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Release Date GL 07.Jun.2017Release Date KR29.Sept.2016

Last EditUlt and Rebalance
Korean Name   Lore Desc.
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초월 마카엘  
Mikaela, vanguard of the Septem Archangeli, has reached the climax of naught and is invincible seeker of truth. Mikaela's guardian has the power to destroy anything and only follows her will.
Weapon & Off-Hand  
Dagger & Dagger  
Main Damage Type   Secondary Unit
PHY / Melee   Guardian
Transcended Mikaela01:17

Transcended Mikaela

I'll gladly accept your challange
Normal Attack Effect
Casts the Debuff reflect damageSelf-inflict debuff on enemies that makes them receive a certain amount of damage that they have inflicted.
Skill Details
not offical; Wiki explanation 
Her attacks are believed to be PHY/Melee. She can stack 1 buff on the target.

Transcended Mikaela a1 Fist of the White Lotus (PHY/Melee) [Trivia 2]
She has reached the climax of naught and her martial arts destroys the enemy without mercy.
Dispels positive effect of 1 enemy and inflicts 6810% damage. Enemy that is hit by attack is stunned with 100% chance for 8 seconds. [CD: 16.3 sec]
Skill Details
not offical; Wiki explanation 
This skill hits with 100% Accuracy.

Transcended Mikaela a2 Wind of the Tiger and Dragon (PHY/Melee)
Pierces through the enemy by putting all that power in to the one punch.
Inflicts 3652% damage on all enemies and casts Debuff reflect damageself-inflict debuff for 12 seconds. Enemies with the debuff receives 35% of the damage that it dealt. [CD: 21.6 sec]

Transcended Mikaela a3 Challenge
Mikaela is preparing herself for a challenge.
Mikaela's Buff base atkATK increases by 447%, Buff atk spdATK Speed increases by 109%, inflicts 224% Buff purple damageadditional fixed damage damage, and inflicts 364% Buff boss damageBoss damage[, all for 12 seconds]. Decreases Buff crit dmg downdamage received by 67%, and gains Buff immunityimmunity.
When Mikaela ends her preparation, she Debuff tauntselects 1 enemy and removes its debuffs and concealment [= vanish] to have a 1:1 battle. All others will stop acting during battle. [CD: 29 sec]
Skill Details
not offical; Wiki explanation 
About her time stopping ability:
Generally, all units will be stopped, enemy or ally and affected units are labeled with the "restriction" portrait effect. Key Units that are activated at the exact moment of her skill can "slip" past her restriction and fight just as usual. They can even kill Mikaela or her "victim" to end the time-freeze. It also seems like invincibility can prevent units from being affected by the time-freeze. However, the restriction cannot be lifted with "cleanse" or "full immunity" by units that are still able to move.
Cooldowns will continue to tick during this state.
Does not stop time in World Boss battles.
She only uses normal attacks during the battle.


Transcended Mikaela p1 Beauty of Demolition
Mikaela's guardian only follows her will. He is created by Mikaela's impetus to struggle.[Trivia 1]
The guardian is not affected by any skills that affect summons.
It inflicts 100% damage when Mikaela uses a normal attack. Inflicts 3319% damage when "Fist of the White Lotus" is used, and inflicts 2030% damage when "Wind of the Tiger and Dragon" is used. If Mikaela wins the battle ["Challange"], increases Buff purple damagefixed damage by 287% and cooldown recovery speed by 50% for 12 seconds. Also, the defeated enemy will not be able to use its activated skill [=Death Passives].
Skill Details
not offical; Wiki explanation 
"[N]ot affected by any skills that affect summons." specifically refers to summon removal skills in the original Korean description.
About the 100% normal attack damage in her passive: The Guardian inflicts all normal attack damage she inflicts (including piercing damage) wich would make it identical to Stigma IconStigma's Ultimate Passive.
Her Guardian is the blue entity like unit behind her, believed to be the embodiment of her maximum potential. He is always present and does not have a duration or able to be removed. He acts like Shadow Howl IconShadow Howl's hound.

