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    This patch brings us:

    • Rebalance for Atlas, Greysoul and Ravengale
    • Guild content buffs
    • Bellos difficulty reduction

    Original patch notes can be found here.

    Rebalance In the recent rebalance poll Transcended Atlas, Transcended Greysoul and Transcended Ravengale won, which means they receive a rebalance with buffs this upcoming patch.

    Transcended Atlas

    Skill Original Revised
    1st Inflicts 1549% damage to one enemy and knocks it out for 8 seconds (compare: Atlas). If she hits a target with the "Airborne" debuff, the knockout is inflicted with 100% Accuracy. This skill is not affected by Debuff Resistance. Inflicts twice its damage to Boss-Type units. [CD: 11.3 sec] Inflicts 1549% damage to one enemy and knocks it out for 8 seconds (compare: Atl…

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  • Browseitall

    This patch brings us:

    • Challenger Dungeon new game mode
    • Tag Match changes
    • Material Bag
    • Darkness Scrolls changes
    • more

    Original patch notes can be found here.

    Challenger Dungeon

    The Challenger Dungeon is a new PvE game mode added to the Challenge Gorge (with Orc's Fort and Nightmare) in Korea's 10th August 2017 Patch.
    Its similarities are extremely high to any regular Adventure Dungeon, difference being the increased drop rate and difficulty in the Challenger Dungeon.

    The game mode challenges the player with the same dungeon bosses and stages as their Adventure counterpart. Upon its release, only 22 of Chapter 1's dungeons were added.
    The difficulty of said bosses is greatly increased, however.

    It also features increased drop rate for items (essences include…

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  • Browseitall

    This patch brings us

    • Transcended Dione and Perses
    • Chapter 4 difficulty merge

    Original patch notes can be found here.

    Transcended Dione

    Lore text:

    1. Blood Stigma (/Melee) (Active 1)
      Inflict 1581% damage to one enemy and the "Stigma of Berserker" for 8.4 seconds. Dione inflicts 3x damage on an enemy inflicted with the Stigma. Additionally, the Stigma increases the damage received by the target for 58%. [CD: 17 sec]
    2. Bloody (/Melee) (Active 2)
      Increases Dione's damage by 62% and grants 502% damage for 10.6 seconds. All attacks on an enemy inflict a bleed debuff that is immune to dispel. The bleed debuff inflicts 492% damage for 9.3 seconds, stacking up to 5 times. [CD: 22.2 sec]
    3. Inner Rage (Active 3)
      Increases ATK by 840%, ATK Speed by 27% and recovers 2…

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  • Browseitall

    This patch brings us:

    • 5-2 Raid
    • Various reward adjustments
    • New Retention Effect

    Original patch notes can be found here.

    5.2 Raid

    Bellos the ancient protector of the forest and true owner of the land is the raid boss for the second area of Chapter 5 and brings forth the level 126 equipment.

    Stat Bonus as follows:
    2 Set Effect:
    Weapon ATK Increase +5285
    Accuracy Increase +301.0
       4 Set Effect:
    Critical Damage Increase +560.0
    Max HP Increase +287009
       6 Set Effect:
    Def Penetration Increase +371.0
    ATK Speed Increase +48

    Added to Raid.

    World Boss Buffs

    1. As the recently released Erebos World Boss rewards greatly more resources than the remaining modes, Flint plans to adjust the reward ladders with this patch.
    2. Additionally, the Varman Family for Shariet is now once a…

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  • Browseitall
    Since a lot of new content is actually new game modes, the wiki team can only do post-patch rechecks over the entire course of the week, when the game modes become avaible. Therefore, check back reguarly or next Tuesday.|}}

    Do note that the previously refered Ark Buster is equal to Arc or Arch; all three romanizations being vaible options. Flint decided to romanize 아크 (akeu) as ARCH.
    The word is also not capitalized under usual circumstances.

    This patch brings us:

    • New stage and level cap increase
    • Ally system improvement
    • Arch Buster and new World Boss
    • New enhancement level and Arch skills
    • Improvement of various convenience functions
    • Steel Giant Update Celebration Special Event

    Original patch notes can be found here (1/5), here (2/5), here (3/5), here (4/5) …

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