This patch brings us

  • the long awaited 4.3 Raid "Minos"
  • Quality of Life improvements
« As this patch is compound of nothing but QoL updates, we will not rush with this. Trust me, the QoL are nothing world changing.

Original patch notes can be found here.

4.3 Raid

The new Raid boss "Minos" has been added to the 4.3 area of Yggdrasil's soul. Reminder: Last time the area was unlocked they did not add the Raid, leaving everyone anxious for the new gear (reason was not stated, maybe Flint ran out of design ideas).
Gear is lv 108.

Set Bonus

Weapon Atk increase +2162
Accuracy Increase 129.1

Crit dmg Increase +241.0
Max HP Increase +108881

Def Penetration Increase +162.0
Atk Speed Increase +45

« All set boni also on Raid.
Kr patch minos raid
Minos in his "Cursed Labyrinth"

They also added the live-emoticon chat feature from Tag match to this raid, and most likely to all others as well.

This boss hits can easily one hit ULT enhanced Key units. Keep that in mind when forming parties with friends.

Quality of Life Updates

Quick rundown following:

  • Transcended
    • Since transcending replaces the Draco versions, all Key Units that required them as its material can now also be created with their Transcended version.
    • SSS allies not of the Category:Deity can be salvaged into 3 Transcended Essences (replaces Rebirth & Sale button)
      Kr patch essence salvage button

      The following button salvages the unit.

  • World Boss
    • Can be ran additional 5 times in exchange for rubies (just as Fortress Battle)
    • After-battle screen (with the DPS-meter) now also features information about the time in minutes
  • Gear Link
    • Secondary units in a link chain feature a button on their inventory window to directly lead to the main units inventory menu
      Kr patch new link system button on leecher

      The blue button leads to the gear donator.

  • Dungeon
    • Helper Deities are replaced by Transcended
      Kr patch dugeon helper
    • Auto-Run windows now shoes the remaining resources at the top left
    • Auto-Run and Auto-Adventure buttons will now be placed next to the other Auto buttons at the bottom of the screen
    • Failing screen tips and suggestions are updated
      Kr patch dungeon fail tips
  • Exploring the Unknown
    • Open hours reduced to 20h from 24h
  • Formation
    • The formation chess piece beneath the portraits will redirect to the formation menu upon selection
  • Unit Potraits
    • A new emblem will now show up for all dead units.
      Kr patch dead ally emblem

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