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    May 19, 2016 by BlazingKey

    Hello, This is BlazingKey or Key for short. I made this so that all the people in my guild could see this and hopefully use this place to talk and such. If you're wondering about the name well this is the 3rd guild I've been in. They were called EliteFour and EliteGuard in that order. The reason i'm in a 3rd guild is well... our leads eventually became inactive with us unable to do anything about it but to make a new guild so to honor our guild. A guild member who I won't name because I dunno if he/she wants to be named were thinking of names. I jokingly said "Key'sHarem" in the chat and that person said "EliteHarem" which I laughed and thought "If I'm gonna make a guild why not go with a name like that?" So that's how the name started. No…

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