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This patch brings us

  • New Transcended Character Costumes
  • Transcended Calydon

Original patch notes can be found here.


The new set of costumes has been added to the regular costume shop. 2 Sets for this series are avaible for a price of 2400 Ruby rendered rubies (full purchase).

A full preview for the costumes has not been added. Therefore we are bound to add them to our Character article's "Costume" section post-patch.

The Costumes grant the following stats. (The main attribute depends on the Character's Class

Weapon Costume Cloak 3 Set Bonus
Critical Damage +260
Critical Rate +120
Defense Penetration +140
Max HP +95000
Main attribute +460
Debuff Resistance +160
EVA +130
ATK Speed +25
Main attribute +460
Max HP +800.000
Main attribute +2000

Note: Paladin receives STR as main attribute

Links to the costumes (reminder: only post-patch)

Suprise Transcended Calydon Event

Even duration: 15/Jun ~ 29/Jun

Kr patch Transcended Calydon cards

During the event period, special rewards can be earned in any Calydon Dungeon.
The player must first reach the last stage (3/3) and defeat the Boss as usual.
After that has been done, 4 Cards will appear. The player then chooses a card. Behind a card the player will encounter one of the three Transcended Calydons. Behind one card all three Bosses are hidden, as seen in the image.

Type Rewards
1st Calydon (blue) 1 SSS Ticket
2nd Calydon (orange) 5 Transcended Essences
3rd Calydon (green) 10,000,000 Gold
Defeating all three All three rewards


  • Daily Dungeon Event
    • Discount for retry purchase: from 150 Ruby rendered to 120 Ruby rendered until the 22/Jun.
  • Reduced the number of mobs in Calydon (permanently? not mentioned, need to wait whether its still there next patch).
  • 300 Ruby rendered rubies compensation for all players after log-in due to a Bug in Revenge of Belphegor last week.
  • 1+1 Event