Hi friends! I'll be filling in for Browse some, and my patch note recaps are a lot more bare bones but hopefully we can work with it.

This week's update is pretty simple – the post will be updated if I get more details.

  • The Calydon 1.5x event is back so take advantage of it and farm away!
  • 1+1 Ruby purchase (110k won pack)
  • The Golden Knight/Super U gem pack is still available

Special Events include

  • 5 Transcended Essences for logging in (1x/day)
  • Use 100 get 10 shoes (Unlimited!)
  • Use 100 get 10 tickets (Unlimited!)
  • Do 2 tag matches for 2 SSS gems (1x/day)
  • Do Revenge of Belphegor once for 3 Essence selects (1x/day)
« Make sure to read the other news of today about Chapter 5 (stats, rebalance, character talk etc) User_blog:Browseitall/29/Mar/17_-_Informative_Letter_from_the_Devs_about_Chapter_5

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