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06/09/16 - 2nd Giant Wave

The full korean patch notes can be found here.

This patch brings us

  • 2nd Giant wave - Mage & Archer
  • Difficulty merge of chapter 3
  • New events. Join discord and ask for these there.
  • New area + raid + lv cap raise to lv 105
Note that any feature buffs or corrections for ally skills will be done only to the versions found on the Giants article.

Giant Prometheus

Korean Giant Prometheus release poster
Gigantes Prometheus Key Class Mage
Role DPS
Key Prometheus, Fryderyk the Tenor, Awakened Turq
Giant Prometheus (Skills)00:29

Giant Prometheus (Skills)

Let Anger!

–-Prometheus, the Colossus of Wrath

  1. Name (Active 1)
    Increases ATK by 230% and INT by 8% for self. [CD: 58 sec]
  2. Thunderstroke (Active 2)
    Inflicts 3725% damage to one enemy and decreases its ATK Speed by 30%. [CD: 11 sec]
  3. Name (Active 3)
    Inflicts 1861% damage to entire enemy party and decreases their DEF by 38% for 12 sec. [CD: 16 sec]
  4. Immortality (Passive 1)
    He grants his body the ability to not die for 11 seconds when HP drops below 40%./Grants himself invicibilty for 11 seconds when HP drops below 40%.
  5. Knowledge of Giants (Passive 2)
    Increases Skill damage by 38% and ATK Speed by 28% for self.
  6. Frenzy (ULTIMATE)
    Grants 85% additional damage to bosses for self.
  7. Normal Attack: Decreases target's DEF.

Note:"Immortality" needs ingame observation. It is unknown whether he simply gets an invurnablity shield upon activation or whether he can take damage just as normal but does not fall below 1HP similar to Storm Bear. Former is more likely.

Giant Hyperion

Korean Giant Hyperion release poster
Giant-Hyperion-Key Class Mage
Role DPS
Key Hyperion, Draco Bloodwind, Awakened Tinuvian
Giant Hyperion (Skills)01:15

Giant Hyperion (Skills)

"The force will soon be determined."

–-Hyperion, the Colossus of the Sun

  1. Bombardier of Chaos (Active 1)
    Inflicts 3312% damage to 1 enemy and 950% per stored bullet.
    If gauge is full he will deal 2384% as the additional damage instead and allows this attack to hit with 100% certainty and ignore the entire DEF of the target. [CD: 14 sec]
  2. Scorchered Earth (Active 2)
    Inflicts 1690% damage to entire enemy party and stuns for 3 sec, with 950% additional damage and 3 additional stun seconds per stored bullet.
    If gauge is full he will deal 1421% as the additional damage instead and allows this skill to hit with 100% certainty and ignore the entire DEF of the targets. [CD: 19 sec]
  3. Faster Loading (Active 3)
    Instantly fills bullet gauge and grants 248% increased ATK for 16 sec. [CD: 26 sec]
  4. Last resistance / Mayhem (Passive 1)
    The damage received is decreased by 25% and debuff resistance increased by 56 for self.
  5. Transcription (Passive 2)
    Grants full immunity when HP drops below 60% HP and instantly resets all Cooldowns. [CD: 34 sec]
  6. Bullet Amplification (ULTIMATE)
    Increases maximum bullet gauge to 6 and increases recharge rate by 40%.
  7. Normal Attack: Charge bullets instead normal attacking and increases DEX. Bullet stack rate is affected by his ATK Speed (of up to 5 squares). If he stores more than five bullets he compensates with Cooldown reduction.

New Area and Raid

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