Format is as follows:

Name+image link
1-3: Active Spells
4-5: Passive Spells
6: Normal attack effect
( ): Notes

Tomboy Inventor Princess - Rollo

Awakened Roll

(or Viking Girl) No doubt inspired by Rollo, a Viking who became the first ruler of Normandy. imgur link

Full-body gif, imgur link

  1. Fireworks: Inflicts 895% damage to all enemies and has a 70% chance to stun for 10 sec. (70% chance calculated for everyone individually it seems). [CD 18.4 sec]
  2. Vacuum Annihilation: Inflicts 689% damage to all enemies and (an additional) 883% to enemies with invulnerability. [CD 13.0 sec] (unsure about additional damage or if it replaces 689%)
  3. Over There!: Reduces skill cooldown for Rollo by 50%. For 10 seconds, the attack damage and atk speed of her support ship will increase. (this skill is related to her second passive)
  4. Shell Fragments: Adds 33% additional damage to all of Rollo's attacks.
  5. Support Shooting: A pirate(viking) ship lends support to Rollo and her party members. (with bombs and shots?)
  6. Normal Attack: Inflicts damage to all enemies with every normal attack

Host of Spirits - Calgar

Awakened Calgar

imgur link

Full-body gif, imgur link

  1. Nemesis: Inflicts 1306% damage to entire enemy party and decreases their ATK SPD by 49% for 8 sec. [CD 12.2 sec]
  2. Land Anger: Inflicts 568% damage to all enemies every 1.5 secs for 8 seconds. 70% chance to stun all affected enemies for 8 seconds. [CD 27.9 sec]
  3. The Leader of the Spirit Wolves: Spirit Wolves are invoked for 20 seconds and recovers all party members' HP equal to 60% damage inflicted by the wolves. [CD: 27.3 sec]
  4. Wolves: Increases Weapon ATK by 27% for himself.
  5. Cry of Spirits: Heals party members with 70% of the damage inflicted by Nemesis and Land Anger. Also increases DEF by 27% (unsure if this applies to Calgar only or party included)
  • Normal Attack: Increases DEF pen for himself. (need to investigate whether its a chance or like Tigger, on every attack)


Calgar's Boar

To all wondering here is my bet on Calgars sudden boar! The wolves were unstatisfied with the Ironwolf tribe and Orcs right? They fleed and eventually got caught by the Sccubis (bad luck direwolve). So Calgar, since he can control so many animals being the host of spirits and what not, got himself a more 'loyal' mount? The boar. Also because a boar fits his overall increased model size a bit more. Flint knows it way with character design after all. ;)

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