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This patch brings us:

  • Ultimate Passive skills for Transcended
  • Rebalances of various Transcended units
  • various convenience features
  • improved in-game chat
  • Hero League removal and Tower of Validation Revamp
  • Changes to Gear Link
  • Visual buff changes
  • Much more

Original patch notes can be found here, here and here.

Ultimate Skills

$ 30,000,000 gold + 60 T.Ess + 6 SSS Allies $
$ 50,000,000 gold + 100 T.Ess + 6 SSS Allies $
Unit Name Ultimate Skill
Transcended Deathcrown Icon King of the Living and Dead Increases physical damage received by 25% for enemy affected by "Stigmata of Death"'s emblem (2nd Active) and increases the damage that the unit receives from Deathcrown by 500% (Note: emblem effect).
Additionally, while channeling "Leader's Death" taunt (3rd Active) decreases MG, PHY, Melee and Ranged damage by 25% for entire allied party.
Transcended Brightspark Icon Lion's Wraith Increases the amount of all "Chill of Death" (Passive effect) marks that will be applied with each ability by two. Additionally, stuns all enemies during (or after?) "Incarnation of Frost/God Mode" (MAX Passive) with 100% certainty.
Transcended Blackaria Icon Tiger's Blessing Increases "March's Blessings" (2nd Active) buffs by 135% more increased ATK and 17% more increased ATK Speed. Additionally, reviving allies will grant them 3 second invulnerability.
Transcended Bloodwind Icon Raging Storm Increases "Broad Arrow" (2nd Active) bleed damage by two folds. Additionally, each time Bloodwind uses "Blood Storm" (3rd Active) he gains 5 stacks of "Hatred" (MAX Passive).
Transcended Greysoul Icon Soul Collector Gains 70% Boss Damage for self and increases the duration of "Alter Egos" by 5 seconds. Additionally, each time an enemy dies, Greysoul increases his ATK by 133%, ATK Speed by 6% and gains 22% Piercing damage for 38 seconds. Stacks up to 10 times.
Post patch check out on Transcended Dracos.
Transcended Gaela Icon Perfect Shot Chance Every time an ally dies, gains one "Sword" (1st Passive) buff. Additionally, (?, a buff to her MAX Passive, but it already does that effect, which is weird. Will check at the end). Also, when attacking Boss-Type units normal attacks will grant "Sword" buffs with 100% certainty.
Transcended Ravengale Icon Evil Spirit Increases "Fallen Power" (1st Active) buff by 135% more increased ATK. Additionally, invokes an additional Izarc, Samurai of the Red Armor when "Escorted by Warriors" (3rd Active) is used.
Transcended Mikaela Icon God of Destruction Has a chance to silence for 3 seconds during normal attack. Additionally, increases physical damage by 25% for 9 seconds and reduces magical damage received by 10% for self when Mikaela is hit by MG damage. Immune to dispel. [CD: 2 sec]
Transcended Farrah Icon Miracle Seed Grants a shield that reflects 40% of the damage received for allies affected by "Seeds of Life" (1st Active). "Seeds of Nightmare" (2nd Active) damage over time damage is increased by 15%. Additionally, "Echo of Forest"'s "Cooldown" is reduced by half.
Transcended Kymael Icon God's Representative Increases received magic damage by 50% for enemies affected by the "Punish" (Passive effect) debuff. During "Heavenly Protection"'s (3rd Active) channel, now additionally increases magical damage by 21% for entire allied party.
Also, every time Kymael is attacked, she has a chance to reduce "Heavenly Protection"'s Cooldown by 20%. [CD: 3 sec] (Cooldown most likely for the last aspect)
Transcended Fryderyk Icon Time's Counterattack During "The Conductor of Time" (3rd Active) Fryderyk reduces the duration of debuffs inflicted upon him by 50%. Additionally, "Blessing of Time"'s (MAX Passive) INT increases is increased 200%. Also, increases magical damage by 20% for entire allied party.
Transcended Llywelyn Icon Reinforced Rheinmetal Increases the amount of bullets consumed during normal attack up to 12 and reduces Ranged damage received by 40% for self.
Post patch check out on Transcended Angels.
Transcended Storm Bear Icon Immortality When using "The Power of the Flame" (2nd Active), increases physical damage by 40% for entire allied party. Additionally, each stack of "Rage" (Passive effect) grants Storm Bear 2% increased STR. (conv: 1:2%)
Transcended Drunken Falcon Icon Happiness Increases "Odor" gauge to 200 and increases the gained amount of "Odor" through "Bottoms Up!" (3rd Active) by two folds. Additionally, increases "Alcohol over Bibles"'s (2nd Active) additional gained ATK for each "Odor" by 1%.
Transcended Bliss Foxy Icon Spell's Zenith When using "Collection of Fox Fire" (3rd Active) the accumulated damage is increased by 15%. Additionally, increases magical damage by 20% for entire allied party.
Transcended Manalandy Icon Elemental's Spirit Increases Melee damage by 25% for entire allied party. "Warm Sunshine" (1st Active) grants a protective shield with the strength of 950% of her ATK. Additionally, "Balance of Nature" (2nd Active) is now immune to dispel and is only relieved prematurely when the affected units make use of it 4 times.
Transcended Hellhawk Icon Reaper of Death Increases DEX by 15% for self, for each "Energy".
Transcended Arrow Trigger Icon Steel Arrow Arrow Trigger's damage to Cerberus is increased by 40%. Additionally, increases the random additional damage to 30 times (from "Titan's Power", 2nd Passive) and adds random damage for all skills to inflict 3 times their damage.
Transcended Margaret Icon Come out once more! Can invoke up to 2 Transcended Bodens. (Note: Summons 2 T. Bodens at once, instead of one at a time)
Transcended Shadow Howl Icon The Absolute Increases Melee damage by 20% for entire allied party. When Shadow Howl attacks enemies affected by "Absolute Stigma" (1st Active) he instantly kills them in 5 seconds. (Immune to dispel)
Transcended Chaser Tracy Icon A Child's Eyes Increases Ranged damage received by 50% for enemies affected by "Hunter's Mark"'s Mark (1st Active) and increases "Forest Sniper"'s skill damage two folds. Additionally, reduces Melee damage received by 35% for entire allied party.
Post patch check out on Transcended Bodens.


