This patch brings us:

  • Last Transcended Hero

Original patch notes can be found here.

Transcended Tiel kr release poster

Transcended Tiel

Transcended Tiel Icon Role Tank
Transcended Tiel raw
Weapons Longsword, Magic Orb
Material Tiel the Justice, Dark Soul Askr
KR Paladin card
Transcended Tiel01:06

Transcended Tiel

The holy light of the holy spirit is my protection.
  1. Judgment of Light (MG/Ranged) (Active 1)
    Inflicts 4081% damage to one enemy and inflicts the "Judgment" debuff for 12.7 seconds. Affected enemies suffer 1600% additional damage every time they are hit (Read Notes). When allies attack the marked enemy, they inflict 900% splash damage. [CD: 9.3 sec]
  2. Fury of God (MG/Ranged) (Active 2)
    Inflicts 4081% damage to entire enemy party and removes their buffs. Stuns the target for 12 seconds and increases its AOE damage received by 40%. Additionally, when a already stunned enemy is hit, this skill's stun hits with 100% certainty, and inflicts 2 times its damage. [CD: 19.2 sec]
  3. Protection of Light (Active 3)
    Grants a 1380% protective/paladin shield to the entire allied party for 14.4 seconds. Additionally, increases magic damage by 62% and Cooldown recovery rate by 55%. When hit by Melee damage, reflects 50% of received damage back to the attacker. [CD: 23.9 sec]
  4. Sacrafice (Passive 1)
    Increases main attributes by 62% and recovers 6% of Tiel's maximum HP every second for the entire allied party.
  5. Oath of Glory (Passive 2)
    Tiel is immune to debuffs and increases AOE damage inflicted by 35% for entire allied party. (Read Notes)
  6. Nectar of Blessings (MAX)
    Increases magic damage by 35% for entire allied party. Additionally, when using "Protection of Light", now increases ATK Speed by 59% for entire allied party.
  7. Sanctuary (Ultimate)
    Increases entire allied party's DOT damage (?) by 30%. Additionally, when Tiel uses "Judgment of Light" the enemy's received magic damage is increased by 42%. Also, "Protection of Light"'s refelect damage will now be added additional 40% magic damage.
  8. Normal Attack (PHY/Melee): Stuns the enemy during normal attack.

Notes: The 1600% damage are derived from Tiel's ATK. Seems like it activates upon any hit (meaning both Tiel and ally can trigger it).
Since increasing the AOE damage is something new, we will recheck this post patch.

« As always, post-patch changes only on Transcended Awakeneds.

GM Events

Between 3/23-3/29, Once a day

  • Login and receive 3 Essence Selects
  • Clear 5 Dungeons and receive 50 Tickets
  • Do 2 Tag matches and receive 50 Shoes
  • Do 1 Fortress and receive SSS Jewel Select
  • Do 2 Arena matches and receive 3 Essence Selects


  • Golden Knight or 5 U Jewels from Coin Shop for 110,000 Won returning
    • Package has you select between the accessory or the jewels
    • The 5 Jewels are selectable
      Kr patch selectable U Gems
  • 27 SSS Summons Package for 110,000 Won
  • Essence Packages reset

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