This patch brings us

Original patch notes can be found here.

Formation Buffs

Several Formations will be changed. Those changes include

  • changes to some positions within Formations
  • and changes of position or party bonuses

Visit and read the Formations article as the basics of that system will not be covered in this post.
Please note for the change list below, all values are the maximum level (level 30 for "Party effect" and level 10 for "Position effect")

Incredible ConcentrationSwordright


마력의 집중

  • Middle position changed from DPSFormationDPSNormalFormationNormal
  • Party effect changed from ACC by 42Random Damage by 53%

Holy ProtectionSwordright


성스러운 보호

  • Both front TankFormationTank effects changed from DEF by 21%STA by 26%
  • Party effect changed from STA by 33%Maximum HP by 33%

Patient ChavelrySwordright


고귀한 기사도

  • Both TankFormationTank postions changed → Paladin/WarriorFormationWarrior
    for easier accessiblitly

Fire All At OneSwordright


일제 사격

  • Both ArcherFormationArcher and the DPSFormationDPS position effects changed from Critical Rate by 9ATK Speed by 36%
  • Party effect changed from Critical Damage by 67ATK by 67%

Dauntless BreakthroughSwordright


용맹한 돌파

  • Both DPSFormationDPS position effects changed from Critical Rate by 9ATK by 52%
  • Party effect buffed from DEF Penetration by 4253

GM Events

Between 3/2 - 3/8

  • 5 Fallen Ragnarok Tickets per day
  • 10 shoes GIVEN per 100 shoes USED, unlimited!
  • 10 tickets GIVEN per 100 tickets USED, unlimited!


  • 20+7 SSS pack
  • 10,000 (6000+4000) shoe pack
  • Essence packages
  • Lock Scrolls discount
    • Sale extended until 09/Mar; 10 for 700 Ruby rendered while 1 for 80 Ruby rendered

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