These are the pre-patch notes for the upcoming update and opening of the 5-2 area.

Actual patch notes can be expected in two weeks.

Original patch notes can be found here.


Slight spoilers ahead.

5-2 will open and reveal the secret of the mysterious "Odin's Eye" tribe in Argo, which was teased in the 5-1 story.

The Ark Buster, a steel giant who awoke through "Odin's Eye" will make his appeareance.


Just checked reddit and someone from TW already did it. That simplifies matters.

Original post in Taiwan forum:
Below translation by on

1. Reduce barrier to entry for new player

Give 5 transcended (U) ally to every player

2. Tired of spending long hours in farming dungeon?

New burning system

Players can use burning points to get 6 times of farming efficiency within 3 to 4 hours

After finish using burning points, the farming efficiency will drop to one third

Burning points will auto regenerate

3. Lower requirement

Transcending system changes

Original: Transcended Atlas = Ultimate Striking Atlas + Ultimate Gigantes Atlas + 50 T.Essence + 50,000,000 gold

Updated: Transcended Atlas = Ultimate Striking Atlas + 50 T.Essence + 50,000,000 gold

We have removed key as requirement

4. Ark Buster

Ark Buster will be utilised as a strategic system to fight against space monster, every player will have 1

Ark Buster can be boarded by up to 10 transcended allies

Different ally boarded will give Ark Buster different skills

Once Ark Buster reaches Ultimate+3, it will change to body frame enhancement stage

Boarded ally will be able to obtain dedicated body frame enhancement skill

To enhance the relevant skill and stat, require enhancement of relevant boarded ally

We will try to reduce the rate of spending ally and increase rewards to reduce the load on players

5. Unified Essence

Light/Hero/Titan Essence will be removed, only T.Essence can be obtained

6. Increase avenues of obtaining allies

Everyday a 1 time quota will be given to do 10+1 ally summon

7. Seventh king legacy

Can be obtained every day from dungeon, originates from red king

Every part of red king gear comes with dedicated skill

Can be used together with existing gear

8. New challenge! Beastman Fortress

Dungeon comes with 9 stages, stage 3/6/9 have boss, 9 is final boss

Clearing will reward dark magic scroll

Dungeon can be auto repeated, 2 shoes will be used each time

9. Always missed important event?

No worries for missing out on Guild Siege and Guild Battle!

Just pre-set your party, the system will auto send them out at the designated time

Ally storage space increase from 170 to 180

10. Bonus

New Player: Transcended Ally (Ultimate) x 4 (All race)

Returning Player: Transcended Ally (Ultimate) x 3 (All race)

Existing Player: Transcended Ally (Ultimate) x 2 (All race)

Pre-register player will get extra 1 (All race)

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