Pre-registration for the Transcended Awakeneds has been opened.

We also got a good look at the supposed first wave and confirmation from the leak yesterday.

Transcended Mercedes raw
Transcended Turq raw
Mercedes Turq
« We will open the Transcended Awakeneds article for that matter.
Obviously it will be almost empty for now.

Event 1

Pre-register on this Website→ to gain

  • 5 SSS Ally Tickets (Random)
  • from 5/Jan ~ 17/Jan

Additional Rewards for

  • inviting 2 friends via Kakaotalk - 1 SSS Ally Ticket (Random)
  • inviting 5 friends via Kakaotalk - 1 Hero Choice Ticket
→For how to pre-register, see main article Korean Hub#How_to_Pre-register

Event 2

A free "Buster Grade" Choice Ticket and 300 Essence Choice Tickets after log-in (19/Jan ~ 8/Feb)
Not mentioned whether Giants are also included.

Event 3

1000 players can receive an additional 20 Essence Choice Ticket reward for leaving a comment on the Facebook page.
For easier access, visit the Pre-reg website.

Leave your account ID (settings) and a comment (evaluation on anything) between the 5/Jan ~ 17/Jan.

→For how to find your ID, see main article Korean Hub#Menus