Transcended Mikaela p2 Extreme Body
Mikaela's strong sexy legs makes the men's hearts flutter.
Decreases DEX of all enemies by 30%. Increases DEX by 10% for each Septem Archangeli [in the party]. Also, Life Steals 30% of damage that Mikaela inflicts on the enemy.
Skill Details
not offical; Wiki explanation 
The first part of this passive will influence ennemy helper allies as well. The second part of this passive takes into account your helper allies as well. This additional buff applies to self.

Transcended Mikaela p3 Ki Barrier [Trivia 3]
She has trained her body and soul through training.
Mikaela's close-range [Melee] received damage decreases by 50% and inflicts 500% additional fixed damage on all attacks.

Transcended Mikaela p4 God of Destruction
The fists of the God of Destruction show no mercy.
Normal attacks have a chance to Debuff silencesilence enemies for 3 seconds. Also, when Mikalea recevies MG damage, her PHY ATK increases by 25% and the magic damage she receives decreases by 10% for 9 seconds. This buff cannot be removed. [CD: 2 sec]
Skill Details
not offical; Wiki explanation 
The buffs do not stack.

Transcended Mikaela p5 Destructive Stamp
(Not yet used in GL)
Hitting "Challenge" on a non-Boss Type enemy now causes them to receive 60% of health (which is unclear, likely theirs) as damage. Inflicts a debuff which prevents HP recovery and increases Mikaela's gained ATK by additional 70% for 23 seconds.

  • 1: The word (투기, tugi) is being used. Here it is an acronym for the proverb with North Korean origins (투쟁하려는 기세, ~The impetus to struggle), as Mikaela is always challanging herself to strenghten her body and unlock her maximum potential. The "Guardian" or "Embodiment of that spirit" represents that as she has finally achieved it. naver dictionary
  • 2: Appears to be a reference to one of the various Shaolin styles. There are two weblinks worth to read. w:c:ko.mythology:권법 and
  • 3: Good Self Defense is only a loose translation. (호신강기, Honjin Kang]]) is a barrier around the body that is achieved through heights of martial arts. weblink to read on

Enhancement Costs
Units can be enhanced with 3 SSS Allies and a certain amount of essences. Enhancing succeeds with 100% chance. Reaching MAX enhancement state will unlock a 3rd Passive.

They can be limit broken up to 6 additional enhancement levels, upon which they can reach ULTIMATE enhancement state. This unlocks a 4th Passive for the unit.

Enhance Level SSS Allies Essences Stats Gold
+1 3 20 20% 5.000.000
+2 3 20 20% 5.000.000
+3 3 20 20% 5.000.000
+4 3 30 40% 10.000.000
+5 3 30 40% 10.000.000
+6 3 30 40% 10.000.000
+7 3 40 60% 20.000.000
+8 3 40 60% 20.000.000
+9 (MAX) 3 40 60% 20.000.000
MAX+1 6 50 60% 30.000.000
MAX+2 6 60 50% 30.000.000
MAX+3 6 60 50% 30.000.000
MAX+4 6 60 50% 30.000.000
MAX+5 6 50 60% 30.000.000
MAX+6 (Ultimate) 6 70 60% 50.000.000
Total 63 590 720% 355.000.000

Enhancing Transcended has become easier since the Chapter 5 Patch, reducing total Transcended Essence needed from Base to ULTIMATE.

Enhance Level SSS Allies Required (No change) Previous Essence Requirement New Essence Requirement
1 3 20 20
2 3 20 20
3 3 20 20
4 3 40 30
5 3 40 30
6 3 40 30
7 3 60 40
8 3 60 40
9 (MAX) 3 60 40
10 6 60 50
11 6 60 50
12 6 60 50
13 6 60 50
14 6 60 50
15 (Ultimate) 6 100 70
Total 63 760 590
Arch Enhances Essences Gold SSS % Increase
ULT+1 70 50mio 10 100%
ULT+2 70 50mio 10 100%
ARCH 90 80mio 10 100%

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