Wiki-wordmark First off, sorry. First time a post is coming out AFTER the patch already happend, but excuse me, I wasn't in town for the patch.

This patch brings us:

Original patch notes can be found here.

5.2 RaidSwordright

Kr patch bellos raid promo

Bellos (벨로스, belloseu) the ancient protector of the forest and true owner of the land is the raid boss for the second area of Chapter 5 and brings forth the level 126 equipment.

Stat Bonus as follows:
2 Set Effect:
Weapon ATK Increase +5285
Accuracy Increase +301.0
4 Set Effect:
Critical Damage Increase +560.0
Max HP Increase +287009
6 Set Effect:
Def Penetration Increase +371.0
ATK Speed Increase +48

Added to Raid.

World Boss BuffsSwordright

  1. As the recently released Erebos World Boss rewards greatly more resources than the remaining modes, Flint plans to adjust the reward ladders with this patch.
  2. Additionally, the Varman Family for Shariet is now once again stronger (part of strength adjustments in set intervals).

The following table shows the adjusted reward list.

Kr patch world boss compensation buffs

Guild Adventure BuffsSwordright

  1. The HP of the bosses have been buffed as part of the regular buffs.
  2. The reward list has been updated here as well, in order to allow lower ranking guild members to receive rewards with less difference to the top ranking members than before.

The following table shows the adjustments.

Kr patch guild adventure reward buffs

Revenge of Belphegor BuffsSwordright

  1. The HP of the mobs in round 8 has been increased, while the remaining rounds remain unchanged.
  2. Reward list has been adjusted.
Kr patch rob rewards buffs

New Retention EffectSwordright

Exposed Feelings Effect Base MAX ULT ARCH
Transcended Chronos IconTranscended Helios Icon Increases Cooldown Recovery Speed 1% 5% 8% 12%
Added to Retention Effects.


  • Transcended Awakeneds accessory for completion finally added. The accessoir is a brooch.
  • Transcended Calydon Event again until ~10/Aug
  • Flint specifically said: "The Key compensation due to the ARCH Patch which many players have been asked back for will be paid in a latter, much bigger patch."
  • Bug Fix (worth to mention)
    • The Success and Failure screen for Enchanged Dark Scrolls has been bugged and players will be compensated with new ones based on the number that they have been affected by that bug, through the mailbox.