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Dragon Blaze KR will celebrate its 3rd anniversary on the 17th Febuary 2017 and gift players various rewards for that matter.
Most notably

  • one Transcended (!) Choice Ticket (Dracos, Angels, Bodens all included)
  • 3000 Ruby rendered, 300Transcended Essence, 300,000,000 Gold rendered

Original patch notes can be found here.

Patch Notes

Before anything else, there are also actual content changes incoming with the maintenance. The changes are limited to adjustments to Revenge of Belphegor

Waves are decreased from 10→5 waves and the general difficulty has been increased throughout. Note that this cycles ROB is reset with the patch on the 09/Feb.

Rewards have also been adjusted. Here is a compilation.

Kr patch rob reward changes



The combo boni when both Scarlet Tia and Eligos are owned (btw, called Fairy Sister's Gift 요정 자매의 선물(이), yojeong jamaeui seonmul) received small buffs which are temporarily avaiable from 09/Feb ~ 23/Feb.

  • Eligos rewards 60 Essence Choice Tickets upon re- or purchase
  • Scarlet Tia rewards 200 Ruby rendered upon re- or purchase
  • Daily Transcended Essences 2→5

Other EventsSwordright

  • Calydon Dungeon points accumulate 50% faster and wave size decreased by half until 23/Feb
  • 1 SSS Ally every day from 09/Feb ~ 23/Feb
  • 1 Transcended (excluding Awakened) and 3000 Ruby rendered, 300Transcended Essence, 300,000,000 Gold rendered through log in from 17/Feb ~ 31/Mar
    • Optional 15 SSS Ally Tickets and 150 Essence Choice Tickets

Event PageSwordright

There is also a event page launched for preregister.

How to pre-reg is described in the Korean Hub but this event page also features some first time specials. Therefore User:Khangvn08 compiled a guide for us →here. Do note though that half of them are not even available for players outside of Korea.


  • New Year Bags Drop Event closing, redeem items from shop before maintencane.
The Event page also features a promotion video. This bit was the most interesting:
Kr patch youtube 3rd anniversary

It clearly shows the first look at Transcended Windlune and a new background for a new dungeon. As chapter 4 is already complete, this can already be treated as our first look at one of chapter 5's dungeons.

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