Exclamation Icon All Transcended rebalance changes are out on the respective Transcended articles. Everything that is green is part of the rebalance or post patch check.
User:Khangvn08 compiled a table for us due to our collaboration. The table is located here.

Note that skills on that doc sheet may not be corrected post-patch yet

List of Transcended Units by race
Transcended Brightspark Icon
All T. Dracos
Transcended Mikaela Icon
All T. Angels
Transcended Bliss Foxy Icon
All T. Bodens
Transcended Windlune Icon
All T. Heroes
Transcended Atlas Icon
All T. Titans

(Here are the "Changes" pages for future references; note that other changes were made and additional ones followed

These are just helpful for people that are not confused by source codes).

Screen Saver

An option to save battery consumption was added with this patch.

In the settings (img 2), players can now set a timer for when a screen saver, similar to the ones known on PCs, will kick in, actively reducing the screen activity by disabling effects, environment etc.
It can be set in 15 minutes, 30 minutes or completely disabled by ticking the last option, which will cause the screen saver to never activate.

If it does however, the display will then show a "cute" loading icon to indicate its activation (img 1).

Flint commented that this should increase overall gaming experience and reduce battery consumption for some models.

Inventory Improvments


The Storage (창고 기능, small right red button in the inventory) now features a [Accounts] tab (계정) beneath the normal storage tab (img 1).
That new storage will list all currently created characters of the player's account. Upon selection, it grants access to the inventory of that character, allowing direct exchange of items between the two inventories.


