Kr patch arc buster banner

"Limitless Changes"

Wiki-wordmark Note that this is just a teaser. More information will come as it is released.

Details from more patch notes can be expected after the first event period is over, presumably 16th/18th July.

New Features/Updates

New storySwordright

Kr patch tkey new story

Farming changes – Burning Gauge systemSwordright

Kr patch tkey farming

Farming system to reduce the fatigue during farming sessions and still gurantee high efficeny in a short amount of time.

It will be automatically applied when farming in normal (Adventure?) dungeons.

  • Significant gold acquisition increase
  • Significant ally acquisition increase
  • Item drop rate increase

Are presumably effects of it.

The gauge seems to replace the old XP bar at the bottom of the screen.

Ark BusterSwordright

Kr patch tkey arc buster

"The Guardian of Odin"

Ark Buster (아크 버스터, akeu beoseuteo or Arc Buster, even Arch Buster) Appearance

Archangel transforms into a giant robot fused with the power of Odin

10 pilots pilot an Arc Buster and engage a battle with a space monster. He will be handed out to all players.

(Assumed Space Monster:)

Kr patch dragon from tkey preview

Reminder that we have seen the Ark Buster already. Here is a commercial with a good shot of the ship from Chapter 5. Compare the two and you will notice that they seem to be a transformation of one another.

Kr patch commercial
Kr patch tkey arc buster

That is also backed off by the promotion video where said transformation can be seen.

Seven forgotten fragmentsSwordright

Kr patch tkey fragments

Pass the test of Falcon!

7 ancient pieces of equipment. No further details.

« Make sure to read the Pre-Patch notes for further details on all these points, when the post is finihsed.

Update Rewards

Four yes four

Event 1Swordright

Missions for all players to gain additional tickets include:

  • [all]
  • [new]
    • 1 Ultimate Transcended through a special mission
    • 1 Ultimate Transcended through attendance
  • [returning] (min. 30d)
    • 1 Ultimate Transcended through a special mission

Event 2Swordright

From 05/Jul~31/Jul

Social network comments. Nothing of interest for non Korean players, unfortunatly. 5000 random commentors will receive 100 Transcended Essences.

Promotion Video

Promotion Preview Transcended Keys

Promotion Preview Transcended Keys