This patch brings us

  • 4-4's Raid
  • Halloween additions

Original patch notes can be found here.

New Raid

Kr patch horesh raid promotion poster

One mind the beautiful background art. For personal use of a raw, message Browseitall personally.

Just as Minos, this Raid is also added to the latest unlocked area in a separate patch (which makes farming a lot more fair across the board).

This patch features "Horesh" (kr. 호레스).

Set Bonus (also added to Raid)
2 Set Effect: Weapon ATK Increase
Accuracy Increase
4 Set Effect: Critical Damage Increase
Max HP Increase
6 Set Effect: Defense Penetration Increase
Attack Speed Increase


Lobby festival design, and you can take a look on it for chapter 4 in the image below.

Kr parch Halloween chapter 4 lobby


New costumes for the Awakened characters were released and are now available in the costume shop. Ruby prices on the screenshots.

Equipping all 3 costume pieces grants a Set Bonus. Additionally, when used as a Key holder with this costume on, grants a 20% increase in base stats for the wielder.

Quick Run-down on the stats:
Max Hp: 53328
Main Attribute: 214
Critical Damage: 123.6
Defense Penetration: 81.5
Evasion: 66.9
Attack Speed: 11


Awakened Paladin Halloween costume 2
Awakened Paladin Halloween costume 1


Awakened Rogue Halloween costume 2
Awakened Rogue Halloween costume 1


Awakened Mage Halloween costume 2
Awakened Mage Halloween costume 1


Awakened Archer Halloween costume 2
Awakened Archer Halloween costume 1


Awakened Warrior Halloween costume 2
Awakened Warrior Halloween costume 1


Awakened Priest Halloween costume 2
Awakened Priest Halloween costume 1

Other Changes

  • The Valmar's spawn time and AI have been (apparently) improved/changed in Shariet.
  • Bug Fix
    • Transcended Deathcrown's description for his 3rd active now mentions that targets killed cannot be resurrected, an aspect that was always functioning but never mentioned in the skill.
    • Apparently some problems with Occupy and Plunder rewards which they will make sure to compensate for

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