  • [Skill Cards] sorting button added to the filter button of the inventory. It is this button [스킬카드]
  • Using Combining, Stat locking, or Enchanting or generally moving items will no longer automatically resort the items as the system sees fit. The original position of the items will be maintained until the player leaves the inn.

Chat Improvments

The ingame chat has been drastically improved.
Besides the UI revamp, there were also new features added.
The chat tabs have remained as players are used to.

The chat now displays the icon of the currently logged-in character of users that are speaking. Additionally, by clicking on the avatar, the player can now (from top left to down right) (img 2)

  • add friend
  • invite to raid
  • whisper
  • block user

The magnify button should lead to the player's Fortress.

A list of blocked users can be viewed through the appropriate button next to the [Send Message] button in the type-field.

Hero League


  • Nightmare, Arena and Tag Match Hero leagues will be no longer avaible after the 19th and rewards of the Buster leagues will be adjusted to compensate for it. Also, the Hero modes will no longer be featured in the Hall of Fame


Kr patch arena hero merge rewards list

Kr patch Tag Match hero merge rewards list

Kr patch Nightmare hero merge rewards list

Tower of ValidationSwordright

The Hero version of ToV will also disappear with this patch. The new ToV will only have one game mode lobby and consists of 50 Floors instead now. Difficulty was therefore also adjusted.
This change also brings along a change of the rewards that can be acquired. A list of those was not revealed but we will open a new section on the Tower of Validation article to record them down.
It also seems like all players start from floor 0 after this patch, regardless of their previous position in the old ToV.


Gear LinkSwordright

Kr patch gear link new ui

In addition to a improved UI, in which the Source ally is shown at the top, stating its main and off hand weapon (in the image "마법봉" Magic Wand and "마법구" Magic Orb), Gear Link will now also feature 6 instead of the former 4 slots.
The 5th slot costs 490 rubies, and the 6th slot costs 980 rubies.

Party ManagerSwordright

  • Parties will appear empty after logging into the game after the maintenance.
  • When configuring the first party that set up will be stored on the game server in order to be recalled automatically by the game upon entering each of the modes (each mode saves its own party), and allow that feature to work across all devices (which is hardly useful as Kakaotalk is actually only available for one device)
    • Note: That feature was actually already implemented with the Party Manager revamp some patches earlier. So this is actually just a re-implementation.
  • The Formations icon will appear on most battle configuration windows now, and lead directly to the formation selection upon clicking it.

Skill Effect Visual UpgradeSwordright

The visual representation of buffs, or Skill Effects (스킬 효과, seukil hyogwa) were updated with this patch to a more simplistic style. The known, affected effects are (from top to bottom)

  • Invincibility or Invulnerability shield
  • Paladin Shield or protective shield or holy knight's shield
  • Full Immunity shield
  • Reflect Shield
Kr patch skill effect upgrade 1
Kr patch skill effect upgrade 2


  • Occupy and Plunder
    • [Auto Replay All Areas] (모든 지역 자동 재도전) added
  • Difficulty raised for all three Guild Modes (Occupy & Plunder and Guild Adventure)
  • Stat Locking
    • Clicking on the new weapon will now directly open the equipment's full stat window, which was apparently not possible prior to the patch.
  • Calydon Dungeon
    • Clicking the reward chest now will automatically cause it to open all rewards itself, instead of requiring continuous clicking.
  • New Player buffs
    • "Special Buffs for new Users" gained for 30 days after account creation
      • Grants 100% increased Gold, XP and Ally Drop Acquisition.
    • 10,000,000 gold for all new players upon creating their first character.
  • Allies
    • S and SS Allies can no longer be Limit Broken
    • Basic Passives are unlocked on level 1 for all allies (prior to the patch some passives needed a certain level).
  • Transcended Bloodwind displays "Hatred" (MAX Passive) stacks in the UI now, most likely his avatar icon.

Also, Flint announced that they will readjust something regarding the 4 World Bosses in February.