This patch brings us:

  • New attendance rewards
  • Overlord Costume through special event

Original patch notes can be found here.

New Attendance

A new attendance list will supposedly take effect after the 19th maintenance. Here are screenshots of the 4 week rewards, giving out a MAX Transcended ticket on the final day (2 Transcended Tickets in total)
Note: The 19th day will already be updated when claiming the attendance reward.

Overlord Costumes

Exclusive Taeryang costumes will be handed out to all players when the following missions have been cleared. The event spans from the 19th Oct to 1st Nov. This might be the only chance to obtain those costumes.

Kr patch ranran costume event

Ranran Costume example with slighlty changed color patterns.

Note that the individual quests will unlock over the course of the event period.

Exclamation Icon These costumes provide the corrosponding unit 500 main attributes and 1000 STA.