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게임빌, 별이되어라! 새로운모험의 시작 - 티저영상

게임빌, 별이되어라! 새로운모험의 시작 - 티저영상

An event page with the previously teased new commercial has been launched. The professional commercial features an actor named Yu Hea Jin.

Pre-Register rewards

You can find a guide how to pre-reg on Dragon Blaze Wikia:Korean Hub#How_to_Pre-register

  • Event 1
    • 10 SSS Ally Summons for Pre-Registering
      • +1 for inviting 2 friends on Kakaotalk, +2 more for inviting 5 friends on Kakao talk (successfully)
  • Event 2
    • Login between 4/11 - 5/10 and receive TWO Draco/Angels/Boden Transcended Selects! (Or 15 SSS and 150 Essence Selects instead of a Trans. Select)
  • Event 3
    • Share the video on Facebook and enter your Account ID to be put into a drawing. 1000 Players will receive 30 Essence Selects


New Transcended Characters

The Characters are receiving Transcended forms! Details about the requirements or transcendence method ought to be released on a latter date, in sepereate notes.



As long requested and already teased in the User blog:Leaf671/DB KR Conference Details, Dragon Blaze will finally receive its 7th Character, the Incanter class.

Trans Incanter MC

It also looks as if the class will finally receive its own class card and emblem. Currently they share them with Mages: KR Mage card Mage emblem

Transcended Titans

The rumored Transcended Titans have been confirmed with these.

Also, two have been teased but not yet revealed - Chronos and Hyperion.

Upcoming Tease

  • Character Buffs or Enhancing System (캐릭터 강화, kealigteo ganghwa)
  • Referall System changes to be expected
  • New Rune System
    Kr patch rune system tease
  • Daily Dungeon returning!
    Kr patch daily dungeon return tease

    One may notice those creatures on the right side. Those have Jewelry on their bellies, thus it seems they will be the mobs to fight. Likely that they explode into Jwelry as the loot, or similar. Other loot items are supposedly Runes, and Essences.