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    November 15, 2017 by Browseitall

    Reddit post - Link

    It is very hard for me to just leave the community life I've invested so much into behind me, just like that. Ive no idea how to write this, and even though I usually order things very neatly in my articles, I will for this post just let my hands and heart do the writing.

    So maybe first the reason why you are here. Maybe youve been CLICKBAITED by the reddit post and lured in hoping to see footage of Browse crying (manly), but maybe you are just here because of the title. And yeah, I want to talk about that.

    Right off the bat, I want to clarify that its purely a coincidence that I'm leaving soon after other major people of the English community (Amarantine, Alatheio, Hansxe etc etc). And Id lie if I were to claim that not infl…

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  • Browseitall

    This patch brings us:

    • Overlord Kaihen Run and Sei
    • Halloween Event
    • Revenge of Belphegor revamp
    • Deities in Pub Battles

    Original patch notes can be found here.

    Lore for Hayden's Wings (Auto generated, expand with expand button)

    • Judging from the lore text, they are part of a different strike team than the Taeryang, the Hayden's Wing or "Wings of Haydn" or "Hyden"
      We will go with Hayden's Wings.

    Overlord Kaihen Run, Sword of Darkness

    1. Scintillation: Attendance (Active 1)
      Inflicts 3300% damage to one enemy and increases received damage by 86% for 14.4 seconds. Stacks up to 3 times. Additionally, hit enemies cannot be revived while this debuff is active. [CD: 9 sec]
    2. Scintillation: Inspiration (Active 2)
      Channels for 5 seconds and inflicts 2340% damage to entir…

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  • Browseitall

    This patch brings us:

    • New attendance rewards
    • Overlord Costume through special event

    Original patch notes can be found here.

    New Attendance A new attendance list will supposedly take effect after the 19th maintenance. Here are screenshots of the 4 week rewards, giving out a MAX Transcended ticket on the final day (2 Transcended Tickets in total)
    Note: The 19th day will already be updated when claiming the attendance reward.

    • Daily Dungeon discount to until the 26th October patch
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  • Browseitall

    This patch brings us:

    • several content improvements including new systems

    Original patch notes can be found here.

    Damage Number Settings

    A new option has been added to the settings which shortens the displayed damage numbers during a battle.

    • x billion becomes x억
    • x thousend becomes x만
    • x trillion becomes x조

    The corrosponding setting can be found in the Game Settings tab (see Korean Hub) by ticking the following box.


    • Arrows added to the Soul System creation window for more convient switching between soul classes.
    • Players can now filter out classes which they don't want to have displayed during enhancement. This change should come in handy due to the class requirement of the Soul System.
      Players may uncheck those classes which shall not be displayed
    • AR…

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  • Browseitall

    This patch brings us:

    • Overlord Ion rebalance buffs
    • Megapenthes Raid for the new area
    • Transcended Equipment, ARCH Buster and Rune maxium levels increased to 55
    • Holiday celebration brooch for all users

    Original patch notes can be found here.

    Event Accessory

    Ancient Dragon's Charm (U-Grade), a free Accessory handed out to all players after log-in (1 piece), due to a Korean holiday. More can be purchased in the cash-shop.


    Increases Gold Acquisation +310.00%
    Challenger Dungeon XP Acquisation +60.00%
    Ally Acquisation +40.00%
    Increases Chance for MAX stats on Raid gear +76.50%
    2 Set Effect:
    Weapon MAX ATK +18000
    Increase Critical Damage +1480.0
    Increase Critical Rate +320.0
    3 Set Effect:
    Increase Maximum HP +5.000.000
    Increase ATK Speed +100
    Increase Defense…

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