This patch brings us

  • Myth mode
  • Level cap 117 to 120
  • very small convenience features

Original patch notes can be found here.

Myth Mode

Kr patch myth mode banner

Myth mode as well as the new level cap lv. 120 have been released.

  • In addition to the level 120, a new level up mission has been added (until 23/Feb)
    • Reaching lv. 120 rewards 3 SSS Ally tickets and 30 Transcended Essence after the 23/Feb maintenance
  • Word of new Raids have not been mentioned, but it is to assume that new Raids will be included in the patch.


  • General loading speed has been imporved across the board.
    Kr patch loading time improvement collage
  • [Claim All] button added to mailbox
    Kr patch retrieve all
  • Screen saver (see last blog post) now only activates when [Auto Retry] or [Auto Story] is activated
  • GM now shows the amount that can be claimed
    Kr patch gm counter claim
  • Guild Occupation, Plunder team can now be managed before the event started
  • Combine equipment
    • The new gear from combining two identical pieces will now inherit all unlocked Jewelry slots, equipped Jewelry, Magic Effects and even enhancement status,[1] automatically.


  1. 짜잔!! 합성 후에도 잠금된 옵션 외에 보석 소켓, 보석, 마법 부여, 강화까지 그대로 유지된 아이템을 획득했습니다., in

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