This patch brings us
  • increased Ally Storage
  • Other minor improvements

Original Patch Notes can be found here.

Locking Option

Kr patch locking option release

While previously unable to be reveresed, the action of locking the stats to equipment can be undone now.

For that, the option menu will now feature a "해제" button which will release the locked stats.
Doing so will consume 1.000.000 Gold rendered for each release.

Quality of Life Updates

  • Ally space increased from 140150
  • Auto-Retry button in Nightmare Dungeon instead of Next Floor option
    • Purchased skills are automatically bought again while [Auto Retry] is enabled. This naturally consumes gold each time. The skills need to be manually activated though.
  • Komodo Wings
    • Can now salvage SSS equipment with the following option
      Kr patch komodo fairy salvage sss
  • Buy U raid Fallen Ragnarok Tickets in bulk instead of singular
    • 30 at a time instead of 1 at a time

Drop Event

"Spring Flowers" Dungeon drop event lasts from 16/Mar ~ 30/Mar and can be traded in for

  • Accessories
  • Gems
  • Tickets
  • Skill Cards
  • Magic Scroll

GM Events

Action Reward Maximum
Log in 1 SS Ally Daily
Use 100 Shoe rendered 100 Shoe rendered up to 10 times
User 100 Ticket rendered 100 Ticket rendered up to 10 times
Combine (aquire) SSS Ally 1 SSS Ally up to 5 times
Combine (aquire) SS Ally 1 SS Ally up to 5 times
Play 1 Tag Match 1 SSS Jewel Daily


  • Transcended Belle Snow's summon animation and her summon has been adjusted
    • New Dialouge for the Summon
    • Time between summons has been adjusted
  • Transcended King Gram's resource bar has been fixed to display correct numbers (iOS)
  • Platinum Ally Mission 1+1
  • Extension of Bonus Rubies Payment Event when purchasing Rubies in Shop

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