Kr patch 1000 days celebration poster

Exciting week for Dragon Blaze!

Dragon Blaze first launched on the February 17, 2014, which makes Monday, November 14, 2016 its 1000 days jubilee. The event starts next Saturday (12.Oct) already.

(This online tool shows you the day countdown.)

This is of course coupled with various freebies and events.

Original patch notes can be found here.


Kr patch skill card summon

First of some changes which take effect after the patch.

  • Critical Damage cap 900% -> 1.000%
  • Magic Scrolls and Enchantment stone cap 100 -> 999
  • Guild Occupation
    • Killed mobs (Baal's army) now have a chance to drop SSS Essences
      The rate is supposed to be higher than normal dungeons, according to flint!
    • First-week clear bonus has been changed from 50 coins to 50 rubies.
    • Plunder reset time changed to Tuesday 2pm (Korean Time)
    • Difficulty has been "drastically" lowered
Note: SSS Essences will be used to refer to Light/Hero/Titan and U Essences for Transcended
  • Skill Card Summon added (img right)
    • Summon Skill Cards (also chance for dual and triple cards) for 20 rubies per draw (17 rubies for consecutive)
  • Halloween Costumes extended until 10.Nov.


1000 Day Celeberation Special Event

  • Calydon Dungeon (from 3.Nov - 17.Nov)
    • Enjoy +50% Bonus points
    • Waves are reduced from 111/222/333 to 55/111/166 mobs per wave
  • 1+1 Ally Summon (from 3.Nov - 10.Nov)
  • Essence Bonus (from 3.Nov - 9.Nov)
    • Draw any Essence (U or SSS) bundle and claim 5 extra ones of that essence from the GM Event box

GM Events

Patch Notes for GM Event can be found here.
All Events from 3.Nov - 9.Nov 11.59pm (Korean Time).

  1. Login once a day: 3 SSS Essence Choice Tickets
  2. Attend Tag Match 3 times: 3 SSS Essence Choice Tickets
  3. Attend Guild Battle 3 times: 3 SSS Essence Choice Tickets
  4. Clear Raid 10 times: 100 shoes
  5. Clear Dungeon 50 times: 100 tickets
  6. Clear Fortress 5 times: 1 SSS Jewel Choice Ticket

2,3 are one timers. Rest is acquirable every day

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