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This patch brings us:

  • several content improvements including new systems

Original patch notes can be found here.

Damage Number Settings

Kr patch changed damage numbers sample

Example of shortend Damage Numbers.

A new option has been added to the settings which shortens the displayed damage numbers during a battle.

  • x billion becomes x억
  • x thousend becomes x만
  • x trillion becomes x조

The corrosponding setting can be found in the Game Settings tab (see Korean Hub) by ticking the following box.

Kr patch damage numbers settings


  • Arrows added to the Soul System creation window for more convient switching between soul classes.
    Kr patch soul system arrows
  • Players can now filter out classes which they don't want to have displayed during enhancement. This change should come in handy due to the class requirement of the Soul System.
    Players may uncheck those classes which shall not be displayed
    Kr patch class filter in enhancement
  • ARCH Buster's stat window which can be expanded with shown button will now display the total value which the combined stats of the mounted units are increased by. Each ARCH Buster level increases the total stats by 10% (sometimes 9% in reality, due to rounding).
    Kr patch arch buster increased stats window

    Level 16 ARCH Buster with 150% increased stats.

  • The Guild Siege Icon will now appear in the inn 10 minutes before it starts.

GM Event for Week 10/12 – 10/18
Daily Log In – 1 300pt Burning Potion
1x Tag Match – 10 Trans. Essence
1x Daily Dungeon – 15 Rune Pieces

19k Ruby Pack w/ Black Dragon Accessory
8x Choice Soul + Black Dragon Accessory