SSS Allies Essences Stats Gold
+1 3 20 20% 5.000.000
+2 3 20 20% 5.000.000
+3 3 20 20% 5.000.000
+4 3 40 40% 10.000.000
+5 3 40 40% 10.000.000
+6 3 40 40% 10.000.000
+7 3 60 60% 20.000.000
+8 3 60 60% 20.000.000
+9 (MAX) 3 60 60% 20.000.000
MAX+1 6 60 60% 30.000.000
MAX+2 6 60 60% 30.000.000
MAX+3 6 60 60% 30.000.000
MAX+4 6 60 60% 30.000.000
MAX+5 6 60 60% 30.000.000
MAX+6 (Ultimate) 6 100 60% 50.000.000
Total 63 760 720% 355.000.000

Enhancing Transcended has become easier since the Chapter 5 Patch, reducing total Transcended Essence needed from Base to ULTIMATE.

Enhance Level SSS Allies Required (No change) Previous Essence Requirement New Essence Requirement
1 3 20 20
2 3 20 20
3 3 20 20
4 3 40 30
5 3 40 30
6 3 40 30
7 3 60 40
8 3 60 40
9 (MAX) 3 60 40
10 6 60 50
11 6 60 50
12 6 60 50
13 6 60 50
14 6 60 50
15 (Ultimate) 6 100 70
Total 63 760 590
Arch Enhances Essences Gold SSS % Increase
ULT+1 70 50mio 10 100%
ULT+2 70 50mio 10 100%
ARCH 90 80mio 10 100%

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