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  • Browseitall

    This patch brings us:

    • Guide for daily rewards
    • Improved ally management, now with icons instead of buttons
    • Package-only Store

    Original patch notes can be found here.

    New Features

    • A button [접속 보상] was added to the lobby which shows a simple pop up window with the daily rewards.
    • All buttons in the ally inventory have been replaced. Additionally, the buttons [Skill Enhance] and [Level Up] were removed from the ally lobby
    • A shop button exclusive for payment packages has been added.


    • Tag Match AI enemies will now appear during low-Queue times (such as right after reset). Those enemies will apparently be easy to beat.
    • Reduced the number of mobs in the Tue and Thu Daily Dungeon
    • They replaced all old buff icons that pop up (compare: CDR animation icon). …

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  • Browseitall

    This patch brings us

    • Two new Retention Effects
    • New Coin Shop Accessories

    Original patch notes can be found here.

    Retention Effects Here are the two new additions to the Retention System. We also added them to the Retention Effects article.

    The target is one Effect Base MAX ULT
    Increases Single Target Damage 13 39 66

    Genocide Effect Base MAX ULT
    Increases AOE Damage 11 33 55
    Note: The values are probably supposed to be percentages instead of flat increases; recheck post-patch.

    Shop Items New Accessories will be added to the Coin Shop and old ones will then be avaible for a lower priece (exact cost reduction not mentioned).

    U Grade

    • 1+1 Event from 11/May ~ 18/May
    • This is not another two free Transcended tickets, but just an extension of the event that w…

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  • Browseitall

    The posts are more directions and information from the devs themselves than they are patch notes, including a Q&A and teases. Very interesting points are

    • Improvement of Stats
    • Teases
    • Q&A

    Original notes can be found here.

    The notes begin with a sentimental tone. It goes along the lines of gratitude for keeping up with the game and being emotional while looking back at the game's start roughly 3 years ago.

    Stat improvement Flint mentions that due to the game's long run time, during which a lot of changes, new features and ally improvements have happened, the limit for some Stats has been reached.
    They mention ATK Speed, Critical stats and so forth, and truth to be told, as the Critical Damage cap is currently at 1000% in Korea, they cannot raise the…

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  • Browseitall

    An event page with the previously teased new commercial has been launched. The professional commercial features an actor named Yu Hea Jin.

    Pre-Register rewards You can find a guide how to pre-reg on Dragon Blaze Wikia:Korean Hub#How_to_Pre-register

    • Event 1
      • 10 SSS Ally Summons for Pre-Registering
        • +1 for inviting 2 friends on Kakaotalk, +2 more for inviting 5 friends on Kakao talk (successfully)
    • Event 2
      • Login between 4/11 - 5/10 and receive TWO Draco/Angels/Boden Transcended Selects! (Or 15 SSS and 150 Essence Selects instead of a Trans. Select)
    • Event 3
      • Share the video on Facebook and enter your Account ID to be put into a drawing. 1000 Players will receive 30 Essence Selects

    Notes: http://c…

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  • Browseitall

    This patch brings us:

    • Last Transcended Hero

    Original patch notes can be found here.

    Transcended Tiel

    1. Judgment of Light (/Ranged) (Active 1)
      Inflicts 4081% damage to one enemy and inflicts the "Judgment" debuff for 12.7 seconds. Affected enemies suffer 1600% additional damage every time they are hit (Read Notes). When allies attack the marked enemy, they inflict 900% splash damage. [CD: 9.3 sec]
    2. Fury of God (/Ranged) (Active 2)
      Inflicts 4081% damage to entire enemy party and removes their buffs. Stuns the target for 12 seconds and increases its AOE damage received by 40%. Additionally, when a already stunned enemy is hit, this skill's stun hits with 100% certainty, and inflicts 2 times its damage. [CD: 19.2 sec]
    3. Protection of Light (Active 3)
      Grants a …

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