This patch brings us

  • Incanter skill buffs
  • slight Attendance reward changes
  • More rubies for cash pets
  • two new Retention Effects
  • Integrated ranking system

Original patch notes can be found here.

Incanter Buffs

  1. The new and rebalanced skills can be found on the Incanter article.
  2. A comparison of both versions can be found here. Beware that the comparison table may be hard to read for the untrained eye.
    On the top of the page is the comparison between pre- and post-change. Scroll down to the article for the current version in a clean view.

Option 1 should be easier for most people.

New Retention Effects

Charm that cant be broken Effect Base MAX ULT
Transcended Prometheus IconTranscended Hyperion Icon Increases Ranged damage 6% 19% 32%

Integrated ranking system

Kr patch intergraded ranking location

The Integrated Ranking System (통합랭킹 시스템, tonghablaengking siseutem) is reward ladder which combines the rankings of all players from one's server. Players are rewarded with actual Resources for ranking good across all Game Modes and through the combined ranks, successfully shows which player can be considered "the best" of one's server.

The ranking combines the modes World Boss (all four), Arena, Tag Match and Revenge of Belphegor into a numerical value. The higher the value the higher the ultimate rank.

Kr patch intergraded ranking ranks

Tabs from l-r: Personal Rank, Guild Rank, Friends Rank, Rewards

Additional features include:

  • History record similar to World Boss history
  • Check your personal change in the last 4 weeks
    Kr patch intergraded ranking history1
  • Chat announcement for the ranks 1~3


The ranking reward is given at 24:00 every Sunday and a new season starts 6:00 Monday. Rewards are sent to the mailbox.

Kr patch intergraded ranking rewards
Article created at Intergrated Ranking System


June Special EventSwordright

(6/8 - 6/28) (resets weekly)
Login for 5 days and receive 50 rune summons
Login on Monday and receive 1M gold(?)
Login on Tuesday and receive 2 U-Jewel Select Summons
Login on Wednesday and receive 1000 Shoes
Login on Thursday and receive 10 Requests (unknown which type)
Login on Friday and receive 50 Essence Selects
Login on Saturday and receive 500 Rubies
Login on Sunday and receive 5 SSS Ally Summons

Special 200 Shoes EventSwordright

(6/8 - 6/14)
On Monday do 2 Tag Matches
On Tuesday do Golem
On Wednesday do Cerb
On Thursday do Hydra
On Friday do Shariet
On Saturday do Revenge of Belphegor
On Sunday do 2 Arena Matches

Returning User Special GiftSwordright

Users that did not log-in since the 1st May may claim a Transcended Choice ticket from their mailbox by loggin between the 8th June~29th June.

Attendance Rewards

The "Transcended Choice ticket" which is the last reward for general, returning and new player attendance will be changed to include the Transcended Awakeneds as well.

Scarlet Tia and Eligos changes

The daily ruby reward for both Pets has been enhanced

  • Scarlet Tia from 50 to → 80 rubies
  • Eligos from 30 to → 120 rubies


  • Added button right beneath the Daily Dungeon stages for [Auto Retry] (ruby consumption included)
  • Changes to ally protection (green shield)
    • Ally protection works just as in GL right now again

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