This patch brings us

  • Ch 4's U Raid
  • Boss Mode buffs

Original patch notes can be found here.

Fallen Ragnarok

Kr patch Fallen Ragnarok promotion poster

Fallen Ragnarok (타락한 라그나로크, talaghan lageunalokeu) will be Chapter 4's final Raid, featuring the U Gear / Item of the chapter.

Upon clearing the last stage of chapter 4's Myth mode, one will be granted the permission to enter the raid.
As with previous installments, U Raids are attended with a 6-man-party
and require his U Raid tickets to attend (도전권 : 타락한 라그나로크, ojeongwon : talaghan lageunalokeu).

One of those can be traded for 5 Raid Tokens in any Raid Shop of the Myth difficulty or are optionally avaible for purchase in the cash shop, for 100 Ruby rendered per 20 tickets.

Kr patch Fallen Ragnarok shop purchase

Shabelle's Sancturary

Shabelle's Sanctuary is returning for 23/Feb ~ 9/Mar with no changes to the schedule:

  • 11:00 am
  • 3:00 pm
  • 7:00 pm

KST, with each buff lasting 4 hours.

Fairy Buffs

The earlier introduced temporary bonus, will be now implemented permanetly.

As a reminder:


The combo boni when both Scarlet Tia and Eligos are owned (btw, called Fairy Sister's Gift 요정 자매의 선물(이), yojeong jamaeui seonmul) received small buffs which are temporarily avaiable from 09/Feb ~ 23/Feb.

  • Eligos rewards 60 Essence Choice Tickets upon re- or purchase
  • Scarlet Tia rewards 200 Ruby rendered upon re- or purchase
  • Daily Transcended Essences 2→5


  • Boss Buffs
    • The Game Modes involving Bosses (Boss Modes) are being buffed.
      Guild Adventure's difficutly has been raised as part of a regular strenghting of the Bosses
      Guild Occupation (both Occupy and Plunder) and Nebula will be buffed along side with this patch (TL/N: HP has been drastically increased)
  • Stat Locking scrolls now on sale with 20% discount until 02/May
  • Shoe package
    • A new package has been added to the cash shop, featuring 500 Shoe rendered for 200 Ruby rendered
      Kr patch new shoe package
  • Myth Mode Level Up Event
    • The earlier promised rewards for the Myth Mode completion will be handed out with this patch. All accounts that have achived level 120 with at least one character, receive 30 Transcended Essences
  • Calydon Dungeon
    • 50% buff for accumulated points ends with this patch
  • 3rd anniversary
    • Winners and information about rewards will be published in a seperate announcement
      Update Announcement has been published. Check the comments.
  • New cash packages and kakao friend rewards (request in comments)

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